Money Power and Control

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  Money the great deception

                        Money Power and Control

       The love of money is the root of all evil…1Tim 6:10

The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses… This little coterie wants to run our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen. They seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers, and even our churches and every agency created for the public’s protection.

N.Y. Mayor, John Hylan

In the 18th century, the word on the cobblestone street was that Freemasons were an occult group promoting a pagan agenda through the American government.

After all, members themselves call Masonry “the craft.” And the Masonic founders of America built the roads around the U.S. Capitol in the form of a five-pointed star – a pagan symbol.

Then there is that “seeing eye” pyramid on the dollar bill – a known Masonic symbol.


       According to the Hebrew language

    The eye of Baal – Hebrew name – Obamah

 See link: The Original Greek & Hebrew

Understanding the great seal according to the Seal of History written by Charles Totten in  1897, volume 1 pg, 172, 173. The all seing eye is one of the oldest hieroglyphics of the Deity. The triangle also is a cabalistic symbol of the most remote antiquity and is found particularly among the remains of the original peoples about the earliest home of the human race. The pyramid is the mystery of all ages. It still hold the place as the greatest of the world’s wonders. A place to which in the light of modern studies and discoveries in Egypt, it is becoming ever more exalted. The descent of the mystic eye and triangle in the form of a capstone to this mysterious monuments of all times and nations is to America a people most pregnant with significance. The motto “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” is a quotation from the 4th Eclogue and was borrowed in turn by Virgil from the mystic sibylline records. The entire quotations is as follows, ‘NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM’ (altered from ‘MAGNUS SACLORUM ORDO’), ‘a mighty order of ages is born anew.’ Both the prophetic virgin and Saturnian kingdom now returns. Now a new progney is let down from the loftly heavens. Favor, Chaste Lucina, THE MAN CHILD TO BE BORN IS WHOSE NAME THE ALL SEEING EYE REPRESENTS, in whom the iron age shall come to an end, and the golden one shall arise again in the whole earth. “A TIME FOR CHANGE”



Washington D.C. capitol city of the world’s super power, A city built to impress. A series of intersecting diagonals laid out on a grid with each significant building carefully placed. A  city of symbol and secrets. But is there more to the design of Washington than meets the eye? The capitol is the masterwork of a city planner Frenchman Pierre L’Enfant, an old army buddy of George Washington. The first president played a key roll in turning L’Enfant’s visions into the reality that still can be seen today.

The Intervention by the Masonic-Rosicrucian-Illuminati In 1934, Secretary of Agriculture, a soon to be Vice President (1940-44) and being A 32nd degree freemason Henry Wallace submitted a proposal to the president to mint a coin depicting the seal’s obverse and reverse. President Franklin D Roosevelt, also a 32nd degree freemason, liked the idea but opted to place it on the dollar bill. According to Henry Wallace in a letter dated February 6, 1951, “the Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum impressed me as meaning the ‘New Deal’ of the Ages.”

During the first part of the 20th century and up to the time the reverse of the seal was first used, a series of victories over the sovereignty of the United States had already been won. Illuminist agents committed to the one-world interests of the Rothschild-Warburg-Rockefeller cartel had accomplished some important stepping stones to this New World Order: Federal Reserve System (1913); League of Nations (1920); Royal Institute of International Affairs, and Council on Foreign Relations (1920-21); and the Stock Market Crash of 1929. The consolidation of power was complete and the reverse side of the seal, which remained largely unknown to the American people for more than 150 years, could now be placed.

The first attempts at including the All-Seeing Eye on the seal were not successful. The first die of the Great Seal was cut from brass in 1782. In 1825, 1841, 1877, 1885, and 1902, new dies were cut, but each time the reverse went uncut and unused . . . the Illuminati’s plan for the New World Order had not been advanced far enough, yet, to be announced.

The 1930s America was ripe for their diet of socialism caused by the Great Depression. The International Bankers had just caused this Great Depression with the collapse of the stock market and bought up all the stock for pennies on the dollar. They had begun creating monopolies in the market place with THEM holding the stock. President Roosevelt was swept into office with the promise of the New Deal for America. That New Deal was socialism. He started programs such as NRA, WPA, NYA, and PWA to get people working again, but CONTROLLED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. It was during this climate of frustration and hunger and economic depression that an American educator named Walter Hamilton wrote in ‘The Social Frontier” [of the NEA] that the “commitment to collectivism [socialism] is beyond recall” (October 1934). In this same issue an editorial promised that “The Social Frontier [of the NEA] will throw ALL the strength it possesses ON THE SIDE OF THOSE FORCES WHICH ARE STRIVING TO fashion a form of COLLECTIVISM that will make paramount the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population” (Ibid, p. 4). The editorial went on to challenge teachers and parents to “make clear by all means at their disposal that a COLLECTIVIST SOCIAL ORDER…[was needed] to secure a free democratic life.

The Great Depression

In August of 1929, the Fed began to tighten the money supply continually by buying more government bonds. At the same time all the Wall Street giants of the era including John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan divested from the stock market and put all their assets into cash and gold. Soon thereafter, on October 24, 1929, the large brokerages all simultaneously called in their 24 hour “call-loans.” Brokers and investors were now forced to sell their stocks at any price they could get to cover these loans. The resulting market crash on “Black Thursday” was the beginning of the Great Depression.

The Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, Representative Louis T. Mc Fadden accused the Fed and international bankers of premeditating the crash. “It was not accidental” he declared, “it was a carefully contrived occurrence (created by international bankers) to bring about a condition of despair…so that they might emerge as rulers of America.

He went on to accuse European “statesmen and financiers” of creating the situation to facilitate the reacquisition of the massive amounts of gold which Europe had lost to the U.S. during WWI. In a 1999 interview Nobel Prize winning economist and Stanford University Professor Milton Friedman stated: “The Federal Reserve definitely caused the Great Depression.” Because the government of the U.S. (a corporation) had paid its loans to the Fed with real money exchangeable for gold, it was now insolvent and could no longer retire its debt.

