New York National Guard conducts training at simulated detainee facility as fears of internment camps in America continue to rise

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By Alex Thomas

(INTELLIHUB) — After two months of seemingly nonstop reports about urban military training throughout the United States, many readers of alternative media are rightfully worried about portions of the military being used against the American people.

In fact, officials WITHIN the Pentagon have publicly voiced their concerns that President Obama may, “use force within the United States against its citizens.”

With that being said, each and every announcement by the military of their different training activities is being scrutinized like never before with the latest news raising eyebrows due to its connection to possible internment camps for American citizens.

At least sixty soldiers from the 102nd Military Police Battalion’s Headquarters Detachment recently conducted their annual training at Fort Drum in a simulated detention center.




A press release detailed what the soldiers spent their time doing during the training which included practicing pat downs, biometric checks, and running detainees through hygiene stations. The troops also practiced conducting psychological evaluations.

“What we are conducting here are full-scale operations in order to bring everyone into the fold for what is necessary to run a detention facility properly,” said Capt. Nicholas Monuteaux in the release.

“It is very necessary to ensure all our military policemen and small engineer contingent develop, build or refine their duties and responsibilities.”

While the training in New York may very well be for use overseas (members of the same battalion have served at Guantanamo Bay) the fact remains that any announcement about training in detention centers instantly sparks fears due to the documented fact that plans for internment camps in America exist and could become a reality after some sort of massive unrest within the country.

An extremely important and detailed essay written by Timothy Pope and published on Intellihub News includes a list that highlights official federal government and military documentation that confirms that an extensive framework and infrastructure for internment camps in the United States does indeed exist.

  • In 2009 the National Emergency Centers Act (H.R. 645), was introduced in Congress, mandating the establishment of “national emergency centers” to be located on military installations for the purpose of providing “temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster,” according to the bill. In addition to emergencies, this legislation is designed to “meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security,” an open-ended mandate which could mean just about anything they want it to mean, including the forced detention of American citizens in the event of widespread rioting after a national emergency or total economic collapse.
  • In February of 2010 the Internment and Resettlement Operations (FM 3-39.40) was leaked, a U.S. Army manual outlining policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States. That is against the Law of Nations.
  • In 2009 the National Guard posted a number of job opportunities looking forInternment and Resettlement Specialists (31-E) to work in “civilian internee camps” within the United States, with the job description: “Internment/resettlement specialists are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility.”
  • In December of 2011 Halliburton subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), a government defense contractor, issued a Project Overview of anticipated requirements in “establishing a National Quick Response Team for our current Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) work,” and was specifically seeking sub-contractors to staff and outfit “emergency environment” camps located in five regions of the continental United States.
  • In 2006, KBR was contracted by Homeland Security for $385 million to build detention centers designed to deal with “an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S.,” or the rapid development of unspecified “new programs” that would require large numbers of people to be interned. Does that ring a bell? It should. It’s called “Immigration Reform,” and they have been planning this for a very long time.
  • Soon after KBR’s announcement, a little-known Army document surfaced, entitledCivilian Inmate Labor Program. The unclassified document describes in detail Army Regulation 210-35, first drafted in 1997, which underwent a “rapid act revision” in January of 2005 and now provides a policy for the creation of labor programs and prison camps aboard Army installations and other U.S. military bases.
  • Congressman W.G. “Bill” Hefner (D-NC) wrote a now infamous letter to Zell Setzer of Setzer Insurance and Associates, Salisbury, NC, on March 24, 1997, regarding information “pertaining to the Army’s policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor program and civilian prison camps on Army installations.” Congressman Hefner confirmed to Mr. Setzer that “the program has been funded, staffed, and does not reflect current Army policy,” denoting a preconceived future agenda. That is the very definition of a secret agreement (a conspiracy between two or more people).
  • Under the indefinite detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2011, which was signed by Barack Hussein Obama on New Year’s Eve of 2011—when most of the Congress was home on Christmas vacation—American citizens can be legally (not lawfully) kidnapped and detained indefinitely without charge or trial, and subjected to extreme rendition with no due process of law.
  • The U.S. Army Military Police training manual for Civil Disturbance Operations (FM 3-19.15), describes the “operational threats of the civil disturbance environment,” the “general causes for civil unrest,” weapons deployment, the legal considerations of “control force operations,” the legal considerations of “apprehension, search, and detention,” and recording the “number of cadre and inmates injured or killed.” This 115-page manual represented at the time of its publishing a shocking new insight into how the U.S. military plans to violently quell unrest in the aftermath of a total economic collapse or other national emergency, with rules of engagement regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting “dissidents,” which were made disturbingly clear with the directive that a “warning shot will not be fired.”
  • Currently, the ongoing and expanding United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Jade Helm 15 is underway, the Realistic Military Training (RMT) exercise conducted throughout the American Southwest and in 11 states to “Master the Human Domain” via “unconventional warfare.” This so-called exercise declares Texas, Utah and Southern California hostile territory, driving Texas Governor Greg Abbott to deploy the Texas State Guard to monitor the very questionable operation on non-federally owned land.


