Police claim to foil Isis plot. Propaganda’s alive and well.


The Daily Mail allege that a suicide bomb plot by IS was foiled due to info given to the police by the Sun ( Murdoch ) newspaper.  Target alleged to be armed forces parade dedicated to Lee Rigby.

All co-inciding with the 3 terror atacks yesterday and Armed Forces Day.

Forgive me if in terms of propaganda value  that sounds just too good to be true and smacks of a zionist stage show.

Damn shame the military didn’t arrest Cameron and his cronies for treason and war crimes alas the top brass have their pensions and 30 pieces of silver to consider.


Thousands of servicemen and women join events across the country to mark Armed Forces Day after police foil Isis plot

  • Events take place the length and breadth of the United Kingdom to celebrate the seventh annual Armed Forces Day
  • Prime Minister David Cameron made a moving speech while attending the central hub of the day in Guildford
  • High police presence at all events after it was revealed this morning that police foiled a terror plot which was targeting a march near the barracks of murdered soldier Lee Rigby 

By Euan McLelland For MailOnline
The suicide blast, planned for a parade in south-west London, was intended to strike at soldiers from the unit of murdered Lee Rigby, according to The Sun.

The newspaper said the plot to bomb the parade in Merton was thwarted when it told police and security services about it.

Other guests at the Guildford event included Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘The police, together with our security partners, remain alert to terrorist threats that may manifest here or where individuals overseas may seek to direct or inspire others to commit attacks in and against the UK.

‘It is always helpful when journalists share with us information, as The Sun did in this case, that could indicate terrorist or criminal activity.’

The spokesman continued: ‘While the UK threat level from international terrorism remains severe, we would like to reassure the public that we constantly review security plans for public events, taking into account specific intelligence and the wider threat.

‘Our priority is the safety and security for all those attending or involved, the public are encouraged to continue with their plans to attend or take part in events as normal.’We would also like to reiterate our long-standing advice to remain vigilant and alert.

‘As ever we would urge the public to get in touch to report anything suspicious by calling the confidential anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321 or in an emergency by calling 999.’

It would also seem that Epsteins pal is being re-introduced into public life.British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon (left) speaks with Prince Andrew, Duke of York, in anticipation of the annual march

The pair were seen deep in conversation and shared many smiles, before the Duke of York took to his podium for his saluting duties

The pair were seen deep in conversation and shared many smiles

8 Responses to “Police claim to foil Isis plot. Propaganda’s alive and well.”

  1. Tm says:

    Yes, it’s all part of the same familiar narrative that a) the security services need their funding and powers (and more) if we are to remain safe b) Israel is only ‘defending itself’ from the same Muslim hordes we are and c) that we have a functioning and vigorous media rather than the reality of a propaganda arm of the government being fed titbits in return for slavish support of stooge Cameron.
    PS Prince Andrew doesn’t look well.

  2. Lynn says:

    They are upping the anti…desperate to get things started again in Syria. All roads lead to Izrahell.The jelly bellies want all involved to fight their neighbours yet again, we see through their pathetic attempts to fool us into a fake reality. What sad losers and good for nothings they really are !!

  3. Aldous says:

    “The pair [of nonce gits] were seen deep in conversational intercourse with each other and shared many smiles, winces and Earth-moving moments, before the Gimp of York took to his podium for his saluting and jerking-off the sheeple duties”

    Just out of interest, is the vertically challenged DOY stood in a hole or something? And what’s all that bird shit on the peak of his hat and the bespectacled, similarly be-medalled General behind? God alone knows what the stupid bitch in the third row is laughing at. It looks a bit fake and photo shopped to me.

  4. Aldous says:

    I don’t think a genuine photo would dare show the Duck of Pork in such an inferior looking pose with one of ‘his’ Ministers pointing a finger at him and seemingly talking down at him.

    In spite of the Getty Images tag, it cannot be genuine. There are a lot of medals and decorations in the shot. The General is looking ridiculously ‘eyes right’ when common sense and ‘respect’ would have him looking at the Minister and Prince. It’s got to be fake.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      She has got a mini egg dildo up her with the Duke of Edinburgh on the remote control three rows further back.