It now had no choice but to file chapter 11. Under the Emergency Banking Act (March 9, 1933, 48 Stat.1, Public law 89-719) President Franklin Roosevelt effectively dissolved the United States Federal Government by declaring the entity bankrupt and insolvent.   See: Chapter 11

June 5, 1933 Congress enacted HJR 192 which made all debts, public or private, no longer collectible in gold. Instead, all debts public or private were to be payable in un-backed Fed-created fiat currency. This new currency would now be legal tender in the U.S. for all debts public and private.

Henceforth, our United States Constitution would be continuously eroded due to the fact that our nation is now owned “lock stock and barrel,” by a private consortium of international bankers, contemptuous of any freedoms or sovereignties intended by our forefathers. This was all accomplished by design.


Under orders of the creditor (the Federal Reserve System and its private owners) on April 5, 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Presidential order 6102, which required all Americans to deliver all gold coins, gold bullion, and gold certificates to their local Federal Reserve Bank on or before April 28, 1933. Any violators would be fined up to $10,000, imprisoned up to ten years, or both for knowingly violating this order. This gold was then offered by the Fed owners to any foreign, non-U.S. citizen, at $35.00 per ounce. Over the entire previous 100 years, gold had remained at a stable value, increasing only from $18.93 per ounce to $20.69 per ounce.

Since then, every U.S. citizen (by virtue of their birth certificate) has become an asset of the government, pledged at a specific dollar amount to pay this debt through future taxation. Thus, every American citizen is in debt from birth (via future taxation), and is, for all practical purposes, property of the creditors, the privately owned Federal Reserve System.

“According to one source ‘it was estimated that they controlled half the wealth of the world’. At one point, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was controlled by five banks which owned 53% of its stock. These five banks were controlled by Nathan M. Rothschild & Sons of London. Control over the U.S. ‘Fed’ is basically control over the world’s money. That fact alone shows how immense the Rothschild’s’ power is. If one examines who has been appointed to head the Fed, and to run it, the connections of the ‘Federal’ Reserve System to the Rothschild’s can further be seen. For example, former Paul A. Volker went to work for the Rothschild’s as chairman of the European investment banking firm, J. Rothschild, Wolfensohn and Co. in March 1992.”                                  

                             Baron Edmond de Rothschild” 1982/5742






Revelation:-[2-9]. I know your works and  tribulation and poverty–but thou art rich! I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Who actually controls the world’s banking system? The ownership of the 10 Central banks are: 1. Rothschild Bank of London 2. Warburg Bank of Hamburg 3. Rothschild Bank of Berlin 4. Lehman Brothers of New York 5. Lazar Brothers of Paris 6. Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York (Now Shearson American Express) 7. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy 8. Goldman, Sachs of New York 9. Warburg Bank of Amsterdam 10. Chase Manhattan Bank of New York.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is centrally controlled by Nathan M. Rothschild & Sons of London. The names of these banks are all obviously Jewish names– the “Rothschild” name was originally “Bauer.”

The family name, “Bauer” became known as Rothschild (red-shield or rotes-schild in German) in the 18th century when a financial dynasty was founded in Frankfurt by the Jew, Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Bauer), working in league with the Illuminati House of Hesse and others.

The red-shield, with the so-called “Star of David,” is an occult symbol from the 13th Century occult Kabbalah and only became associated with Jewish people after the Rothschilds adopted it for themselves. It has absolutely no connection to “King David” as Jewish historical sources confirm.

Now you start to see how the House of Rothschild and world economy are so interlocked. You know why powerful families like the Rothschild’s try to control our lives. They control the major aspects of society like the media, the education system, religion, the banking system, government, and so on. see link  ownership of the federal reserve

 Subject: The Bankruptcy of The United States
United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303
Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:

“Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11.. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner’s report that will lead to our demise.

It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933 – Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official
capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only.

The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International Bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States Offices, Officials, and Departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War Powers. With the Constitutional Republican form of Government now dissolved, the receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government for the United States. This new form of government is known as a Democracy, being an established order under a new governor for America. This act was instituted and established by transferring and/or placing the Office of the Secretary of Treasury to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund. Public Law 94-564, page 8, Section H.R. 13955 reads in part: “The U.S. Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States.”

Gold and silver were such a powerful money during the founding of the United states of America, that the founding fathers declared that only gold or silver coins can be “money” in America. Since gold and silver coinage were heavy and inconvenient for a lot of transactions, they were stored in banks and a claim check was issued as a money substitute. People traded their coupons as money, or “currency.” Currency is not money, but a money substitute. Redeemable currency must promise to pay a dollar equivalent in gold or silver money. Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) make no such promises, and are not “money.” A Federal Reserve Note is a debt obligation of the federal United States government, not “money?’ The federal United States government and the U.S. Congress were not and have never been authorized by the Constitution for the united states of America to issue currency of any kind, but only lawful money, -gold and silver coin.

It is essential that we comprehend the distinction between real money and paper money substitute. One cannot get rich by accumulating money substitutes, one can only get deeper into debt. We the People no longer have any “money.” Most Americans have not been paid any “money” for a very long time, perhaps not in their entire life. Now do you comprehend why you feel broke? Now, do you understand why you are “bankrupt,” along with the rest of the country?

Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are unsigned checks written on a closed account. FRNs are an inflatable paper system designed to create debt through inflation (devaluation of currency). When ever there is an increase of the supply of a money substitute in the economy without a corresponding increase in the gold and silver backing, inflation occurs.

Inflation is an invisible form of taxation that irresponsible governments inflict on their citizens. The Federal Reserve Bank who controls the supply and movement of FRNs has everybody fooled. They have access to an unlimited supply of FRNs, paying only for the printing costs of what they need. FRNs are nothing more than promissory notes for U.S. Treasury securities (T-Bills) – a promise to pay the debt to the Federal Reserve Bank.
There is a fundamental difference between “paying” and “discharging” a debt. To pay a debt, you must pay with value or substance (i.e. gold, silver, barter or a commodity). With FRNs, you can only discharge a debt. You cannot pay a debt with a debt currency system. You cannot service a debt with a currency that has no backing in value or substance. No contract in Common law is valid unless it involves an exchange of “good & valuable
consideration.” Un-payable debt transfers power and control to the sovereign power structure that has no interest in money, law, equity or justice because they have so much wealth already. Their lust is for power and control. Since the inception of central banking, they have controlled the fates of nations.

