Private-Public Collusions in our Lives?


by James Hoover

Just before leaving office as president over fifty years ago, Dwight D. Eisenhower cautioned against the potential power of the military-industrial complex, a formidable union of defense contractors and the armed forces.  In the 1950s, Eisenhower saw retired generals, heroes of WWII, moving into industry board of director slots: for example, Douglas MacArthur went to Remington Rand, Lucius Clay, Continental Can, and Jimmy Doolittle, Shell Oil. Eisenhower saw the potential corrupting influence and the lack of accountability private contracting brought to the military endeavor.

The world was vastly different in early 1961. Shared sacrifice had been common in the 1940s and 1950s, especially during WWII and the Korean War. Almost ten percent of Americans were in military uniform during WWII, rationing was common, weaponry and war materials had supplanted consumer goods, and many worked in war-goods-related factories. Shouldering hardship together for the sake of victory in war was a common theme.

The new millennium is a different story. Greed and self-interest are on a relative rampage. Wars have been fought on credit cards and less than one percent serve in the military. Leading up to the new millennium was the collapse of the Soviet Union. With declining military spending, thousands of CIA and NSA officers left government for defense contractor positions. As the military and intelligence agencies began hiring private companies for work traditionally done by government, the tie between government and private companies became cozier.

Private outsourcing exploded under the George W. Bush administration, especially with 9/11 and two subsequent wars. Retiring as CEO of Halliburton, Dick Cheney became Vice President and transferred Halliburton, with multiple no-bid contracts, into one of the world’s largest military contractors. The Obama administration followed in the Bush administration’s outsourcing footsteps.

The September 11 terrorist attacks were followed with many billions being poured into intelligence and surveillance, home and abroad. A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was formed soon after 9/11 charged with protecting US territory from terrorist attacks, man-made accidents and natural disasters.  DHS has 188,000 federal employees and 200,000 contractors in its ranks. It has a huge responsibility, including immigration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Coast Guard.  Its budget is over $61 billion.

The DHS is just one cog in the Cyberintelligence-Industrial Complex (CIC) which circles Washington, DC with Godzilla-size footprints. CIC is a new loose confederation, superseding the military-industrial complex with even greater scope and size. A huge part of it also includes the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA). INSA is an alliance formed in 2005 by companies working for the National Security Agency (NSA).  These private companies constitute the bulk of the NSA and government’s cyberintelligence function.

Unlike President Eisenhower’s concern for the military-industrial complex, no outgoing government leaders speak of a terror-intelligence complex, a union composed of connected contractors and cyber elites incestuously connected with government. Government Cyber security officials interchangeably leave and join – going to and from — these companies with leadership positions, along with their security clearances, contacts, and/or cyber knowledge.

The U.S. intelligence community can’t say for sure how many private contractors it employs or how much they cost the government, perhaps for two reasons: because the information is classified and because the 17 agencies just don’t know. It is known that seventy percent of the US intelligence budget goes to private contractors. In 2013 the estimated budget was about $80 billion, which makes private intelligence a $56 billion a-year industry. In light of the size of revenue components of private companies, like, for example, Booz Allen, that sounds low.

Booz Allen, the consulting company Edward Snowden worked for. Ninety-eight percent of its revenue of $5.9 billion comes from government contracts. Three-fourths of its 25,000 employees hold government security clearances. Half of its employees have top secret clearances. James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, left Booz Allen to take his government position.

We mentioned that 200,000 of DHS’s 388,000 employees are contractors. Also big parts of the intelligence community — the FBI, the CIA, and NSA – have contractors. Mentioned above, the estimated budget percentage for private contractors was 70%, coming with near zero accountability. The following table gives some of the major private contractors, providing integral services to intelligence agencies, including the CIA, DHS, FBI and NSA while sharing personnel and secrets:

