National Crime Agency paedophile numbers claim is bogus.


Great to see you out and about Melanie. Be cool as they used to say hundreds of years ago and let’s ramp up the drive for a full Nottingham abuse investigation.
I believe that the National Crime Agency claim that there are 750,000 uk men who are abusers is propaganda. Why couldn’t they produce the evidence and statistics when we asked? This us political propaganda to water down attention on Westminster and to nudge the public towards …”oh it’s all normal…lots of people think it’s ok”

Brian Gerrish

TAP – The word agency suggests they’re there to help the criminals.  So no surprises when that’s what they actually do in practice.


3 Responses to “National Crime Agency paedophile numbers claim is bogus.”

  1. Jennifer G says:

    More than likely it is a totally bogus Agency, dishing out what its told to do.

  2. Lynn says:

    They try to make their degenerate phallic existence normal…. Well it isnt and never will be. We know who is doing this so say no more. Their credibility is very questionable now.

  3. Sam says:

    Wait, are you saying that because the NCA are claiming 1 in 35 men are paedophiles that they’re trying to /legitimise/ it? Has ANYONE made any claims that this normalises it?

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