The Federal Reserve System is based on the Canon law and the principles of sovereignty protected in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In fact, the international bankers used a “Canon Law Trust” as their model, adding stock and naming it a “Joint Stock Trust.” The U.S. Congress had passed a law making it illegal for any legal “person” to duplicate a “Joint Stock Trust” in 1873. The Federal Reserve Act was legislated post-facto (to 1870), although post-facto laws are strictly forbidden by the Constitution. [1:9:3] The Federal Reserve System is a sovereign power structure separate and distinct from the federal United States government. The Federal Reserve is a maritime lender, and/or maritime insurance underwriter to the federal United States operating exclusively under Admiralty/Maritime law. The lender or underwriter bears the risks, and the Maritime law compelling specific performance in paying the interest, or premiums are the same.

Assets of the debtor can also be hypothecated (to pledge something as a security without taking possession of it.) as security by the lender or underwriter. The Federal Reserve Act stipulated that the interest on the debt was to be paid in gold. There was no stipulation in the Federal Reserve Act for ever paying the principle.

Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property, free and clear of any liens or mortgages until the Federal Reserve Act (1913) “Hypothecated” all property within the federal United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, -in which the Trustees (stockholders) held legal title. The U.S. citizen (tenant, franchisee) was registered as a “beneficiary” of the trust via his/her birth certificate. In 1933, the federal United States hypothecated all of the present and future properties, assets and labor of their “subjects,” the 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, to the Federal Reserve System.

In return, the Federal Reserve System agreed to extend the federal United States corporation all the credit “money substitute” it needed. Like any other debtor, the federal United States government had to assign collateral and security to their creditors as a condition of the loan. Since the federal United States didn’t have any assets, they assigned the private property of their “economic slaves”, the U.S. citizens as collateral against
the un-payable federal debt. They also pledged the unincorporated federal territories, national parks forests, birth certificates, and nonprofit organizations, as collateral against the federal debt. All has already been transferred as payment to the international bankers.

Unwittingly, America has returned to its pre-American Revolution, feudal roots whereby all land is held by a sovereign and the common people had no rights to hold allodial title to property. Once again, We the People are the tenants and sharecroppers renting our own property from a Sovereign in the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank. We the people have exchanged one master for another.

This has been going on for over eighty years without the “informed knowledge” of the American people, without a voice protesting loud enough. Now it’s easy to grasp why America is fundamentally bankrupt.

Why don’t more people own their properties outright?

Why are 90% of Americans mortgaged to the hilt and have little or no assets after all debts and liabilities have been paid? Why does it feel like you are working harder and harder and getting less and less?

We are reaping what has been sown, and the results of our harvest is a painful bankruptcy, and a foreclosure on American property, precious liberties, and a way of life. Few of our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. have dared to tell the truth. The federal United States is bankrupt. Our children will inherit this un-payable debt, and the tyranny to enforce paying it.

America has become completely bankrupt in world leadership, financial credit and its reputation for courage, vision and human rights. This is an undeclared economic war, bankruptcy, and economic slavery of the most corrupt order!

Now for the gold question:

The Central Bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the form and Principles of our Constitution. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the Banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

Thomas Jefferson……

“Money is power or shall we say, the monopoly to create credit money and charge interest is absolute power” : Alex James

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws” Mayer Amschel Rothschild….. “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

President Roosevelt, Letter to Colonel House, November 1933 “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

” Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom, 1913.“The problem is since 1864 we’ve had a debt based banking system.

All our money is based on government debt. We cannot extinguish government debt without extinguishing our money supply. That’s why talk of paying off the national debt without reforming our banking system is an impossibility. That’s why the solution does not lie in discussing the size of the national debt rather it lies in reforming our banking system.

” Well what we’re about to show you is that there’s nothing federal about the Federal Reserve and there are no reserves. The name is a deception created back before the Federal Reserve Act was passed, in 1913, to make Americans think that America’s central bank operates in the publics interest. The truth is that the Federal Reserve is a private bank owned by private stockholders and run purely for their private profit.” The Federal Reserve really, even though it is not part of the federal government, it is more powerful than the federal government. It’s more powerful than the president, the congress, and the courts. Now a lot of people challenge me on that but let me prove my case. The Federal Reserve determines what the average persons’ car payment is going to be… what their house payment is going to be, and whether they have a job or not and I submit to you that’s total control. And the fed is the largest single creditor of the United States government. …The borrower is servant to the lender…” “when his son Mayer Amschel Bauer inherited the business, he decided to change his name to Rothschild. Amschel soon learned that loaning money to governments and kings was more profitable than loaning to private individuals. Not only were the loans bigger, but they were secured by the nations taxes.” “By cooperating within the family the Rothschilds soon grew unbelievably wealthy. By the mid 1800s they dominated European banking and were certainly the wealthiest family in the world. They financed Cecil Rhodes making it possible for him to establish a monopoly over the diamond and gold fields of South Africa. In American they financed the Harrimans and railroads. The Vanderbilts and railroads and the press. And, Carnegie and the steel industry among many others. The division of the United States into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained as one block, and as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination of the world.” –Otto Von Bismark

Lincoln understood who was really pulling the strings and what was at stake for the American people. This is how he explained his rationale. The government should create, issue and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers… The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of Government, but it is the government’s greatest creative opportunity…By the adoption of these principles the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.” –Abraham Lincoln

“If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic during the late war in that country, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe…claimed that Lincoln was assassinated , not only because international bankers wanted to reestablish a central bank in America, but because they also wanted to base America’s currency on gold. Gold they controlled. In other words, put America on a gold standard. Lincoln had done just the opposite by issuing U.S. notes. Greenbacks, which were based purely on the good faith and the credit of the United States…They were the men interested in the establishment of the gold standard money system and the right of the bankers to manage the currency and credit of every nation in the world. With Lincoln out of the way they were able to proceed with it in the United States. Within eight years after Lincoln’s assassination silver was demonetized and the Gold Standard money system set up in the United States.