Contractor Main Service/ Info Current or Ex: CEO/ Director/Founder/Exec Compromising Associations
SDL Government SW to translate Twitter & Facebook data for military agencies Melchior Baltazar Navy SEAL
IronNet Cybersecurity Deter cyberattacks Keith Alexander Army general
SAIC Cyber services, including failed Trailblazer SW Austin Berglas FBI Special agent
Computer Services Corp. Owns NSA Communication  System Mike Lawrie CSC Over a billion in contracts
Wilmer Hale Cyber Law Robert Mueller FBI Director (ret)
Chertoff Group Strategic thinking & intelligence advisory Chertoff, Hayden, Sweet 3 leaders were: DHS head/NSA Director/DHS chief of staff, former CIA
Natus – Israeli Spy Company Telecommunication SW analyzes 1.3 million emails per second for NSA at 15 sites Supplied SW & HW used at AT&T wiretapping rooms Purchased by Boeing
Verint – Israeli Spy Company Took over Converse Tech Tapped communication lines of Verizon Foreign influence?
Booz Allen All aspects of intelligence and surveillance Michael McConnell NSA Director/Booz executive

As we can see there is a cozy public/private relationship with private players dominating intelligence functions, having no direct accountability to taxpayers who hire the public bosses. Both public and private players are bound not to repeat even illegal actions like warrantless-surveillance which was rampant in the last two adminstrations. There is massive power and zero accountability, and mostly their security clearances, in effect, assure that no violation of rights will be reported.

We found that Edward Snowden, who seems to be on the side of the people as the victims, became a victim himself. And it is quite evident that the Snowden disclosures, the war on terror, the domestic toll of incarceration, or the conventional wars – none of it has revealed how private corporations have a dominant role in profiting from all forms of activities – military, terror, drugs,prisons, education, bombing, surveillance, and intelligence. They are embedded in our lives in a myriad of ways. Too many are not the nurturing kind.

Like an all-invasive cancer, privatization has grown, undetected or ignored by most conventional tools of exposure. Its corrosive form has infected all living elements of democracy.

Are its unhealthy cells too embedded in the tissue of democracy to excise it or dispatch it without destroying the whole organism?

James Hoover is a recently retired systems engineer. He has advanced degrees in Economics and English. Prior to his aerospace career, he taught high school, and he has also taught college courses. He recently published a science fiction novel called Extraordinary Visitors and writes political columns on several websites. Read other articles by James.






32 Responses to “Private-Public Collusions in our Lives?”

  1. Julie says:

    I’ve just started reading Hellstorm, the Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947. Page 7 Quote “Germany must perish” said the jew Theodore N. Kaufamn in a widely-read book of the same name. To implement his plan, Kaufman recommended that when the war was successfully concluded all German men and women should be sterilized. The result wrote the author, would be “the elimination of Germanism and it’s carriers”. Far from being shocked by such a GENOCIDAL scheme, leading American Journals (they must have been jews) were thrilled with the concept. “A sensational idea” cheered Time Magazine. “A provocative theory” said the Washington Post. While many in the US and Great Britain could understand with Jewish emotions, many more were initially aghast by the flaming rhetoric and murderous cries for extermination of innocent & guilty alike. Nevertheless the sheer weight & persistence of the (jew) propaganda in film, radio, books, magazine newspapers gradually worked its ways into the thoughts and attitudes of the public mainstream. Eventually, in the minds of a sizable percentage of American and Britons, little distinction was drawn between the killing of a Nazi soldier or the killing of an innocent German child.” This is what we are seeing today with Sky Jews et al. Muslims bad, Jews good. Catholics don’t own these papers and TV channels, Jews do for Christ’s sake. The media are jewish whores, God damn you. The words in brackets are mine. i

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Im getting a feeling maybe David Icke might have been trauma based mind controlled MK Ultra personality splitting.
      Why do I think this when Ickes revealed so many interesting things ? His Oxford union talk one of many

      Because I think it was always the plan, to in a controlled fashion, the Zionists/luciferians/freemasons/illuminatireveal 911 and other truths to us. Some end point is coming to all this I can feel it. The elites are working to a timetable, theyre pressured. Some external motivator is causing them to drive Disclosure forward in 2015.
      Remember nasa was set up and run by Scottish Rite Freemasons

      We could speculate all day just what exopolitical, external forces might be at play. Exopoliticalextradimensional perhaps?
      Also David Icke looks very very similar to David Rockefeller from 1920s. He could be a relative. Or, and this is far out I know, Rockefeller could have incarnated into Icke as a baby at some Freemason ritual. But lets just keep it simple, hes related

      • Julie says:

        I don’t trust Icke. I was banned for talking about the Talmud and homsexual jews.

        John Kaminski wrote, which brings us back to the starvation of Germany by Jews.

