Ron Paul: CIA is a Secret Government Way Out of Control


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While some may be cheering the expiration of the Patriot Act – however temporary it may be – former presidential candidate Ron Paul notes: before Americans applaud a minor step toward transparency, they should recognize the corrosive nature of the CIA, a secret government operating far above the law.

“[The CIA] is sort of the President’s own Praetorian Guard,” Daniel McAdams, from the Institute of Peace and Prosperity, said on the Ron Paul Liberty Report. “We know…that he sent assassination squads, he sent people to monitor Martin Luther King, and all sorts of things like this.”

“This is like his own personal army which is accountable to no one,” McAdams adds.

It’s a sobering reminder as key provisions of the Patriot Act, used to justify the NSA’s bulk metadata collection, expired Sunday night. As the Senate scrambles to pass the USA Freedom Act, reinstating the agency’s ability to spy on Americans, Ron Paul points out that US intelligence organizations have always – and will continue – to operate outside the law.

And according to Paul, the CIA could be an even bigger threat to liberty than McAdams suggests. A covert army that doesn’t answer to Congress, the Supreme Court, or even the president.

Political Assassinations

“That, to me, was the most frightening experience in Washington, is there were black budgets. We never knew exactly how much money was spent,” Paul says.

Those secret budgets have allowed the CIA to carry out some pretty shady practices over the years. Chiefly, assassinations.

“The first time I heard about an assassination was Diem,” Paul says, referring to Ngo Dinh Diem, former president of South Vietnam. “Diem was our handpicked dictator of Vietnam, so I don’t know how Kennedy went along with this.”

Paul and McAdams also point to the CIA’s drone operations. Despite the fact that drone strikes essentially amount to military operations, and should therefore be under the jurisdiction of the Pentagon, most drone operations in Yemen and Pakistan have been carried out by the CIA.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“There are certainly a lot of theories about the CIA being involved in even domestic assassinations, and they certainly are now involved in presidential directed assassinations.”

Manipulating Global Opinions

“The US has covertly and overtly influenced elections overseas a number of times,” McAdams says. “It’s a very open secret that the CIA infiltrates monitoring organizations like the OSCE with their personnel.”

McAdams also makes note of Operation Mockingbird, a CIA plan from the 1970s to pay European journalists to plant agency propaganda as part of an effort to influence foreign opinion.

“There was a claim by this…former editor of a major German newspaper who said that Europeans journalists are routinely paid off by the CIA to publish this or that piece of manipulation.”


One of the most recent examples of the CIA’s international meddling is the manipulation of the Ukraine crisis.

“When the people in the east of [Ukraine] didn’t recognize this US-backed overthrow, they were called terrorists and it was claimed that the Russians were behind them.”

No Hope?

For some, the USA Freedom Act and similar legislation may be the best way to rein in renegade intelligence agencies. But as Paul notes, many laws already exist to implement limitations. These laws are routinely ignored.

“They are a secret government,” Paul says of the CIA. “Way out of control.”

Nevertheless, Paul ends on an optimistic note, pointing out that young Americans are tired of the status quo and fed up with broad government overreach.

“In a true republic, there is no place for an organization like the CIA,” Dr. Paul says, quoting former FBI agent Dan Smoot. “I think he’s closer to the truth than a lot of what’s going on today.”

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    • I have other articles to show that analyse this in more depth, new age deceptions, the twisting of consciousness physics, to disempower us, I think this has been going on centuries and more
      ”The teaching of “turning the other cheek” in the new testament has been mis-communicated. What this was supposed to mean is to offer people other chances to do the right thing. It doesn’t mean that if someone is doing violence to you, to let them continue to do violence to you. It is symbolic, and metaphorical.

      Turning the other cheek is how the new age movement has deceived people to think that forgiveness only operates in the person offering forgiveness. This has to do with being naïve, which shows right brain imbalance. In natural law, turning the other cheek will help you even out the scars. When a bully wants to hit you and you turn the other cheek the bully will keep hitting you.”

    • And even though many voices are saying Hopegirls a lying cabal disnfo person, it may not be the case.
      It MIGHT be the case, that her QEG project, and open sourcing plans and webinars how to build the QEG, and these instructions apparently being copied in quite a few locations round the world

      It MIGHT be the case, its genuine. The QEG looks a bit heath robinsonish, but apparently churns out zero point over unity energy that powers a home or even 2 homes, using Tesla physics.
      One day if I can, once my lifes in more order, and its nottoo complex, ill try and build one from these open source plans intsructions

      These need to spread and spread, devices passed on b y word of mouth, and with spiritual charitable energy in the minds of men, help others to build them. IF this QEG is real, then eventually it will be one hole too many in the dyke, and the dutch boy will run out of fingers to plug them all

      Which leads me onto this: perhaps the Free Energy Genie, in one form or another, cannot be contained forever, even by the most ruthless means.
      Perhaps the secret space programme cover up, cannot be perpetuated indefinitely. Look at the gary McKinnon leak. How many more Gary McKinnons in the future?

      Maybe the cabal know they cant keep a lid on it. SInce it appears theres a 1010 ways to skin a cat, theres 1010 ways to draw overunity energy, its not just one or a few types of exotic machines

      Which brings me back to this: The only way the Talmudists Satanists Freemasons Cabal whoever they are can tolerate the Free Energy genie out the bottle is:

      To frame and couch it all well within a much much bigger Truman Show Lie False Reality – that being solar system/aliens/secret space programme upcoming deceptions

      Theres deceptions coming all around us now. But I still sense a thin path, thread we can walk through and come out unscathed

      if you think the QEG is real Men Scryfa pass the open source instructions on round your friends and neighbours

  1. CIA/Mossad are the ultimate terrorists who create terrorists by training and funding and then using them to wage terror while blaming Muslims.

    Take any terror group and when you go deeper into the connections you’ll find it’s a CIA/Mossad front and that include Al Qaeda, ISIS, LTTE and the list continues!

    ISIS: America’s Terrorist Mercenaries

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Yes, sadly thecolemaexperience discusses all this in depth
      Englands been= infiltrated
      Child sex, breaking bones, watching the fear and terror, before sacrifice, is what these evilones do, to blackmail people high up
      I feel very sad, And I ask the Angels to help, end this evil
      The war on terrors a bullshit sham, done by 5th columnists
      Blog that

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    Yemeni sources who requested anonymity due to security reasons said Yemeni intelligence forces have gained information revealing that Israel is using the Arab country’s Jews to identify, steal and smuggle ancient antiques to Israel.

    Also Ahrar Hijaz news website quoted Yemeni security sources as saying that despite all their attempts, the Israelis have not yet succeeded in smuggling Yemen’s artifacts.

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  4. Cobalt says:

    Ron and Rand are just controlled opposition who sold their souls to TPTB.

    If people want to ‘vote’ for them then good luck.

    The illusion of democracy is an age old trick going as far back as Rome (and then some thousands of years prior to that).

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