3 years later the people elected republican James Garfield president. Garfield understood how the economy was being manipulated. As a congressman, he had been chairman of the Appropriations Committee and was a member of Banking and Currency. After his inauguration he slammed the money changers publicly in 1881.“Whosoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce… And when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate. “Unfortunately, within a few weeks of making this statementon July 2nd of 1881, he was assassinated.”

After WWI, Germany fell into the hands of the German international bankers. Those bankers bought her and they now own her, lock, stock, and barrel. They have purchased her industries, they have mortgages on her soil, they control her production, they control all her public utilities. The international German bankers have subsidized the present Government of Germany and they have also supplied every dollar of the money Adolph Hitler has used in his lavish campaign to build up a threat to the government of Bruening. When Bruening fails to obey the orders of the German International Bankers, Hitler is brought forth to scare the Germans into submission… Through the Federal Reserve Board… over $30 billions of American money… has been pumped into Germany… You have all heard of the spending that has taken place in Germany… Modernistic dwellings, her great planetariums, her gymnasiums, her swimming pools, her fine public highways, her perfect factories. All this was done on our money. All this was given to German through the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve Board… has pumped so many billions of dollars into Germany that they dare not name the total.” – Rep. Louis T. McFadden (D-PA) At first Roosevelt railed against the money changers as being the cause of the depression. Believe it or not, this is what he said on March 4th 1933 in his inaugural address. Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion rejected by the hearts and minds of men… the money changers have fled from their high seats of the temple of our civilization.” –Franklin D Roosevelt March 4th 1933 in his inaugural address but, 2 days later Roosevelt declared a bank holiday and closed all banks. Later that years Roosevelt outlawed private ownership of all gold bullion and all gold coins with the exception of rare coins. Most of the gold in the hands of the average American was in the form of gold coins. The new decree was in effect a confiscation. Those who didn’t apply risked as much as 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine; the equivalent of $100,000 today. Out in small town America some people didn’t trust Roosevelt’s order. Many were torn between keeping their hard earned wealth, or obeying the government. Those who did turn in their gold were paid the official price for it; $20.66 per ounce. So unpopular was the confiscation order, that no one anywhere in government would take credit for authoring it. No congressmen claimed it.

At the signing ceremony President Roosevelt made it clear to all who was present that he was not the author of it and publicly stated that he had never read it. Even the Secretary of the Treasury said that he’d never read it either saying it was quote ‘what the experts wanted’. Roosevelt convinced the public to give up their gold by saying that pooling America’s resources was necessary to get America out of the depression. With great fan fair he ordered a new bullion depository, built to hold the mountain of gold the U.S. government was illegally confiscating. By 1936, the U.S. bullion depository at Fort Knox was completed. And in January 6th 1937 the gold began to flow into it.THE RIPOFF OF THE AGES WAS ABOUT TO PROCEED.In 1935, once the gold had all been turned in, the official price of gold was suddenly raised to $35 per ounce. But the catch was only foreigners could sell their gold at the new higher price. The money changers, who had heeded Warburg’s note and gotten out of the stock market just before the crash and bought gold at $20.66 per ounce, then shifted to London could now bring it back and sell it back to the government nearly doubling their money while the average American starved.

The Great Deception 

Presently, the United States Government (which again, is completely owned and controlled by the international bankers) continues to forfeit its sovereignty by entering into international monetary and trade agreements which abolish almost all forms of trade tariffs that previously protected not only the value of American commercial productivity and workforce labor, but which were also a substantial source of revenue for the government.

The loss of this revenue, as well as the expanding deficits created by recent massive reduction in taxation for large corporations and the very wealthiest citizens, insures continued borrowing by the government. This self-perpetuating cycle of borrowing is made possible only by the ability of the government to guarantee repayment (of only the interest, never the principal) through future taxation on the earnings of every American citizen. Due to our banking history of deception, fraud and counterfeiting, which only benefits the purported elite bankers and their underlings, the borrowed principal itself is being used to make the payments on our debt at interest, thus, it is mathematically impossible to pay off. We are, therefore, obligated to continue this cycle of borrowing indefinitely, causingcomplete money slavery for life. The amount owed will expand endlessly, until our monthly payments exceed our income, we are bankrupt, and all we have acquired in this lifetime is pillaged from us. Or, until the privately owned Federal Reserve System is ended and alldebts are terminated.

Having altered the original document, the (now) promissory note is deposited at the localFederal Reserve Bank as new money. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (the publication governing corporate accounting practices) states: “Anything accepted by thebank as a deposit is considered as cash.” This new money represents a three to ten percent fraction of what the commercial bank may now create and do with as they please. So, $100,000.00 to $330,000.00.00, minus the original $10,000.00 is now added to the commercial bank’s coffers. With this scheme they are taking your asset, depositing it, multiplying it and exchanging it for an alleged loan back to you. This may constitute deliberate theft by deception. In reality, of course, no loan exists.


                                    INFLATION 1923


Knowing how money is created will help you understand how we can get you out of credit card debt, unsecured loans and lines of credit. Over the past 27 years members of the research team at FDRS have done nothing but research money – how it works, who has it, how they got it and where it comes from. What changed their lives was learning about how money is created. It is by far the most important financial aspect you will learn in this lifetime. The current gross national debt is ridiculous, as you can see in the sum of personal and federal government debt, shown to the right. The counter doesn’t include the Social Security and numerous other governmental debts totaling over $75 Trillion. So, everybody wants out of debt, but there is only $3.8 Trillion ($753 Billion in 02/06) in currency in the whole U.S. economy, so something doesn’t add up, right? Let’s get to the bottom of it.


            And this is right where they want those who are in their debt!!!!!!!!!!



