Meanwhile, in the UK: Rare Sheep Slaughtered in Satanic Summer Solstice Ritual


Meanwhile in the UK, rare sheep are being slaughtered for satanic rituals in celebration of the summer solstice, mutilated, then dragged around in circles and left to rot in a field.


Via the Daily Mail:

The chilling attack comes two months after the same farmer found the severed leg of a lamb on April 18 – the night of a full moon.

Guess that’s a regular occurrence there… The rare-breed whiteface Dartmoor sheep had a lamb to take care of, too. Looks like it’s time at least one farmer invested in some surveillance cameras.

But even in the UK, the commenters find a way to say this is a partisan issue caused by political parties.


Not much different from the U.S., someone would quickly find a way to blame this on liberals… or conservatives…

Interesting these kinds of things continue to show up in a country where people have alleged large satanic child abuse rings for years. Back in November 2014, two charities went on the record about it. Allegations have come out that pedophile Jimmy Saville raped a 15-year-old girl during a satanic ritual while others in cloaks watched in something that sounds straight out of the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut.

Then just a couple months ago back in March, the High Court ruled there simply is no such thing… 21 years after a report for the Department of Health first ruled there is no such thing.

Sure there isn’t, British government officials (who surely would never be involved in such a thing themselves or covering up such a thing for other high level figures).

Tell it to the sheep.

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One Response to “Meanwhile, in the UK: Rare Sheep Slaughtered in Satanic Summer Solstice Ritual”

  1. tic tok says:

    for anyone who dis-believes this: When I was a Child, exploring the abandoned welsh ‘crofters’ cottages, my brother and I found a mutilated sheep in one. It was HORRIFIC.
    NO, … ignore-ance is NOT bliss
    …it’s still IGNORE-ANCE, even when papa says it’s bliss. he’s the upside-down topsy=turvy special-ist in DECIET

    So sorry I can’t “un-learn” THAT

    …naturally, when I heard Gabriel and Alisa’s TESTIMONY, about the hampstead cover-up, quite naturally, my “ears pricked up” to full height.

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