  • Also at present and more recently, the U.S. Army Special Operations Forces(ARSOF) Operating Concept 2022 is being deployed on U.S. soil to “operationlize the CONUS [Continental United States] base.”

The above documentation is what has been released to the public so far, one can only imagine how much time and energy has actually been used behind the scenes in preparation for eventual unrest.

Interestingly, recently released footage taken in Arizona shows Marines practicing working in a detention center, complete with role players shouting to be let free and attempting to escape.

Role players playing the part of citizens (American?!) angrily shouted for food and water throughout the video. Multiple role players also simulated an attempted escape from confinement only to be chased down and arrested by armed troops.

Photos taken during the urban training show soldiers arresting those who try to escape as role players shout, “Let me out!”





Overall the footage has a stark domestic feel and the official line that it is training for overseas doesn’t seem to add up.

Although no one knows definitively if or when American citizens will be forced into detention centers during a time of extreme crisis, the fact remains that the plans are in place.

Officials within the Pentagon itself are worried and individual soldiers throughout the country are sounding the alarm over what could be the end of America as we know it.

All photos credit U.S. Army National Guard and U.S. Marines

About the Author

Alex Thomas is a reporter who has worked in the alternative media for over three years. His work has been featured on numerous news outlets including Infowars and RT. Alex is an exclusive weapon of Intellihub.


41 Responses to “New York National Guard conducts training at simulated detainee facility as fears of internment camps in America continue to rise”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Mass Immigration = Genocide of White Race

    All planned and supported by Zionists.

    Now they are going to start killing us openly. It is Satanists vs Christians.

    Rest of the World vs Europeans/Whites.

    Game on.

    • Bluefeather6 says:
      If this is so, then we all – globally – need to look at the spiritual war going on between those with Christ consciousness and those without

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Ive come to the realisation that, this very much is a Spiritual war. Because weve not been told the truth about physics, Tesla physics being suppressed
        I really do think exotic technologies exist, that enable us to interact with the spirit world, or go there, or have them manifest here. Though I suspect this happens weekly at aristocrat homes and castles and on army air force bases, and in government and corporate buildings
        The point im making is as real as this email and laptop im typing it on. Spirits, ghosts, angels, demons are real

        So my point is yes this is a Spiritual war, a proxy war being fought here on earth

        And I think one of Satans great tricks is. The unawake neutral masses, who aren’t necessarily bad people. Just not actively fighting on the side of good.

        My realisation is if youre not actively helping, loving, fighting, on the side of Good, however you can….if youre just a neutral spectator, then youre one of Satans helpers

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Reply to Adam. This is absolutely the conclusion I have come to as well.

        It is very black and white. Either you are part of the solution or you are part of the problem.

        And let’s face it most of the apathetic ignorant self-satisfied self-indulgent disinterested atheistic morass who love to shout down “conspiracy theorists” are increasingly becoming the major part of the problem.

        Regarding “conspiracy theorists” I prefer to use the term “people who are actually able to recognize and handle the truth no matter how uncomfortable.
        Regarding the people who like to use the term “conspiracy theorist” in a disparaging way I rather prefer to describe those people as WEAK or less often as satanic criminals who should be tried and executed.

        What do you think?


      • Men Scryfa says:

        Bluefeather. Spot on.

        As Carol Valentine and many others have been warning us. This is the plan. The Noahide Laws for all.

        The Jewish Messiah will be the Anti-Christ. Whether the “Jewish” people are themselves their own “messiah” or whether there is an anti-christ figure.

        If people are having trouble following bluefeather’s link then this is because it hits the truth right on the head and “They” don’t want you knowing the truth so They put in a redirect. In which case put in watcherfiles and Noahide Laws and you should be able to get to it via a search. God Bless All Truthseekers!