ROTHSCHILD AND WORLD ECONOMY: MEDIA Fritz Springmeier has this to say regarding the media and how it relates to Rothschild and world economy: See link The Rothschild Archive and Rothschilds money

“… the Rothschild’s have control of all three U.S. Networks, plus other aspects of the recording and mass media industry… Perhaps nothing dominates the life of some Americans as does the television. Americans sit themselves before the television set and simply absorb what it projects to them. Day to day the biggest way the Rothschild’s have touched the lives of Americans has been the three major networks.”


Fritz Springmeier details how the Rothschild’s have their hands and influence in the Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, Judaism, the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, and Christendom. He then says:

“They (Rothschild) have also used people under their mind control and/or blackmailed to encourage religious strife. Unfortunately, many have been fooled into thinking that being devout and faithful to God is the source of religious fighting. In some areas of the world, Moslems, Christians, and others have gotten along fine for centuries. Religious tensions do spring to some degree from within the religions themselves, but the fuel to keep those fires burning and to light up conflicts often come from the Power’s wealth. An obvious example is the Iran-Iraq war.”


Rothschild and world economy go hand in hand because this family has its tentacles everywhere when it comes to power, control, and wealth. We’ve already touched on their vast wealth gleaned from the river of money flowing out of the Federal Reserve fraud. You need to be aware how they use their influence to brainwash you into continuing on as their financial slave. ROTHSCHILD AND WORLD ECONOMY: CONTROL OVER HISTORY AND EDUCATION

The Rothschild’s have their hands inside Freemasonry. Freemasons and the Illuminati have infiltrated our education system (see Freemason Conspiracy). As a matter of fact, in “New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies”, William T. Still shows how the Rockefeller Foundation (another Illuminati family) went to historians in an attempt to get them to rewrite history. (The Carnegie Endowment had concluded that control of U.S. education was key to controlling the population). Historians turned down their scheme. So, during the 1920’s, these Illuminati foundations trained young academics and created the American Historical Association to rewrite history in their effort to destroy America’s education system.

See link: Education under the new world order 


As you reflect on the relationship between the family of Rothschild and world economy, understand that they’ve already been successful at turning America into a police state in their New World Order efforts. How far away is complete totalitarianism? And every month, you’re forced to send payments in to their corrupt banks that report to our corrupt central bank, the Fed. The debt they created for you is fraudulent and is what provides much of the funding they need to further the wealth of the House of Rothschild and world economy domination.

We can help you eliminate this fraudulent debt once and for all. By doing this, you’re helping to free yourself financially while reducing the amount of money available to the corrupt Rothschild-led banking cabal. For every dollar of debt you legally eliminate through us, you’re cutting $33 out of their pockets because of their fractional reserve banking scam. Join us in taking action against those who enslave us. If not, the Rothschild and world economy relationship will only grow stronger until you’re left broken and homeless.

Our banking history is filled with deception, fraud, larceny and treason. To understand the problem of how modern, deceptive banking policy adversely affects every American citizen and is, indeed, antithetical to our great Republic, we must begin with an examination of the historical evolution of the privately owned central banking system. A cursory exploration of this system reveals that from its very inception it, by design, undermines political will and insures a lifetime of feudal-like, debt-based enslavement.

Beneath the yoke of an unending cycle of indebtedness which renders anyone who participates in the economy, at the consumer level, forever beholden to banks, the great majority of Americans spend a lifetime of labor, often working at more than one job, not to produce a better life for ourselves and our loved ones, but in a never-ending struggle to pay off debt, or simply to pay interest (and very little principal) on so-called loans. This “debt” was literally created from thin air. The lenders risk nothing, because they have, in reality, lent nothing.

Fairness in an economy is defined as receiving an equal measure of compensation for an equal measure of production. Our present economic system, completely controlled by the policies of enormous private international banking interests, by its very nature, must preclude this simple precept. This scheme exists in our economy today under the direction of a corporation known as the Federal Reserve System.

The name Federal Reserve System is, by design, a completely false and deceptive designation given to a private corporation, the purpose of which is to allow the private creation, control and ownership of our nation’s currency and assets. This insures unlimited profit for private banking interests through the irreversible perpetuation and exponential expansion of debt, both public and private. An example of how present lending policies came into practice can be traced to goldsmiths of Medieval Europe. Rather than carrying around large quantities of cumbersome gold and silver to pay for goods and services, people found it more convenient to store or “deposit” their hard currency with goldsmiths who would then issue receipts which could be exchanged “upon demand” for the gold or silver on deposit.

As people began to find it more convenient to simply exchange the receipts directly, among themselves, as payment, they became a widely accepted form of “currency”. As this system facilitated trade within the economy, the goldsmiths found that people would hold and exchange the receipts and rarely bring them in for the actual asset – the gold or silver on deposit.

With this realization, the goldsmiths began to produce more receipts (currency) for the assets than they actually had on deposit. By this system of counterfeiting, they found that they could actually control the supply of currency in circulation. By reducing the available supply of money in circulation they would force the borrowers into insolvency and foreclose on property. This system was implemented in cycles which would impoverish the debtors and enrich the goldsmiths.

Throughout the following centuries, attempts to reform these types of practices have provided temporary relief. Through manipulation and centralization of wealth however, this practice is perpetuated in much the same form in our present money system.

National banking act of 1863


This act of Congress, passed during the Civil War, established a system of nationally chartered banks and required the currency issued by them to be backed by government securities. The act was subsequently amended to also require the taxation of state currencies, but not of national bank notes. This produced the intended effect of creating a uniform national currency. State banks and their respective currency, nonetheless, continued to expand – primarily in response to the growing popularity of expedient demand deposits (checking accounts).

Though currency had become more stable as a result of the National Banking Act of 1863, financial panics (orchestrated by the banking elite) and the resulting bank-runs continued to threaten the U.S. economy. Banking panics in 1893, and again in 1907 produced severe economic depressions in the United States. This gave impetus to a growing number of Americans calling for banking reforms.

Each time, legendary banking mogul J.P. Morgan intervened and not only provided the illusion of economic stability, but consolidated power for himself and the powerful banking interests, which paved the way for the establishment of a private central bank.