        “The brilliant British performer David Icke recently lied to his millions of followers by speaking at length about the difference between the good Jews and those nasty Zionists who are taking advantage of everyone including the good Jews.

        What a disingenuous crock of entertainment excrement! This is the same thing that Alex Jones and Jeff Rense do, interviewing these Jewish commentators (most of them pretending to be goyim of one exoteric religious creed or another) and spinning their role into champions of candor and antigovernment paranoia, while at the same time producing no lesson of lasting value that helps us fight the creeping tyranny that is strangling us.

        There are no good Jews. Except for extraordinarily infrequent exceptions, there ARE no good Jews. They take a vow every year never to tell the truth. They believe other people are animals, and that Jews can steal other people’s property with no penalty (as long as they don’t get caught by a gullible goy lawman).

        Judaism is a cynical criminal syndicate, not a religion. Any society that pretends Judaism is a legitimate religion soon develops the pallor of death as a nation, and shortly thereafter disintegrates, sometimes by revolution, sometimes by disease, often by starvation.”

      • Truth Hurts says:

        The project “The People’s Voice” should tell you all you need to know about Icke and his motivations. He took hundreds of thousands of pounds from people who can barely afford to eat and absconded with it.
        Hardly the behaviour of a righteous moral man so I would concur Adam, he is just as Rockefeller as David is.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        “We could speculate all day just what exopolitical, external forces might be at play. Exopoliticalextradimensional perhaps?
        Also David Icke looks very very similar to David Rockefeller from 1920s. He could be a relative. Or, and this is far out I know, Rockefeller could have incarnated into Icke as a baby at some Freemason ritual. But lets just keep it simple, hes related”

        i don’t know if this is true and have not been able to compare any photos. But is it possible. Yes very possible.

        Being able to think and postulate like this Adam you represent a major threat to the Cabal. Keep on the Attack. All Day and Every Day.


    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Hello Julie
      Yes you are right about the secret army. Yesterday I got an email that looked like junk spam, ( I never get these in my inbox), that was a clear indication and warning. So now I don’t dare speak about what weve been speaking about.
      What do I do with this truth in my head now? It cant be shouted from the rooftops. The cleverness and complexity and subtleness of what we face, whats invisible and in our midst, could be scary, if I let it. I know not to give off the vibration of fear though, and higher good beings are protecting me too.
      Various things are becoming clear to me now. Like seeing things thru a different lens. The UN, I sense and see it now for what it is. That Helen Clark interviewed the other day on RT, really sent my alarm bells going. I can tell and sense by looking at her, what she really is, take a loot at her eyes and expression

      I tell you what, im not even sure now things such as extradimensional demonic reptilian entities, really exist. It might all be bullshit. However reptilians might be real. All I know is that theres loads of Satanic Deceptions around now, and were going through a steep learning curve in discerning things, I realise answers don’t come instantly. This is a long path

      About Orgonite. Do you hold it in your hand, or on your stomach, and feel anything? Do you sense or feel any etheric energy holding it? What do you feel? I saw the photo of GHWBush in bed with small pyramid on his stomach. Pyramids bring in etheric energy. Do you wear orgonite close to your body? How much would your friend charge, for different types of orgonite?
      I have been a bit shaken by yesterdays email, I know this stuffs real

      • Truth Hurts says:

        Adam, don’t worry my friend. You were already on the list simply for reading the Tap blog and your interest in the SSP. You should also not fear as this life is but fleeting and temporary, you are spirit and will live on, FACT. I can state this with complete sincerity as my OBE has shown me conclusively we are more than this flesh.
        Like you I’m not in a hurry to leave and would like to bring a positive contribution to this earthly realm however if my time comes, it comes and I won’t be going lightly if it’s not a natural exit.

        I’m tired of being surrounded by blind egotistical morons who are nothing more than materialistic and shallow. I guess that may be how the “elite” feel about us all. I understand it however I would choose a different solution. REAL EDUCATION AND TRUTH…end of.
        Looking at the innocence of children, who inherently share naturally and care for one an other no matter of colour or creed makes me weep for what some of humanity has become. Ruled by stupidity and avarice with no desire in an unfortunate majority to change it.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Same might be said of Islam. And of Catholicism prior to the Enightenment. All religions are instruments of empire, of power, the suppression and destruction of humanity.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Tap, everyone. I think the Gnostic astrology phyiscs reality, is truth. The P2 Masonic Gnostic Illuminati, must be Satanic Gnosticsm? There must be a good Gnosticsm too, there must be Good secret societies too there must. A counterbalance, fighting for us.
      Therefore seems to be a place we can see good Gnosticsm at work.