  2. Bluefeather6 says:

    Reply to Adam and Men Scryfa
    Unfortunately there are some that are programmed through watching tv, some that are dumbed down through medication and some that are in survival mode and just doing and thinking of daily tasks are challenging enough. Most people’s natural default is to look after themselves first including family, however in times of crisis would step out of the comfort zone and help those in need. The lies are too big, too evil for people to comprehend and process. Most people will choose to spend their time doing something other than researching the truth and all that it entails. Some are not strong enough to cope emotionally and mentally with the evil and deceit metered out to humanity by a relatively small group of people.
    The opposition to God, are using every means possible to control the masses, weapon microwave frequency…… And yet we still stay connected to source, to those with like minds and to truth.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Bluefeather you are Intelligent and Kind and True. Their number one weapon is RF attacks at night via Brain Entrainment. Of that there is no doubt.

      Now I just want to get to the Front line!

    • Gordon says:

      “My realisation is if youre not actively helping, loving, fighting, on the side of Good, however you can….if youre just a neutral spectator, then youre one of Satans helpers.”

      Rev 3:12 I will make the one who conquers to become a pillar in the sanctuary of my God, and he will never go out of it again. I will write on him the name of my God, the name of the city of my God (the new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God), and my own new name.
      Rev 3:13 ‘Let everyone listen to what the Spirit says to the churches.'”
      Rev 3:14 “To the messenger of the church in Laodicea, write: ‘The Amen, the witness who is faithful and true, the originator of God’s creation, says this:
      Rev 3:15 ‘I know your actions, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were cold or hot.
      Rev 3:16 Since you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth.
      Rev 3:17 You say, “I am rich. I have become wealthy. I don’t need anything.” Yet you don’t realize that you are miserable, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.
      Rev 3:18 Therefore, I advise you to buy from me gold purified in fire so you may be rich, white clothes to wear so your shameful nakedness won’t show, and ointment to put on your eyes so you may see.
      Rev 3:19 I correct and discipline those whom I love, so be serious and repent!
      Rev 3:20 Look! I am standing at the door and knocking. If anyone listens to my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he will eat with me.
      Rev 3:21 To the one who conquers I will give a place to sit with me on my throne, just as I have conquered and have sat down with my Father on his throne.
      Rev 3:22 ‘Let everyone listen to what the Spirit says to the churches.'”

    • Jennifer says:

      Men Scryfa, just linking you to my comment below in case you miss it.


      Being an Illuminati family, the Rockefellers were/are involved in all three aspects of the UFO phenomenon: the black budget part, the government coverup part, and the public disclosure part. In pitting disclosure-demanding citizens against secrecy-maintaining governments, the “elite” are creating a conflict that will find resolution when the New World Order and Disclosure are publicly unveiled. At that time, the US government, the Paperclip Nazis, the Zionists, and the West will be blamed for the secrecy while the BRICS and the East will be credited with revealing the truth. UFO Disclosure is just another aspect of the West is Bad / East is Good propaganda effort being used to usher in the NWO.

      Don’t Forget the Vatican

      Of course, the globalist-directed Disclosure Movement isn’t run solely by the Rockefellers; the Vatican is involved too. In an entry titled The Vatican is preparing to introduce the Anunnaki to us, I showed how the Jesuits are working to prepare the public for the announcement of extraterrestrial life, and their preparations extend beyond merely revealing the existence of microbes on Mars. Have a look at what non-Jesuit Monsignor Corrado Balducci told the Italian public about UFOs and ETs…

  3. Jennifer says:

    Men Scryfa, you, and many others here, are clearly very knowledgable about Christianity. I was brought up as a Catholic, and have gone through all the other isms since – currently I certainly am a Deist, and trying to work things out.
    But recently a question has popped up in my mind.
    And it’s only to clarify for myself, and without any disrespect to others, but given that the world as we know it is, and has been, so controlled, how come the Bible has been allowed to be so widely printed and disseminated, and is still the number one book ever printed, if it is not part of that control? And many believe it is.
    And if so, then could not the accounts of the Annunaki and our ‘genesis’ be unreliable, and much else in it. Why tell us that to hint at an off-world origin? What would ‘they’ want us to get from it? Because if ‘they’ wished to control us, they could have not allowed us to know Good from Evil, and to have a higher moral dimension – which is clearly in opposition to them. Why equip us with this knowledge if it empowers us against ‘them’?
    Sorry, just some random thoughts, please don’t feel obliged to answer.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      The bible was written by Josephus Flavius, yes he was yet another jewish cun*!