Knowing that the American public now looked to banking legislation to control fluctuation of economic resources, but was also distrustful of a banker-controlled society, the large banking interests were now poised to carry out one of the most audacious deceptions ever perpetuated against the American public – the so called Federal Reserve System.

In response to the panic of 1907, the Glass-Owen Act of 1908 was passed to provide for the issue of emergency currency during widespread financial crisis. The National Monetary Commission was also established under this act to develop a more durable solution to the nation’s problematic financial and banking practices.

The commission, under the direction of Senator Nelson Aldrich proposed a banker-controlled plan. Progressives however, led by William Jennings Bryan, strongly opposed such a plan. They preferred a central bank under public (governmental), not private (banker) control. With the election of Democrat Woodrow Wilson in 1912, the plan was effectively stalled.With the economic news of the week of July 14—the continuing crisis among mortgage lenders, the onset of bank failures, the announced downsizing of General Motors, the slide of the Dow-Jones below 11,000—we are seeing the ongoing collapse of the U.S. economy.

Even the super-rich are becoming nervous as cries for an emergency suspension of short selling ring out.

What is really taking place, however, is that the producing economy of working men and women is being crushed by the overall debt burden on households, businesses, and governments that could reach $70 trillion by 2010. The financial system, including mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is bankrupt, as the debts it is based on cannot be repaid.

This is because the producing economy of people who work for a living simply can no longer generate enough purchasing power for people either to pay their debts or allow them to purchase what is being sold in the marketplace. In turn it is the debt burden and the loss of societal purchasing power that are crashing the stock market. Thus the collapse of the financial economy has started to destroy the producing economy as well.

It’s a “perfect storm,” the result of a 200-year-old financial system where money is largely created by bank lending and where since 1980 our industry and jobs have been increasingly outsourced abroad to cheap labor markets. Thus domestic incomes have stagnated while the nation’s GDP has not been able to keep up with the exponential growth of debt.

The victims within the middle and working classes are seeing their livelihoods ruined, jobs taken away, pensions eroded, homes foreclosed on, and are being saddled with ever-increasing debt and forced to work under more and more stress due to rising burdens of taxation, gas and food price inflation, and bureaucratic rules and regulations. The only places a more-or-less normal life may still be possible will be the wealthiest imperial centers like Washington, New York, Houston, Chicago, or San Francisco.

All that the current bailouts being engineered by the Federal Reserve are doing is to create more debt to shore up failing financial institutions. No new wealth is being created. It’s band-aids on band-aids.The problem politically is that control of the U.S. long ago was turned over to the bankers and the financiers of the Western world. It was called financial “deregulation,” accelerated under President Ronald Reagan, and has run amok since then. From a longer historical view, it’s the same phenomenon that first created and then ruined the British Empire , and it’s what created and is now ruining the American Empire today.

A side-effect of control by the bankers and financiers is that they are also Zionists, so we have the added multi-trillion dollar burden of trying to conquer the Middle East on behalf of the international oil interests and the state of Israel .

The situation has deteriorated sharply since the 1970s as U.S. affairs have been managed on behalf of the financial interests by what you might call the “Three Amigos”—Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker, and Alan Greenspan. Kissinger, while Nixon’s secretary of state, made the U.S. dependent on the Middle East for oil, lavished billions on Israel ’s war machine, and created the petrodollar to support our trade and fiscal deficits. Volcker, while chairman of the Federal Reserve, crashed the U.S. producing economy in the recession of 1979-1983, leading to the rise of the “service economy.” Greenspan, during his own Federal Reserve chairmanship, presided over the bubble economy which was created through massive official fraud in home mortgage lending and is now sinking like the Titanic.

The politicians have enabled these financial crimes. Above all it’s been the Bush family which has served as a political Trojan Horse for the financiers for three generations, with affairs having become much worse since George H.W. Bush invaded Iraq for the first time in 1991. The enablers have included a majority of the members of the U.S. Congress. (See the conclusion of Patrick Buchanan’s new book, Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War for an account of how the U.S. since the Bush I presidency has replicated the catastrophic errors of failed British imperialism.)

It is theoretically possible that the US as a nation could still save itself through an internal revolution, while playing a much reduced role in the world. After all, England , France , and Italy still exist as shadows of their past greatness. But, realistically, all ordinary people can do today is try to survive, perhaps by working with friends and neighbors in planting food and living within the underground economy. At least people might not then have to starve to death, because hard as it is to believe that “it could happen here,” widespread famine in the U.S. seems a real possibility over the next several years. Nations take such risks when they allow capitalist agribusiness to destroy local agriculture.

In fact, World War I was a project of the Freemasons in dismembering Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, both largely Catholic. This destruction allowed the masters of usury to flourish within the atheistic and materialistic culture that Freemasonry fostered across Europe . World War I also resulted in the virus of Communism, largely egged on by the internationalists and Freemasons, though it had such a tragic impact on Russia and Central Europe before spreading to China and East Asia .The American people are not entirely innocent. We have been so lulled to sleep by the financier-owned media that we have allowed these disasters to take place and are now reaping the consequences. We have been the fodder for their wars and the signers of their loans.

What is taking place is not just the collapse of the U.S. , but more than likely the final crash of Western civilization, since we are the last of the world empires to go down the drain. World War I saw the end of the German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, and Ottoman empires. World War II saw the disappearance of the French, British, Japanese, and Italian empires, along with Nazi Germany. The Soviet empire collapsed in 1991. The American is next. The danger is that we may lash out and start a nuclear World War III out of frustration and to appease the elitists of the world who see war and famine as their pathway to world control. Such a war would also mean a military takeover domestically to manage the pathetically weak nation that we are becoming.

The bankers and financiers do not care if nations and empires destroy themselves and each other, because they are internationalists. In fact, the more war and mass starvation there is the better off they feel. All they need is a base from which to operate. London has been their main base of operations since the Bank of England was founded in 1694, though they have a strong presence in other nations. They have been especially influential in northwest Europe , where elitism in the form of Freemasonry endeavored since the time of the French Revolution to destroy the authority of the Catholic Church.On a national level, it is likely that as a response to the economic crisis some attempt will be made by desperate politicians to try to replicate the New Deal, but to do this effectively would require political control by a nationalistic reform party. Even then, additional reform measures such as control of credit as a public utility, a basic income guarantee, and a national dividend would be needed for real economic security to replace the current madness that could soon make the U.S. a relic of history.