      Monday, June 15, 2015

      Catalysts for Change: not letting go of the past, loss – especially from leaving things unprotected or unguarded, cut (to the core or out of one’s life), spoiled, risks, addiction to drama, rejection, harshly showing disapproval

      True Alignments: self-approval, taking care, seeing what’s essential and valuing it, guidance, perseverance, practice, openness and disclosure, guarding and protecting what we love

      The eve of the New Moon in Gemini sees Saturn retrograding out of Sagittarius and back into Scorpio. Saturn begins to re-disseminate the energy of the Sabian symbol of “children in Halloween costumes indulging in various pranks.” The lower level of this frequency is “the trickster.” It tends to reinforce the shadow side and even incite varying levels of madness. It is also easier to “pull the wool” over people and take something right out from under them. This energetic is in effect until July 4, 2015. Here on June 15, that seems like a long time for those who prefer the sanity and peace of life without the attempted power and control over every aspect of one’s life and constant mischief.

      The wisdom of this dynamic is first recognizing that shadow sides and core fears — fears that incubate in the R-complex or reptilian brain — are being tempted or tricked into coming out. The purpose of this is a last-ditch, desperate move to destroy true love, expressions of beauty, freedom, and the respect and value of life. Knowing this is what is happening, we can hold the line and grow or rise out of the game/trick. Overriding the instincts of the R-complex of the brain is not an easy thing to do, by any means. But we can do it. We can forego the bait when we are tempted to act (react) from fear. The best way to do this is to:

      Become still inside and let things be. Practice the skill of the wise owl in the tree.
      But on this last day of the last phase of the Taurus lunar cycle, the cycle when something inside of us has tried to reawaken, don’t be tricked into giving up on it. We persevere under these energetics. We release the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and events that we do not want to carry into the new month. The deeper we can go with this today the better we are served, starting tomorrow.

  3. Lynn says:

    All of the Intelligent services never saw the rise of Isis Isil or whatever they are called this week. They have no satelite’s to guide them. They have no military bases, no generals or structured guidance. Yet they are supposed to have set up with all of the weapons needed to fight armies. Boy is the world gullible or what. Totally another inside job by rhe Jews who are in control of the money and governments in the west. WAKE UP PEOPLE !! It is all theatre.

  4. RabbiT says:

    I don’t trust Kaminski either but I think I’d include Henry Makow as well as Milton K.

    I was saying only the other day to a friend that “I don’t think we need worry too much about the Jews with the black hats and curly hair, it’s the ones that look like us we need worry about – I mean Michael Chertoff in charge of Homeland Security?”

    But then again I need to rethink the black hats and curly hair as there are some very dangerous MIB’s:

    And Tap I have no problem with your comment on Catholicism and perhaps even organised religion but true Christianity is none of the things you say. I seem to have spent my whole adult life in battle with one authority or another. Only today a government body backed off and I won another battle whereas my mother, who was very religious, would say “Do as you are authority.” How very wrong she was. Righteousness is about being morally right, not about accepting “suppression” or in my case tolerating oppression.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Julie raises good points, shes been censored both on RT and Ickes website for discussing Talmud truths. And so, I conclude that somehow, theres a subtle very clever Agenda giving loads and loads of useful valuable interesting truths by them. But steering any full force of blame away from jews.
      I note Mark Twains observations and Julie shows Kaminski saying what looks like truth

      So whats Kaminskis agenda? Is he the opposite of Jones and Icke, acting for a non jew faction? Im very bad at determining who to trust and seeing their motivations

      • Truth Hurts says:

        Eustace Mullins claimed Kaminski had a couple of Mossad agents turn up at his home and attempt to force him to empty his bank accounts and sign over power of attorney to them.
        Kaminski writes a lot of truth and scathingly so, however his motivations may not be so pure.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        4th Reich?

        It is those guys where the real action is.

        Let#s clear out the j boys first then…

    • Nollidge says:

      “, it’s the ones that look like us we need worry about – I mean Michael Chertoff in charge of Homeland Security?”
      You look like Chertoff?.You poor sod.Where’s your “Go Fund Me” page so that we can help pay for your plastic surgery?.

