Russia launches new super tank

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The radically new tank — T-14 “Armata” — which the Russians showed on their Victory Parade in Moscow on May 9 — is attracting the attention of all armies in the world. China and India have already expressed interest in purchasing the new tank.  “Armata” is a new multi-role platform, produced by the Uralwagonzavod Corporation, to be used for the new tank, as well as for many other army vehicles, including armed personnel carriers, self-propelled howitzers, etc.  The most significant new feature of the tank is the use of unmanned turret, with the crew of three seated in an armored capsule in the front of the hull.
   The main armament of this tank is a 125-mm smooth-bore canon of a new design. The Russians say that it will soon be replaced by a more powerful 152-mm cannon.  They also say that this tank boasts the strongest armor protection of any tank ever made, giving it the ability to withstand direct frontal hits by 120-mm tank-fired shells, 100-150-mm anti-tank missiles and grenade launchers.
   With the introduction of ERA (explosive reactive armor), which is basically a brick-like explosive sandwiched between two steel slabs and, when hit by an anti-tank shell, the slab is propelled toward the penetrating warhead, thereby damaging it, and preventing a penetration of the vehicle’s armor. It could even defeat 120-mm depleted uranium rounds like the American M-829 missiles.  It has recently been revealed that the tank is also defended by ceramic-based armor plates. The new-type armor plates are being produced by “NEVZ Ceramic Corporation” in Novosibirsk. They are being used in such new military vehicles as “Armata” “Kurganets” “Bumerang”, etc. shown in the Moscow Victory Parade. Their defensive power is 1.5 times stronger than traditional all-steel armor plates. For instance, the 24-mm thick ceramic-based armor plate is capable of stopping direct hits by 14.5-mm bullets.
   From MARCO POLO to MARCONI: I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying my reports. I send contributions to many Asian naval and military magazines and news letters, but the Sharkhunters’ “Hot Mail” is the only American one that receives them.            Best regards,            Marco Polo
from a sharkhunters e-shot
TAP – What are they planning – a Russian tank invasion heading west, to be driven back by air power?  They choreograph wars in advance so the outcomes are never in doubt.  Then they use them to achieve political objectives, destroy nations and depopulate as much as they can.  The resulting chaos is exactly the aim of it all.  Or are the bankers for once losing control of the process?  That would be good.

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