No More Heroes Anymore?


It’s a strange place where your mind wonders when weeding between rows of broad beans as I was this evening.
What’s happened to our sporting heroes?
Yes, as many ladies of a certain age, I do love a bit of sport, and find it can, like art, be one of the finest and highest expressions of human achievement. Something to be admired, and feel positive about.
BUT, there may be those who don’t want us to appreciate such things, and want to knock such fine feelings into the rubbish bin along with our sporting heroes.
What is happening with Salazar and his athletics stars may be following a pattern:
I didn’t follow the OJ Simpson trial, but I understand it was all a little bit strange – plus full media following even before his arrest. Like a set-up?
Then there’s Lance Armstrong, cancer-cheating hero, becomes drug-cheating cyclist. Tiger Woods is then a sex-addict, and can’t hit a shot.
The Oscar Pistorious case is even weirder, and again, I didn’t have the desire or heart to follow the intricacies of the case, but I do feel it is an odd one on so many levels.
The pattern seems to be, set up someone to be a sporting hero, admired, respected, a real winner, maybe overcoming additional obstacles on the way to enhance their ‘heroic’ status. They will have all the big media back-up and razamatazz, they will win prizes, medals, awards. Never be off the front page as well as the back. There will be huge advertising and even film opportunities.
(Apparently, there’s one huge sports personality about to come out as homosexual, but you can bettcha he will be treated as a real ‘hero’ for that, like Bruce Jenner for his gender switch. I wonder if it’s someone who likes posing in his designer Y fronts?)
These people will be huge. And then they will be kicked into touch, big time. The drugs, sex, violence, murder, seems to be a strange addition to the CV to degrade and humiliate them and therefore us.
It seems part of the psy-op to set us up and knock us down in our empathy and admiration of exceptional people. There is nothing wrong in admiring our heroes, it is motivational, pleasurable, and a really positive expression of collective feeling.
But they don’t want us to have heroes and appreciate the highest aspirations of being human.


6 Responses to “No More Heroes Anymore?”

  1. Truth Hurts says:

    Sport is the new religion, the opiate of the masses. It serves to distract and consume those who so fervently follow it. I can’t count how many of my peers talk non stop about football and it’s wider antics.
    Sad that they pay no heed to murder and genocide and even sadder that they don’t seem to see their own subservience and infact, actively support it.
    Moronic in the extreme. I don’t think there have been any great sporting heroes of sound morals and character for quite some time now. They usually seem self obsessed and have an air of superiority about them. I can speak of one national “hero” I know personally and their exactly that. Inflated opinion of themselves and is of the view they hold some kind of superior status to everyone else. The same goes for their “views” which are also more valuable and accurate than others.

  2. Spiral Out says:

    Heroes are in Palestine.

  3. Gordon says:

    These days they have to be poofs and lezbehavinuuz, freekoz, weirdoz or run around sensually explicit on stage to get fame and fortune. Whatever happened to decency and modesty.

  4. Tom says:

    I think it’s because most sportsmen are now no longer real people who need to work in other jobs to make ends meet but overpaid brats who have been brainwashed from a young age to be money-making machines, to the exclusion of all else in life. Real heroes have the kind of struggles we can all identify with, and if they’re pampered multi-millionaires in the first place then who really cares whether they win this or that tournament?

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