  5. Lynn says:

    Where arethe jews on Palestine. Why are they not condeming what Israel has been set up to do. Where are they on the blogs or AM. Not a peep just silence.. That is the clue. Not Zionism it is Jewishism fact.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Yes this relaisations dawning on me now. As well Prince William, the Merovingian king turning 33 on the summer solstice, visiting the jewsish centre recently making that speech… another indicator whats going on

      Its feeling clearer to me now. A large chunk of the AM about the UFO alien situation, and the SSP, im sure our jewish friends are masquerading there too. I think they know how to morph and set up all sorts of covers, to deliver disnfo that appeals to different strata of people, what resonates with them.

      If I strip as much as I can away, im left with this. The SSP and Tesla physics and ufos/extradinensionals etc , I think this is real. But im now rethinking a lot and re-examining these messengers. Even Cobra who delivers a tantalising exciting interesting narrative. I think we need to beware of the jew project bluebeam huge lie

      There must be some good solid truth coming for us though, if we can just stand fast and tune into our inner sense, Spiritual connection

      • Nollidge says:

        The “Royal Family” are crypto Jews.Why else would all of their male family members be circumcised by the Chief Mohel of the Jews?.Why haven’t the Rothschilds arranged a “revolution” to overthrow them & installed “democracy”,as in France with the “French Revolution”?.Because Jews love “democracy”.It means poor & corruptible native people standing for election – & they need money.Guess who controls/issues the money?.Got it?.

  6. Daryl Bradford Smith
    interviews Eustace Mullins

    Eustace Mullins is one of the oldest investigators of Zionist crimes.

    Mullins was invited to speak at the conference put on by the American Free Press, but he discovered that it was a farce.

    Mullins says John Kaminski sent two friends to his home to take him to the bank and pressure him into signing a Power of Attorney document. The bank officials told Mullins not to sign it.

  7. Truth Hurts says:

    Awesome info OVT & STT, talk about handing it on a plate 🙂
    I hope others delve into Mullins and Pound as they are immense researchers.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Hello TH
      Thankyou for the guidance and warning. And please see my new comment to Julie at the top of this page.
      If I get time I will read that book. In a way, don’t need to. The commenter WASP looks to be suspicious now I think
      Im sensing more now the massive interrelated intricate web and its making more sense. I have to wonder if in the distant past, these truly were a malevolent ET invasion set up shop here.
      In a way I feel we are pretty helpless, and have to just sit on the rollercoaster, and make sure we wear our seatbelts for whats coming. Some consolation I have though, is they are going to have to wear their seatbelts too.
      I see all things heading for, leading to, converging on one point in the not too distant future. And I don’t think TPTB are in full control of the situation at all. They seem to be carrying out prophecies in their guidebooks. But an approaching event timeline seems out of their controil
      As weve said, this is Spiritual War. I think we are all being trained in discernment skills, to recognise Satanic Deceptions. Its a slow process with no quick fix, but we can get there.
      If we can succeed, ….I really do sense an increasing awakening on the earth.

      Dismal apocalyptic future? Please reconsider and rethink this. It cant be, it just cant

      The UN/Monsanto/TTIP etc etc matrix of control we see isn’t the only measure, only indicator. It may look like an evil monolith we can do nothing about but like everything, in this tapestry, truth is like a piece of art, to be weighed and discerned and explored

  8. No More Lies says:

    Good information and thanks!

  9. No More Lies says:

    Some thing to know!

    The Ugly Truth about Michael Collins Piper, Cass Sunstein and Sandy Hook By Professor James Fetzer

  10. You are very welcome Truth Hurts!

    • Truth Hurts says:

      It’s been around 20 years since I first read “The Biological Jew” and I still remember most of it. It was such a gripping read explaining so many of the problems I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was a personal “Big Bang” for me, not that I believe that imposter Hawking’s “theory” 🙂

  11. Men Scryfa says:

    Daryl Bradford Smith
    Prof Kevin MacDonald
    Eustace Mullins
    Fritz Springmeier
    Dr Henry Makow
    Carol A Valentine
    Dr John Coleman
    Dr Stan Montieth
    Anthony C Sutton
    Lady Queenborough
    William Cooper
    John Todd

    These are the Top 12 of Truth.

    Please add to the List if you can

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