Planned Panic – U S Soldiers Turn Against Cops – Cops Arrest Cops



The Police state is not the state of the Human heart. Many human beings know within that this evil cannot stand. We can be manipulated and deceived, but, for many the heart will see through all. As the times go further into the last days of this Old system of earthly wickedness, many humans will get more wicked and many will become more decent. Integrity will follow the children of light!


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2 Responses to “Planned Panic – U S Soldiers Turn Against Cops – Cops Arrest Cops”

  1. fattist says:

    thought provoking gordon. well done

  2. Lynn says:

    Thugs in Uniform. They are recruited to do this on a national scale. What on earth are we all waiting for….. a particular shade of murder. This has to stop NOW. They are taking the p’@SS and laughing at us obeying the lawless ones. Hiding behind a badge. We have earned the right to strike them down as we are paying these scum !!

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