Swiss Supermarkets Stop Sale of Monsanto’s Glyphosate Due to Cancer Link

Everyone is refusing Monsanto’s Roundup



It’s no wonder Monsanto asked the WHO for a retraction when a group of their appointed scientists called the main chemical in Roundup, glyphosate, ‘probably carcinogenic.’ The fallout was and is immense. Now, two Swiss supermarket chains are ditching the biotech chemicals due to health concerns.

Coop and Migros have each announced that they will no longer sell products that contain glyphosate and will be exploring non-toxic weed killing alternatives.

Coop stated in a press release that:

“Even if the (Swiss) Federal Office for Agriculture (BLW) judges glyphosate can continue to be sold without a health hazard for the population, we decided on Monday, May 18th to no longer sell any glyphosate-based products in Coop supermarkets and Coop Building & Hobby hardware stores.” 

The store is being proactive:

“…we don’t sell the concentrate, but only a very diluted form, the ready-made products. These concentrations are up to 48 times lower than the range used in agricultural products.”

Migros joins Coop in halting the sales of glyphosate-containing products. A spokesperson said that they would begin immediately to remove the products from their shelves.

These Swiss companies’ act follows that of the German giant retailer REWE Group who decided to remove glyphosate herbicides from their 350 ‘toom Baumarkt DIY’ stores in September.

And all of these decisions are among numerous others being made around the world. Here are some examples of what has recently taken place against glyphosate in the world

  • A Danish authority has now declared glyphosate a human carcinogen and says “don’t use it.”
  • Sri Lanka’s newly elected president, Maithripala Sirisena, announced that the import of Monsanto’s favorite killing-tool, glyphosate, will no longer be allowed in the country.
  • Colombia, known the world over as a center of illicit drug trade, will remove glyphosate chemicals from their coca crops – the raw material used to make cocaine.

Glyphosate and the biotech company that is responsible for its creation are getting plenty of negative press, but money talks, and when one retailer after another stops selling the merchandise, you can guess what happens next.

Be sure to continue to o find out more on glyphosate and its related health concerns.



India Halts GMO Trials After Activist Campaign

Until GMO issues are addressed


Maharastra is a large industrial state in India known for its many historic monuments, but it will now be known as the state that stopped GM field trials.

Activists’ campaigns against GM crops in India are taking their toll; now the state government of Maharashtra will halt confined GM field trials to address letters issued to them by multiple parties.

The India Express reported that a letter was released saying:

“The state government has received objections from various institutions and reputed members of the society against the NOC [No Objection Certificate] given by it for conducting confined field trials of transgenic crops. The government has decided to put forth all the objections before the committee constituted under the chairmanship of Dr Anil Kakodkar. All the objections raised will be reviewed and scrutinzed and report submitted to the government. Till that time confined research field trials should not be started.”

This letter comes after months, if not years of activist campaigns to get their government to consider the dangers of GM crops. Many feel vindicated by Chief Minister, CM Devendra Fadnavis’ decision.

Former Vice President of the Bombay Natural History Society, activist and former member of the High Level Expert Committee 25 Year Action Plan for Agriculture thinks it is about time for the suspension of the open air fields trials of GM crops and that the government is finally listening to the communications sent by multiple activist groups outlining their environmental and health risks.

Her statement further addressed the issue:

“We now hope that all concerns and suggestions are looked into with utmost seriousness, rigor and sincerity, given existing and emerging global concerns about the impact of GM crops on citizens’ health, on environmental sustainability, on India’s export trade as well as on farmers’ livelihoods and seed diversity, already seriously damaged.”

India’s decision to halt GM crop trials come shortly after pesticide experts called for GM crops to be reviewed after the WHO’s declaration that glyphosate could be cancerous. Emily Marquez, Ph.D., and staff scientists at PAN stated:

Given glyphosate’s widespread usage with crops genetically engineered to tolerate herbicides, IARC’s finding comes none too soon. The working group found ‘convincing evidence’ that glyphosate can cause cancer in laboratory animals. This, combined with more than a decade of studies documenting human exposure to the herbicide, gave IARC sufficient evidence to make the ‘probable human carcinogen’ classification.”

With the mounting evidence concerning both the chemicals used to grow GM crops and the GM crops themselves, shouldn’t they at least be temporarily halted worldwide, if not banned completely?



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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Even Wikipedia cannot deny it,the Amish have ultra low rates of autism, ashtma and allergies:

    “The Amish anomaly refers to the low rates of autism spectrum disorders among the Amish, the subject gained widespread attention after being documented by Dan Olmsted for United Press International. Olmsted asserted that he could only find three Amish autistics after searching in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and that two of them were vaccinated.[1] Even the critics of Olmsted have found the Amish to have an autism rate 73 times lower than the national average.[2][3][4] The statement that autism doesn’t exist in Amish populations generally agreed to be an exaggeration, though the rate is a small fraction of that in the surrounding population and by far the lowest in the USA.[5][6][7] Some have argued that this anomaly may constitute a correlation between vaccines and autism.[8] This hypothesis has not been thoroughly explored and remains the subject of debate.”

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