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Does this mean Josephus Flavius, the man that wrote the fiction about Jesus in the desert and dying on the cross aged…33? Did jesus die age 33? ill have to wiki that. Or was it 32.
        And who knows how many other fictions
        Are you saying Josephus Flavius was a jew, and jews were a powerful elite presence in ancient Rome? ive yet to reply to Henrys very interesting email about Josphus Flavius

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        fucking hell he was 33. Evidence again, of our occult illuminati friends. So I presume Josephus Flavius was illuminati. I wonder if they worshipped Satan in ancient Rome too? Or Lucifer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same people who rewrote the king James binle in 15th century, were also illuminati. Why did the illuminati need to rewrite the bible to make King James Bible? Had Josephus Flavius not done enough of an illuminati job the first time?

      • Tapestry says:

        The Saturnalia was the Romans’ Christmas/year end festival. We hold the same festival under another name, that of Christ, a figure created by Josephus Flavius to base his new religion upon, designed to mimic Judaeism but for Gentiles – Abrahamic, salvationist, patriarchal, monotheistic. Incidentally Islam also has the same four primary characteristics. The purity of gnosticism was destroyed by these three religions of empire, the belief that we are an emanation of the nature, of the earth, the moon, the sun and beyond that of the galaxy. The other planets in our solar system were not part of the original design, and are hostile to the creative force that is within us, and which brought us into being, according to gnostic belief. They acquired their knowledge through the use of mind-expanding substances which permitted the mind to see and understand far more than is possible with normal human vision. One reason for the law’s concern to stop use of substances is that they allow us to see more than we are meant to know. The evil world of Saturn/Satan has permeated our environment, using mimicry and confusing us to the point that we’ve lost the simple purity of our original vision.

      • Truth Hurts says:

        Glad to be of service Adam and even more glad you dug into it!
        It leaves the “Church” looking like the pathetic brainwashing tool it is, the media is the modern version of that crackpot book as far as where to glean your morals and societal “norms”, sports being supplemented for worshipping.
        You could easily substitue “illuminati” for jew to be honest, it’s simply the perversion of everything good and moral, turning everything on it’s head, inverted, upside down.
        Seriously, do your self the biggest favour you possibly can and READ THE TALMUD! Everything comes into focus once you imbue those writings. Your knowledge about our current situation and our dismally apocalyptic future will advance in leaps and bounds. However I will warn you, it’s disgusting and painful to read and your desire to shout about it to everyone you meet must be contained. You WILL be labelled a racist and anti-semite and probably lose many friends who are currently enjoying their slavery and servitude in somnabulism and react violently to truth.
        Tread carefully when espousing opinions on that vile piece of fanatical literature and never forget, EVERYTHING in judaism is derived from that book, EVERYTHING!

        I would expect your opinions of that phallic tribe to match that of Julie and myself when you’re done 🙂

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Don’t be sorry at all Jennifer. That is one of The Questions. And I am glad you’ve had the balls to ask it.

      Now that was the easy bit.

      Can I give some definitive answer that can be ‘scientifically’ proven?


      I suppose there are 2 major competing theories among the awakening movement. Please any readers be patient if I simplify my description of each just for the purpose of keeping this comment / reply brief.

      Option 1:

      The Conspiracy is a Satanic Conspiracy
      Everyone who fights it properly can only do so as a Christian and the Bible unadulterated un-interfered with scripture is The Word of God. Jesus is Our Saviour and Bible prophecy will happen. So we could be part of an “End Time Army of God” according to this. The Zionist element are the Curse of Caanan / Sons of Anak / Nephilim etc.
      On this version UFO and ETs are a deception and so are not “aliens” as such but demonic spirits or inter-dimensional beings consistent with the fallen angels.

      Counter-Arguments to Option 1 include as you say lots of arguments about the authorship and reliability of the Bible, the identity of Christ, Hidden or ‘Ancient’ Archaeology, Orthodox sciences such as Biology/Evolution, Geology, Fossil record etc etc. To which many Bible scholars would say these are based on misreadings or misunderstandings of the Bible e.g. that Adam was the first man when many of those scholars would actually say that he was the first Adamic Man. And so on.

      Option 2:

      The Conspiracy is ultimately an Alien Conspiracy. Whether that be Annunaki, Draconians, Reptilians, Nordics or some other alleged race of alien / extra terrestial ‘super’ beings. On this basis then many would argue that the Bible (for instance) is just another charade or control mechanism to benefit the agenda of these alien masters.