      Now she is getting on a bit They are planning on taking her back to Glamis later for a ‘party’…

  5. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Fascinating what you say, and I don’t dismiss it. But couldn’t it just be the circumstances on the stand, on the day. But its very intriguing what you say
    I haven’t the energy anymore to chase up and follow every last detail of all of this. Esp since disinfos rife
    however I do have good foundation I feel, of some basic truths. And I know I don’t trust whoevers in those photos. That’s not to say white hats aren’t operating embedded in the establishment. I feel this must be true. if not, otherwise, the NWO agenda would be put in place much more rapidly, we wouldn’t know what hit us. theres some invisible resisting force. At a gut level guess, its good white hat positive secret socieities. I think in parallel for the last few thousand years or however long, the Good and the Light have been operating, as well as the satanic horriblepeople

  6. Men Scryfa says:

    I wonder if this guy was also a friend:

    Patrick Macnee, the debonair star of the 1960s television series The Avengers, has died in California at the age of 93.

    The British actor had a long and distinguished career in theatre and film, but will always be remembered as John Steed, the bowler-hatted, umbrella-twirling secret agent with his feisty co-stars Honor Blackman (as Cathy Gale) and Diana Rigg (as Emma Peel).

    Macnee was born in London in 1922, the son of Daniel and Dorothea, a racehorse trainer and the niece of the Earl of Huntingdon. He was educated at Eton and after a stint in the Royal Navy during WWII, he won a place at drama school. Gloomy about his acting prospects in post-war Britain, he left to work in stage and television shows in Canada and the US, before being offered the part in The Avengers.

    In a career that spanned five decades, Macnee appeared in more than 150 stage plays. He also made memorable film appearances in This Is Spinal Tap and the Bond film A View to a Kill, but The Avengers would always be his crowning glory. The series became synonymous with the “swinging London” of the 1960s and later achieved cult status with recurring TV reruns.

    Macnee returned when the series was reprised as The New Avengers in the 1970s, appearing alongside Joanna Lumley’s Purdey and Gareth Hunt’s Mike Gambit (pictured above). It also spawned a 1998 film, starring Ralph Fiennes as Steed and Uma Thurman, in which Macnee voiced the role of Invisible Jones.

    Here are five lesser-known facts about the star.

    Macnee was a schoolyard bookmaker

    Macnee had mixed memories of his schooling at Eton. He was in the Officer Training Corps and the honour guard for King George V at St George’s Chapel, but he was also expelled from the school for running a pornography and bookmaking empire. He had picked up racing and dressing tips from his father, a dapper but diminutive bookmaker known as the “shrimp” who had been known to point a shotgun at those guests he suspected of being pacifists.

    He was raised by a gay couple

    Unable to cope with Macnee’s alcoholic father, his mother Dorothea ran off with a wealthy lesbian called Evelyn. The couple brought up young Patrick, instructing him to call Evelyn “Uncle” as well as trying to get him to wear dresses. Macnee resisted but wore a kilt until he was 11. Meanwhile his father went to India, but was later expelled for urinating on the Raj’s elite from a balcony.

    He narrowly survived WWII

    Macnee served in the Royal Navy during WWII and commanded a motor torpedo boat in the English Channel and the North Sea. He caught bronchitis shortly before D-Day and while in hospital his boat and crew were destroyed in action. Macnee later said in interviews that the carnage he had seen in WWII prompted him to insist on not using a gun in The Avengers. The only weapon he usually carried was an umbrella sword.

    He was a nudist

    Despite being known for his dapper attire, Macnee was a member of a nudist colony in the 1970s and even afterwards often swam and played naked tennis. Linda Thorson, who played John Steed’s assistant Tara King, remembered Macnee as “a paradox”. “He was the best-dressed man on television and a nudist in real life,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

    He was Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson

    Macnee played both Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson several times. He was most notably in 1991’s Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady with Christopher Lee, who also died this month. Macnee played Doctor Watson in Sherlock Holmes in New York alongside Roger Moore as Holmes, and appeared as Holmes in the poorly received The Hound of London.

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