Police Arrest 92-Year-Old Blind Woman for Her Peaceful Protest Against Fracking

Anti-fracking Smokey the Bear T-shirt design. (WePay/Lopi LaRoe)

Anti-fracking Smokey the Bear T-shirt design. (WePay/Lopi LaRoe)
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By Jay Syrmopoulos on June 18, 2015


Denton, Texas – On Tuesday, a blind 92-year-old great-grandmother, Violet Palmer, of Denton, was arrested along with her son. They were engaging in a peaceful act of civil disobedience. They were protesting HB 40, a law which effectively nullified Denton’s voter-approved fracking ban.

Last November voters of Denton approved a law that banned fracking in their municipality. Subsequently, in May, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed HB 40 into law, essentially overriding local bans on gas and oil drilling, thus making Denton’s ban virtually unenforceable.

Violet Palmer was arrested on charges of criminal trespassing, while her 64-year-old son, Theron Palmer, was charged with multiple criminal counts.

The duo was protesting at the gate of the Vantage Drill site, the first fracking site in the area since the passage of HB 40. Theron chained himself to the gate with his blind mother seated next to him in a rocking chair, according to NBC DFW.

Upon arrival, officers cut Theron free from the gate and arrested him and his 92-year-old mother. Thankfully police didn’t feel the great-grandmother was a threat to their safety and allowed her to be transported to jail without being handcuffed.

After being booked into the Denton jail, Violet Palmer was released by a judge with no bond. Her son was released on a $500 bond on charges of trespassing and a bond of $1,000 for obstructing the highway, according to court records.

While Violet Palmer said that the she appreciated being treated by the police and judge with relative kindness, she was appalled that the will of the people could be so easily usurped, regarding the voter-approved fracking ban.

“I didn’t think it could happen here,” she told NBC DFW. “To have their vote just taken away, just destroyed, ignored, destroyed, and it was very upsetting.”

The family of the 92-year-old great-grandmother said she has never been arrested in her life, nor even gotten a speeding ticket, but chose to engage in an act of civil disobedience as a means of bringing attention and awareness to the state’s usurping of the people’s will for that of monied special interests.

Supporters of HB 40 claim the banning of fracking is not legal in Texas, and that the bill simply protects the interests of property owners.

Violet Palmer says, “This is not about my age. This is about my vote.” Protestors have vowed to continue their protests to stop the fracking from taking place in their community.

Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has previously been published on BenSwann.com and WeAreChange.org. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.
Source http://thefreethoughtproject.com/blind-92-year-old-great-grandmother-arrested-civil-disobedience-protest-fracking-state-overrode-voter-approved-local-ban/#EMhMm6VYtmYKbHwg.99


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  1. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Another function of the Western decoy is to serve as the scapegoat for all the damage that was done while the globalists were erecting the real NWO. By blaming the Western NWO for all the evils we’ve seen for the past 100+ years – and then getting rid of it — they are hoping the real NWO will start with a clean slate in the public eye.

    You will know you’re listening to a controlled-opposition / faux-truther figure talk about the decoy NWO when he or she uses words with the prefix “uni-“…

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Spot on my friend. Spot on.

      The whole tactic now is make people worldwide think the NWO = UK/USA Bad Nasty Imperialists personified by the Tony Blair Witch Project (how the meaning behind the name of that film becomes clear now) and the Eastern Empires and BRICS really are suddenly the good guys…

      Dream on. The real NWO is the BRICS and whatever comes after WWIII

      Remember how after every major war they always hold a big ‘peace conference’ and tell the people how they are “going to end all war”. That is how they advance the agenda every time. Kissinger is an expert on the Congress of Vienna 1815.

      Its hilarious but also sad to see all these blogs and commentators bigging up Russia and Putin and the Resistance against the NWO.

      Don’t mention Falun Gong, don’t mention the 9 Commentaries, don’t mention the ‘Cultural Revolution’, don’t mention the Moscow Apartment Bombings, don’t mention Putin’s policies on immigration. Don’t mention rampant corruption.

      China and its allies are not Nuns on the way to a tea party.