      What is the Truth?

      For me a major part of the Alien/E.T. hypothesis is that the bastards keep changing their story. They keep changing shape, origin, distance from earth, character and purpose. It all stinks. They seem like right evil deceptive little bastards to me. If you speak to the lower level military people who are in deep with this stuff they don’t describe them as “alien looking” but they do describe their malevolence. Many have spoken about hybrids and experimentation which speaks of attempts to breed with man ie woman. This is what demons have always been doing. A hundred years ago the ET’s were supposed to be from Mars (HG Wells War of the Worlds) now they come from Draco, Pleidian…
      These little bastards are lying shits.
      They pop up out of nowhere and then disappear again. Quite often the US or UK military is involved. Nothing about them makes any logical sense. They also have been cutting people up. Its got Satanism written all over it and that is why the Elite know all about them and who they really are and what they really are all about. Disclosure my ass.

      That is my current take on it all.

      Well eventually I hope we find out.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Fantastic comment Men Scryfa thanks. You spelled and laid it out in a simple potted form so I could get an overview I could never have hoped to otherwise.

        I think im being drawn to option 1.
        However sweep away, throw out 90% of the deluge of Alien disinformation. I cant help thinking in Option 1s scenario, good extradimensional beings exist as well. And maybe good races on other star systems. I say this because whatever this invisible morphing evil we have in our midst is…..its surely clever and powerful enough to have erected some kind of quarantine round us to control us.
        So 10% of me cannot discount that good ET /ED races exist too.
        But im now very distrustful of the whole alien disclosure scene
        Steven Greer with his huge Disclosure movement is backed by our friends Rockefellers

        So I think option 1. But maybe a little bit of option 2. But the situation we find ourselves in now I think good benevolent ET races should be forgotton about. And thinking spiritually and fighting Satan should be the priority

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Men Scryfa

        Therell be a fair few comments coming your way, I hope youll get time and energy to read them all. And reply to certain ones where theres certain questions which im grateful for. Ive yet to reply to one of yours. Ive considered again your 2 options above, heres my sense and feeling:

        A good realisation ive had this year, when debating things in my head or with others. People have been brainwashed into one of two camps. Science vs Religion. Ive realised this has been a false purposely deceitful debate of distraction. A Cabal debate for us to play with. Richard Dawkins etc etc

        On my explorations and realisations about Tesla physics being real, and all the science implications. The extradimensional implications. Which Paul LaViolette discusses, this suppressed physics reality paradigm JP Morgan shut down. LaViolette on with his Ether super G theory that neatly unifies all the physics laws his SQK theory, everything fits. And it exposes the Stephen Hawking Michio Kakus with their dark matter as liars.
        LaViolette heavily starts discussing ancient civilisations , Egyot, stargates, technology they must have had. And look at the ancient writings of mercury Vimanas too. Breakaway civilisations could certainly be real. Whistelblowers this year are saying theres an ancient Mayan breakaway civilization out there now, with a space fleet.

        Whats my point? My point is this: These explorations have helped it click in my brain, theres no conflict between science and spirituality/Christy Consciousness. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Its not one or the other. In fact they dovetail together and interlock.

        And what im getting at is I think the Truth is both Option 1 and Option 2 are right. They are BOTH the case. I think its one huge complex situation going on but certainly, certainly, some very powerful interdimensional forces are at work. And Satan is at work theres no doubt. And the ultimate Power in this Universe, of Love, and Creator Source up there, is whats happening, and we are spiritual warriors with etheric Spirit Energy flowing down into us when we accept this and wake up to it. And open our eyes to the deceptions around to recruit us to Satans army

        At the same time whos to say there aren’t people like you and I and Jennifer living in the Pleiades star system now having this same type of conversation? Options 1 and 2 are both true

        Perhaps with more final overarching definition of Final Truth embedded in Option 1 the Satanic Conspiracy, definitely. I think the major game out there in the solar system, even with secret space programs, will be extradimensional

        Yes Josephus Flavius concerns me. Where does that leave the Bible? I find it hard to understand, its not in plain English. Good point Jennifer made, I cant see how the illuminati would allow such a best selling book out there for us, if it was loaded with revealing truth of the real situation. Plus it got recensored again with the King James version

        But the real King Jesus exiled to chester and died in 98AD, might still have been a very very good man and bringer of Light. Doing the same amazing stuff you told me about, precognition, seeing auras etc.