               The shadow Government




This secret/shadow government is the “real” government that controls the known government’s basic course. The members’ identities and meeting-halls of the secret shadow government are known by only a select few. This secret government is often portrayed as corrupt and having connections to the CIA, Illumanati, and Freemasons, and corrupt political leaders, from the far left and right. The shadow usually knows about and handles weird situations that are kept secret, such as the New world order. The shadow government is often funded by money that has been purposely “misplaced” within the government’s system, or concealed behind government-contract projects that are false fronts for other undertakings. Attempts to explain the ultimate cause of an event (usually a political, social, or historical event) as a secret, and often deceptive, plot by a covert alliance of powerful people or organizations using great thought to decieve the people into believing a lie.

They try to control you by money by bringing chaos to the economy, bringing it to the attention of the common people in hopes that they can manipulate you into a global system. A New World Order for one new World bank, (privately owned). A SHADOW CONTROLLED DEMOCRACY, NOT A NEW BUT OLD ATHENIAN LAW; THAT HAD IT’S BEGINNING TO ENSLAVE THE PUBLIC BY CONTROLING THE SYSTEM. A TAKE OVER IN POWER, THAT’S NOT OF THE PEOPLE OR FOR THE PEOPLE, BUT TO ENSLAVE THE PEOPLE by means of taking away your rights and civil liberties by making you work for a old law that destroyed everyone rights to prosper.

The importance of freemasonry in the careers of individual socialists, trade unionists, women’s activists and radical campaigners who were freemasons.

Organisational links and parallels between freemasonry and friendly societies, trade unions, and any other radical groups.

The contribution of freemasonry to the socialist and radical traditions of European countries such as France and Spain.

Commentaries and analysis of freemasonry by radical campaigners and writers.

Analyses of cross-membership of freemasonry, friendly societies, trade unions and political parties.

Attacks on freemasonry, both by the political left (because of its alleged connections in some countries with the right) and by the political right (because in other countries it was thought to be linked with the left).

Use of freemasonry to support networking by marginal, excluded and minority groups (e.g. Marrano Jews in Spain; Creoles in Sierra Leone; Blacks in America).

Information about socialist movements in masonic archives (and vice versa).

The Freemason German National Socialists were influenced by American Freemason National Socialists in the USA as far back as 1888. Americans were self-proclaimed national socialists in the USA and were active with the “Nationalism” movement, “Nationalist Clubs” worldwide, the “Nationalist” magazine, the “New Nation” magazine, and the “Nationalist Educational Association.” They both idolized the military and wanted the government to impose the military system on all of society in what they called “military socialism.”

German National Socialists were influenced by National Socialists in the USA as far back as 1888. Two famous (or infamous?) Americans were self-proclaimed national socialists in the USA and were active with the “Nationalism” movement, “Nationalist Clubs” worldwide, the “Nationalist” magazine, the “New Nation” magazine, and the “Nationalist Educational Association.” They both idolized the military and wanted the government to impose the military system on all of society in what they called “military socialism.”

As part of this framework this points to future breakthroughs on the origins of the Morgan and Rothschild banking dynasties, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Vatican, WWII and Nazi occult dabblings, Zecharia Sitchin, the Russian Revolution, The Chinese Revolution and the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part) 62 million dead under the United Socialist Soviet Republics; 35 million dead under the Peoples’ Republic of China; 21 million dead under the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. This article supplements a host of maverick theories. The death toll was so bad that Holocaust Museums would quadruple in size with Wholecaust Museums to document the entire slaughter. The conspiracy trail winds up back in the good old U.S.A.,

The Supreme Court of the United States, packed with Freemasons, ruled to effectively take all phases of religion out of public life in 1962. America is a divided nation into two separate political camps, and increasingly a third. It is also divided into different religious camps – liberal and conservative. Norman Thomas, six times candidate for the presidency on the Socialist Party ticket, said that he could not get elected president as a socialist, but Franklin Delano Roosevelt could get elected president as a liberal and pass the entire socialist program into law. What about our schools today? Are the schools under attack from liberalism [socialism]? The the free enterprise economic system and are Biblical morals under attack?


Matthew 6:9-13 “Pray, then, in this way: ‘Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. ‘Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. ‘Give us this day our daily bread. ‘And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. ‘And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.’



10 Responses to “Money Power and Control”

  1. Lynn says:

    Not invisible anymore… they are named and they are armed.

  2. Jennifer says:

    From Jim Stone, at

    The “Black Swan Event” that we’ve all known was on its way, just took place: The Greece Parliamentary Committee on the Public Debt has issued it’s report declaring the loans given to Greece by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB) and various Banks (Known collectively as the “Troika”) as Illegal and Odious.”

    The word “Odious” has a specific legal meaning and when someone utilizes that word with regard to loans, it means they will NEVER be repaid.

    Thus, an official Government Committee in the Greek Parliament has now publicly REPUDIATED it’s national debt.

    All the evidence we present in this report shows that Greece not only does not have the ability to pay this debt, but also should not pay this debt first and foremost because the debt emerging from the Troika’s arrangements is a direct infringement on the fundamental human rights of the residents of Greece. Hence, we came to the conclusion that Greece should not pay this debt because it is illegal, illegitimate, and odious.

    How´s that one for a shell shocker!
    . . . . . . and obviously someone does not want this to spread!

    Here is a definition of “odious debt” from the illustrious hated (by me) Wikipedia:

    “In international law, odious debt, also known as illegitimate debt, is a legal theory that holds that the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the best interests of the nation, should not be enforceable. Such debts are, thus, considered by this doctrine to be personal debts of the regime that incurred them and not debts of the state. In some respects, the concept is analogous to the invalidity of contracts signed under coercion.

    Ha ha ha, what is going to happen now? How about America’s “odiuous debt”?