      The rest of the world will find this out only when it is all too late. That is when all the ordinary blacks and brown people will clamoring to have the Nice White people back (as opposed to the Nasty ones) running things like they did in the good old days.

      Well it will be too late by then as all the White people of that kind will have been genocided. Which kind of makes you think who really was good and who truly was evil.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        There must be a solution, an Achilles heel, some parallel unseen force of benevolent help. It is a shock to realise deep inside ive been led down the garden path this last year or so
        Could there be a few putin clones perhaps from different factions
        could this world be so byzantine complex and macchiavellian it just astounds.
        that the eastern empire and BRICS etc is part of the NWO play, could provide a sense of doom
        I refuse to let that take hold on my mind there must be something else happening, the trouble is hard to know what with disinfo everywhere
        Maybe the SSP really could be the major disruptor, if its controlled cabal narrative disclosure with aliens etc etc and fictions can be exposed

        And yes, interesting what you say on aangirfan. Ive found too none of my comments get posted he doesn’t like things I say. Coleman puts all my comments up
        And yet, aangirfan and coleman seem to very often hit the same targets though colemans more raw and seems on a genuine furious journey of uncover and exposure and dare I say action

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        3. This knowledge will assist anyone to handle a great shift is occurring at this time on planet earth. It is a gigantic movement of consciousness from scarcity to abundance in material and industrial terms. It is a movement from fear to self-love, from doubt to real confidence in oneself, from continuous wars over land and resources to peace within and on the outer level. If we are lucky it will result in a movement away from secrecy and horror to transparency and openness in all things, and from oppression and tyranny to self-government and self-rule for the nations.

        The true angelic and other advanced beings are assisting this process. Any information that leads to more fear, more self-doubt, more depression, or more violence for any reason is opposed to the change and must be stopped at once, both inside of yourself and in the outer world. For more on this topic, read The Great Shift on this website.

        4. You will be better prepared to oppose negative forces in yourself and in the world that do not want the great shift to occur. We all need to understand that powerful forces do not want people to be joyous, free and safe. So they stage terrorist attacks, blow up buildings, poison the population with toxic metals, chemicals, medical drugs and vaccines. They do much more to slow or stop the change described in the paragraphs above. One of the most devastating is rape. Please read the key article on this subject on this website entitled Rape, and its companion article, Healing Rape.

        5. This understanding will give you a new motivation for living and for devoting yourself to your healing. Everyone needs worthwhile motives for living and existing. Older motives for living well such as to avoid going to hell, to have fun, to make money or to have more friends, are not working as well for many people.

        Developing yourself is a very noble goal and motive for living that brings great rewards and does not diminish anyone else. In fact, as one advances in this way, one automatically assists everyone else to follow suit.

        This was the teaching of Jesus and all the great teachers in history. They proved, by their lives, that mankind can advance further and do more and greater things. So this opportunity will be used by many, I suspect, as a way to enjoy life more, learn more, develop oneself more, and in this way help others to do the same.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


        All the bodies are nutritionally depleted todayt, not just some of them. The main type of depletion to be concerned with is depletion of the alkaline reserve minerals such as zinc, selenium, chromium, manganese and a few others. Vitamin depletion is minor, by comparison, although low levels of vitamin D are rampant because our sun is not emitting the correct frequencies at this time to enable the bodies to produce enough vitamin D simply from sun exposure, even if one sunbathes every day.

        Low levels of the omega-3 fatty acids is another fact in the population of the developed nations. This has more to do with agriculture and the livestock industry today. Calcium depletion has to do with pasteurization of all dairy products, and a few other facts about agriculture. Magnesium depletion has to do with food refining – and the list goes on.

        There are no exceptions to this depletion. All of the babies are born depleted in modern society. This is less true in some primitive cultures that live on unadulterated food.

        As a result, nutritional balancing suggests several methods to offset this depletion. Mineral intake is primary, However, we do not like most mineral supplements. We find it much better is to eat a lot of cooked, not raw vegetables, to use sea salt and kelp, to take a powerful digestive aid, and to completely avoid drinking much liquid with meals. Many people do this when they drink smoothies and shakes, and too many juices, for example. So we avoid all smoothies, no matter how nutritious they seem

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