        So acknowledging that King Jesus, calling him Jesus Christ, and getting on the side of Him, and Goodness, and God whatever God is…….is certainly a powerful thing. And I can see how the Satanists feel threatened about this. Henrys comment Flavius set Christianity up as a new control religion shows me I shouldn’t get to hung up, or upset, ive not studied the Bible. Whatever Good and Truth is in there, im sure im Aligned with it and alls in Divine order for the battle ahead.

        That shofar horn trumpet on your webpage. That could be what those very strange trumpet sounds people round the world are reporting. it could be the cabal acting out another prophecy.

        Ill have to research Noahide Law, a potted version, when I can

        Glad ive got this out

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        PS im not saying there aren’t Satanic Alien Deceptions going on too. Tall Whites etc. In the works for an attempt at Project Bluebeam
        Put it this way, whatever they spoon feed us, or lay it out for us to eat, I don’t trust
        Rt Hon Paul Hellyers a longer serving privy Councillor than even Prince Phillip. Loads of interesting truths about money mafia/central banking, and suppressed technology, to lure us in then hook us while some lies delivered
        Hellyer seems a good man. but who knows what the hells what it seems anymore? it isn’t. It never has been. Hellyer could be an MKUltra trauma based mind control victim. Or just a very slick skilled operator who knows

        Conversely, I don’t like throwing babies out in bathwater. With the physics truths coming out and portals that are stargates in the solar system, interstellar travels not so far fetched and Nasa have been doing it, and deeper SSPs. You can skip across the galaxy it seems. I think astrological alignments occur when interdimensional portals appear, I think, don’t quote me on that.
        Astrologers and astrologys clearly very important to the elites.
        Astrology, which is a physics truth, needn’t clash with aligning with God and Christ Consciousness and fighting for good can it? Astrologys simply a physics tool, discipline, they’ve kept secret. And like a swrod, can be either used for Good or for Evil, depending who wields it

  4. Gordon says:

    Hmm, interesting! I too had a Catholic upbringing, but that was a long time ago.

    While working on my roof today I too was thinking of the isms and concluded all are man made and sure to fail. So for many years considering myself Theist – Theism then that too by the same logic must surely fail. So it’s back to the drawing board but my gut feeling is telling me right now that it’s just me and God on a one on one relationship with no name and no ism.

    I do, however, believe in the Bible from which I believe I’ve gains much wisdom and understanding of the spiritual realm and the physical universe and think if people would take the intent less seriously and more figuratively they would see things in a different light. E.G. Most consider the Bible to start with the book of Genesis but in reality it’s the book of John Chapter 1: verse 1 to 7.

    The Bible may very well be part of the “control” and the elite seeing themselves like gods (Genesis) are fulfilling prophesy as I type. These so called Illuminated ones (Illuminati) are creating havoc, chaos and confusion (Genesis 1:2 “without form and void = Tohu and Bohu meaning became wasted by chaotic confusion) upon mankind and the Earth.

    Like yourself and many others I believe in the spirit realm which is in front of my nose to the farthest parallel universe all controlled by God, His government, the Elders, Cherubim, Seraphim, the higher Archy and lower Archy, and Angels. Then there is man, lower than angels for now but to judge angels in a time to come. Satan knows this, hates mankind and wants mankind dead and so his little elite gods who have gained much are doing his dirty work for him. And all I can say to this is I thank God for His Son.

    Best be back on the roof and if I’m not here tomorrow, I’ve gone: Think literally and figuratively.

    • Jennifer says:

      Gordon, if you could please clarify another point of confusion for me?
      There is Satan (Saturn, Set?), of the Bible, who is the tempter and enemy of mankind, yet who bestowed the Knowledge of the Tree of Life – presumably the knowledge of the origins of our genetics. Then there is Lucifer, the Morning Star (Mercury, Venus, Sirius?), a fallen angel, who also wants to ‘enlighten’. Are they just one and the same?
      It’s interesting that one of the richest periods of the culture of Celtic Christianity is referred to The Dark Ages. And yet it is the re-birth of Paganism, and the Enlightenment, and The Age of Reason which are celebrated as the highest points of Western Civilisation – and are Godless and materialistic – definitly the work of Satan’s little helpers.
      (And I do admire your head for heights).

      • Adam Lightwarrior says:

        ”It’s interesting that one of the richest periods of the culture of Celtic Christianity is referred to The Dark Ages. And yet it is the re-birth of Paganism, and the Enlightenment, and The Age of Reason which are celebrated as the highest points of Western Civilisation – and are Godless and materialistic – definitly the work of Satan’s little helpers.”