    • Gordon says:

      Nice one Jenifer

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Jennifer I left some comments today in new York national guard, are relvant to the discussion you were interested In have a look, Adam

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Very interesting above, though ive not been able to read a lot of it. Red shield kaballah 13th century interesting

      Despite Josephus Flavius making up a story of Jesus Christ, and setting up Christianity as an illuminati control religion according to Henry if I get him correct, despite this and my concerns for what else cant we trust in the Bible? is it all mind control lies? As you pointed out Jennifer, how would these powerful controllers have allowed the best all time selling book, to have Truths for us within?
      Isnt it more likely, this is a pretend diversion to keep humanity down and ignorant of their pineal glands? Gnostic truths , it seems josephus Flavius was trying to keep those truths for the elite few?
      Saying all that, I find some of the quotes from the bible impressive, moving even, as long as its relatively plain English
      Revelation:-[2-9]. I know your works and tribulation and poverty–but thou art rich! I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

      Surely this indicates some Truths are in the Bible? I wonder why the Controllers didn’t censor the above out

      Very interesting reading Gordon Logans articles. It turns out WASP could read Hebrew, and when challenged his reply was bluster!

      So I think Truths becoming evermore apparent. I assume those in the Vatican are either crypto Jews, or just another department in the huge Satanic Corporation

      I left questions for GL under a quite recent article, but cant remember which one. Euro I think. Id like you to read it if you can find it

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Jennifer heres an excerpt from the Gnostic astrology website for today 22nd june, Laura Walker seems genuine and good. She refers often to the NWO as the ‘unnatural world order’, talks a lot about the Second Renaissance that’s started on april 18th, and I find is a very good daily report. I want to know the connection between King Jesus Christ, the power of saying those 2 words, how its clear it has power, ….and Gnostic truths. I think we can keep Jesus Christ as he could have been a good man exiled till 98AD. But we can just cut away Christianity. What do you think?

      Add into the mix that we are under “double Crescent” energies since we are in the Crescent Moon phase of the second month that is like a month-long Crescent Moon phase. We are doubly-challenged to preserve and protect what is important and meaningful to us under this energetic. The Crescent Moon phase is in effect until early Wednesday, requiring exceptional perseverance on our part.

      The intense solar storm is amplifying the energetics that are in effect based on the position of the planets today. Today, the Sun is disseminating the energy of “a man on a magic carpet observes vast vistas below him.” This implies a momentary stop to take in the scene or expand our level of awareness. We get a better view of the future. This energy can also disconnect people, places and things, especially disconnect them from reality. Since it’s a “Black Moon Day,” Black Moon Fever can become rampant, with people acting from their most fearful side. We are aware of this potential today.

      The Earth is located at the degree of “three stained-glass windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war.” This energy is usually experienced as a bombardment on love. Carelessness with feelings often ensues. In many cases, we feel as if we are under attack by something. Longtime readers know that this nebulous “something” was identified long ago by the Gnostics, who warned us of the danger of the Archons.

      The Gnostics also told us our Sun, the being named Sabaoth, is an ally of humanity and the Earth. Sabaoth’s message with the Coronal Mass Ejection is for us to be like the bareback rider in this circus of reality we find ourselves in and engage our skills of evading danger. We can somersault over issues and see beyond them.

      No matter how far above things we have to catapult, we always land with solid footing on the Earth. Today we will remember what grounds us when we need to find ground – nature.

  3. Lynn says:

    And then the clean up began…. Only Green Backs can reverse this monopoly. The people will gain control and it only takes one to start a stampede.

  4. Aldous says:

    John F. Kennedy vs The Federal Reserve

    On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Bank [Federal Reserve] of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest…

    …When President John Fitzgerald Kennedy – the author of Profiles in Courage – signed this Order, it returned to the federal government, specifically the Treasury Department, the Constitutional power to create and issue currency – money – without going through the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank…

    …”United States Notes” were issued as an interest-free and debt-free currency backed by silver reserves in the U.S. Treasury. We compared a “Federal Reserve Note” issued from the private central bank of the United States (the Federal Reserve Bank a/k/a Federal Reserve System), with a “United States Note” from the U.S. Treasury issued by President Kennedy’s Executive Order. They almost look alike, except one says “Federal Reserve Note” on the top while the other says “United States Note”. Also, the Federal Reserve Note has a green seal and serial number while the United States Note has a red seal and serial number.
    President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 and the United States Notes he had issued were immediately taken out of circulation. Federal Reserve Notes continued to serve as the legal currency of the nation. According to the United States Secret Service, 99% of all U.S. paper “currency” circulating in 1999 are Federal Reserve Notes.
    [ @Lynn at 12:43 pm – I’m fairly certain that the other 1% are the Lincoln Greenbacks you refer to which are still in circulation ]

    Again, according to our own research, just five months after Kennedy was assassinated, no more of the Series 1958 “Silver Certificates” were issued either, and they were subsequently removed from circulation. Perhaps the assassination of JFK was a warning to all future presidents not to interfere with the private Federal Reserve’s control over the creation of money. It seems very apparent that President Kennedy challenged the “powers that exist behind U.S. and world finance”. With true patriotic courage, JFK boldly faced the two most successful vehicles that have ever been used to drive up debt:

    1) war (Viet Nam); and,

    2) the creation of money by a privately owned central bank. His efforts to have all U.S. troops out of Vietnam by 1965 combined with Executive Order 11110 would have destroyed the profits and control of the private Federal Reserve Bank.


  5. Aldous says:

    Hi Gordon, you and others may find these links useful 🙂

    Money As Debt – Research Links:

    “Money does not pay for anything, never has, never will. It is an economic axiom as old as the hills that goods and services can be paid for only with goods and services.”
    ~ Albert Jay Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, 1943

    “Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.”
    ~ Cree Indian Proverb, unsourced , probably made up by some T-shirt designer but does it matter?

    Neither a borrower nor a lender be.
    ~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet

    Money as Debt – Where Does Money Come From? 47:07

    Money As Debt Part 1 Only 10:03

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