        Jennifer what you typed above, I don’t follow. This rich period, rebirth of paganism, Enlightment, age of reason. Are these good things for us? Is Paganism actually good?
        Or is all the above just covertly helping Satan?

        Im getting more an more confused. About more and more stuff now,

        One thing I am sensing as being true, these noahide jew types, ….seem to be prearranging things, 911, 2008 crash, theyre trying to time things as laid down in some book. And theyre giving plenty forewarning. Look at the 1980s illuminati game playing cards as an example

        All this talk too about the Shemitah, or is it SHekinha. Things going in 7s.
        That’s fair enough but theres something I don’t buy with all this, these nsupposed natural God like phenomena. Sick humans seem to be orchestrating these events.

      • Jennifer says:

        Adam, I am just saying that The Renaissance, The Enlightenment, The Age of Reason are quite clearly the projects of Luciferians. And I’ve only realised this in the last few years, even though I studied them at University, and it never clicked into place. Obviously universities are very much part of the Agenda too.

      • Gordon says:

        I’m encouraged and delighted to see the spirit of truth working with you toward the Ineffable One. I must warn you though, in all honesty, it’s a lonely, narrow and humbling path which the Spirit will require of you to transform your way of life and thinking. As we’re all on different levels if a little is required a little will be given and if much, much will be given.

        As Rev 3:19 says: I correct and discipline those whom I love, so be serious and repent!

        In basic terms means “discipline” which is to instruction, rebuke or punish and from discipline we get the Latin “Discipulus” which means a student or pupil. Repent simply means stop, quit sinning.

        So the Spirit will instruct, rebuke and punish if necessary the student, pupil or disciple if he or she is not serious enough to repent and quit sinning.

        To sin is to go beyond the limit of what is legal which is God’s law, the Ten Commandments. So 10 is of the law and it’s no strange thing to me that the office of 10 Downing Street is were our laws come from while Downing is downing the laws of God and uping the laws of man who has literally thousands of laws.

        As with the laws of man and of God there are penalties to pay for transgression. The penalties for breaking man’s law is determined how grievous the judge determines the transgression to be while the transgression of God’s law is death which is physical or spiritual or both. E.G. Adam and Eve sinned, transgressed. Adam was intended to live 1,000 years and then be translated from the physical to the spiritual realm, (1,000 years = 1 day) but because Adam transgressed the law of God he forfeited 70 years of his life dying at the age of 930 years. 70 is 7 times 10. 7 being “to end, complete, rest, perfection and Sabbath, while 10 is of the law. Adam’s transgression was complete in that he completely knew what he was doing and so seventy years was taken from his life and he died.

        Eves sentence for sinning came by two ways. Firstly, to see the consequence of sin she watched death come upon her husband and her first born son Cain whom murdered her second son Abel. Secondly, after Eve’s death all of Eve’s offspring would died in the flood on precisely the day in which the transgression was committed with the exception of Noah and his family.

        Gen:2:17 for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

        Adam died before the day’s end.

        Notice carefully: Gen: 7:11 in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

        The “day”, “month”, “the same day,” in which Adam and Eve sinned, transgressed the law, sentence was carried forward to the precise day but before which she witnessed the consequence of transgressing the law of God which is death.

        There’s mush to be said in which you have asked concerning Lucifer, Satan and the planets, each being a topic on their own in the greater scheme of things planned for mankind . May I therefore ask of you to email me directly and I’ll be happy to oblige.

      • Gordon says:


        “Im getting more an more confused. About more and more stuff now,

        One thing I am sensing as being true, these noahide jew types, ….seem to be prearranging things, 911, 2008 crash, theyre trying to time things as laid down in some book. And theyre giving plenty forewarning.”

        Don’t allow yourself to become confused or you’ll fall into the traps the elite have planned for us, the great deception which will sweep many away because of its great lie. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and ask the Spirit of Truth to come and reveal truth to you. Be honest and sincere in your asking for He may test your sincerity. Be patient, don’t expect big answers immediately. Here a little, there a little, is the way.

        Believe it or not, the elite i.e. the so called illuminated ones, the Illuminati, including the freemasons have a bible from which they work to bring about all that which is prophetised in the Christian Bible thinking they’re doing God a favour. Problem is that it’s the wrong god and yes they’re running to a time scale.

        There’s war going on in the heavens right now intensifying every day but not in the sense we think of as war but war in the spiritual realm concerning spiritual matters and Satan is attempting for a second time to dethrone God while his elite, demons and fallen angels prepare to destroy the Earth and mankind.

        Take some comfort in knowing that their days are numbered to 3 1/2 years then the Son of God will return to chain and imprison Satan, break asunder every government institution and every earthly authority and establish the Government of God sometimes referred to as The Kingdom of Heaven.

        Above all, be strong and never fear.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        interesting comments ive left for men scryfa in HR vid 27 savile. And also to Gordon in euro destroyed the wealth. In case you miss them.
        Any thoughts you get id be grateful you clickone of my reply buttons Jennifer thanks Adam

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you for all that, Gordon.
      I seem to have picked up on the zeitgeist again – Henry Makow at has been writing of the false separation of Satan and Lucifer becoming a mainstream meme.

  5. Julie says:

    One for Adam. Nikola Tesla and Orgone.

    “The evil leaders of the coming New World Order will try to get to you physically, mentally, and emotionally, if not spiritually. They have incredible technology and occult powers at their disposal which can easily undermine the integrity of any human being. This is done largely through the chemical poisoning of our soil, food, water, and air, to electro-magnetic(television, HARP, ELF, etc), and psychic manipulation.

    Fortunately, thanks to the brave work of individuals like Tesla(coil developer), Wilhelm Reich(orgone discoverer), Hulda Clark(zapper promoter), and Don Croft(modern-day orgone pioneer), we have a few means at our disposal to protect ourselves against the evildoers, and even do war with them.”

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Thanks Julie, ill study this then reply

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Im still studying it. You put your own orgone in each room? How do you do that, do you make it? I didn’t want to spend the time, energy and expense to do don crofts orgone metal shaving resin recipe, bcoz someone said it looked like disinfo

      Ive strayed onto the index page of the link you sent. Some things Julie, I don’t think are that safe, though well meant, such as raw vegan diets.
      However im now on one page about aging, and I sense these writers are well aware of things going on.

      ”There is a continual war going on between the good and bad angelic forces of this universe and humans are caught inbetween. We were basically created to serve these gods but have the potential to become like them as well. The good forces want to see us evolve into gods while the evil forces just want to use us and may ultimately destroy us. Most of our leaders have sided with the dark forces but more and more humans are awakening to the good forces. Humanity cannot sit in the middle forever. We have the seeds and potentials of the gods within us and need to activate this and take control of our lives and destinies”

      ive still to absorb and read the orgone article properly. I have a distracted mind but will get to it

      • Julie says:

        I don’t make the orgonites, but a magnificent, enlightened friend of mine does.It’s a mixture of quartz (very important) metal – she uses aluminum and resin. Yes .. I put a small organite in each room to reduce negative RF. People also put the more powerful “cloudbusters” or “chembusters” near mobile phone masts etc. Truly wonderful people trying to protect others from harmful effects by the corporations and governments. Break down the word government. Govern (to control) ment (of the mind).

  6. Lynn says:

    My mother who passed away too young, was bible bashed as a C of E at school. Recited the bible to us daily, she was born on St Swithens day 15 July… if it rains then it rains for forty days and forty nights.. ! she always said the middle east would kill us all, She mentioned the road to Damascus and she passed 26 years ago, I look back and see this all coming to fruition. Are they acting out these Bible predictions because they helped to write them ? or is this the the real story. Who knows.. If I pray when i am in need I know things happen !! are we simply playing out to a copy book. Or does this divine intervention exist. We all have faith and it is part of being human.. The evil ones may rule here on Earth but they are lost in the end. Money really has proved to be the rout of all EVIL.

  7. charles allan says:

    Google the prophecies on ” america is babylon ”
    They describe america perfectly.
    New York is “that great city” – the greatest port in the world.
    It is called the “hammer of the whole earth”. A warmonger who has destroyed her own land.
    Babylon will be destroyed in one hour.
    Ship’s officers will watch from afar as they wait offshore from NY.
    There is even a place called babylon in new york that the ships use for navigation .
    There are many commentaries on these bible prophecies on america but for me they fit the current time. It cant be any other country or city – Rome is not a great port.

  8. salty says:

    06 APRIL 2016.

    Authors angrily reject Israeli backing for New York writers’ festival

  9. Mark says:

    And Alice contender for most-publicly, most-open, most-famous. Not a particularly competitive ‘race’. But she breaks the way for others.


    Respect to Alice. May she explode off in even more love and truth.

    One among…

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