MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO – Amazing Speech On This Evil World

Published on 20 May 2015


MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO – Amazing Speech On This Evil World

This means America is now a nation of “proles,” whom George Orwell described as the majority of the population who are too distracted by “films, football, beer, and above all, gambling” to care about the decline of America and the destruction of the Bill of Rights. If the proles did become aware of the larger evils, the world would change for the better, which is why the establishment wants to keep the majority of the population distracted with “bread and circuses.”

Americans are now living in a society that in some cases is more draconian, more invasive and more Orwellian than the dystopian tyranny fictionalized in Orwell’s chilling classic Nineteen Eighty-Four. On almost every front, American citizens are under an equal or greater threat of abuse, control and more pervasive and high-tech surveillance than anything Winston Smith ever faced. Compare life in Oceania to life in 2011 America, with quotes from George Orwell’s 1984 appearing in italic. Just as the citizens of Oceania were constantly bombarded with propaganda from the state via telescreens, Americans are now being subjected to the same onslaught in the form of spurious “alerts” from the federal government that are delivered through numerous platforms, including LED screens on the ‘Intellistreets’ lighting network, televisions at Wal-Mart stores that play Janet Napolitano’s “See Something, Say Something” diatribe, FEMA’s Emergency Alert System that can hijack all conventional boradcast communications, and mandatory government messages that will appear on all new cellphones from the end of next year. And if that isn’t enough, the Washington Post today called for the Internet to also be brought under the auspices of a government takeover switch. Whereas Winston Smith only had to put up with Big Brother lecturing him via telescreens, Americans will be peppered with propaganda from every conceivable direction.
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However, Johnson’s warning is nothing new – the super rich have been busy securing property in safe heavens for at least five years in anticipation of the next financial collapse. prepare emergency personnel for dealing with weapons of mass destruction. Dead elites are planning to live on in cyberspace by uploading their cloned brains to computer systems which will eventually take the form of artificially intelligent robots. Did you see Katy Perry’s performance at the Grammys? It was essentially an Illuminati-themed occult ritual. Various media reports say that Perry “dressed up as a witch”, and her performance included a Knights Templar cross emblazoned across her chest, a beast with Moloch horns, dancers in dark robes with devil horns protruding from their heads, and pole dancing with a broom.

Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Apple, Skype, PalTalk, YouTube, Facebook and Google. “People are outraged over secret US surveillance programs and they’re looking for safe, effective search alternatives,” Beens said in a statement. “We’re excited at this growth and we welcome our newest users with open arms.” When George Orwell (pen name of Eric Blair) first published his famous novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, it was the year 1949, and it told a dark story of what he envisioned life may be like in the future-in the year 1984. His book, as well as his name, have become synonymous with privacy concerns involving technology and also an all-powerful, oppressive ruling elite that strictly governs the activities of the population with an iron fist.

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9 Responses to “MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO – Amazing Speech On This Evil World”

  1. antoninus wilson says:

    no disrespect but matt demon like gorge gaydar clone e are soros stooges.
    polluting the well these famous face distraction.
    nothing to see here but another agent of satans hollywood.
    soros wants a race war demon wants you marching with russel bland.
    tell us about the talmud matt and the goys position in the book and in this zion image info matrix run world.
    what a joker jason bourne once you to riot you dogs,while he sips cocktails at his eyes wide shut gay party.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Thankyou for this illuminating comment which has addressed a lot of questions in my mind. Ive not yet watched the above but will when I can.
      No disrespect to you, but that’s if I can trust your comment above. The perplexing thing is Damon seems very genuinely in love with hisitalian wife and loves his kids and Matt Damon seems a genuinely good caring man. He made Elysium. It really does turn this entire reality on its head if Damon and his wife and George Clooney are practicing Satanists? This cant be

      If what you say is right, then Damons coming from an alex jones direction. Get things whipped up, raise the tension, but not reveal elephants in the room evil in our midst.
      And yet the bourne films…..very revealing to me just how things work
      Youll be telling me Ryan Reynolds and his lovely wife are also the same next

      Safe house with denzel Washington was very revealing btw, opened my mind to the concept of white hat dark hat factions within the agencies

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Unless Damons good nature is being exploited by Soros. Threatening his family if he dares speak about the elephant in the room whos name we daren’t speak ….but giving tacit approval hes free to disclose the NWO stuff
      I hope its this

      Ill be sad and surprised and shocked if its the other above. So is Clooney a crypto Elephant? I know hes a CFR member. I was appaled him bragging how ‘wild’ the intitiation ritual was supposed to be.

      One things clear theres some end point coming and theyre deliberately leaking out all manner of Truths now I can sense that now.

      The question is: Is it purely these insane people orchestrating everything to go with T guidebook prophecies, their Shemitah etc. Or is there some external expected thing coming out of their hands and control? Im being very general here

  2. Julie says:

    “America has gone to hell already! The feminist rebels and lesbians were all clapping on THE VIEW. The audience were all clapping… HURRAY!!!… Matt Damon (age 40) and Michael Douglas (age 66) are going to take their clothes off and have homosexual sex together in the upcoming (already expected to be of blockbuster status) movie, LIBERACE.

    Michael Douglas will star as an oversexed gay man playing the title role in Steven Soderbergh’s film, Liberace. Michael Douglas stars opposite Matt Damon as Liberace’s homo lover, Scott Thorson. Leave it to Hollywood to make a tribute movie honoring a flaming, God-hating, homosexual who plays more than the piano. Sodom and Gomorrah were decent places to live in comparison to the cesspool of iniquity in America today. This is what is called “conditioning,” that is, getting people’s mind ready for something which would otherwise be deemed unacceptable. By the time the sicko movie comes out, tens-of-millions of Americans will be lining up to watch it.”

  3. antoninus wilson says:

    greengrass his director is mi5
    the writer of bourne cia
    minor sacrifices he makes here but sacrifice it is.
    russell bland lower hanging fruit is in the same bowl.
    oto is the name of the game.
    minor sacrifice with in built escalation.
    just ask britney murphy or arnies son not.
    matt demon i repeat stays on the reservation and reads the scripts.
    the key is in who is never blamed or mentioned.
    many firms in hollywood offering different protection.
    yes he is a really nice guy some would say normal and undamaged.
    jason born we loved him with empathy how many did he kil how many necks snapped.
    hollywood is magick and the casting of myths and yiddish spells.
    can someone steeped in blood and ritualistic death be really good.

    these escalations are desperate control psy operations.
    soros just purchased zero hedge most if not all the net is controlled ether net to saturn via the moon
    gorge clone e an evil gay man with blood on his hooves probably married to a man if she is a girly it is just jpeg or video show.
    matt demon is giving the goy permission to riot and yet when it comes to the rough and tumble, he will be a no show.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Interesting, thanks. This ties in with wachovskis matrix also , Neos passport, expiry date and issue date. In my mind
      G Clone do you mean that literally hes a clone?
      He made solaris that seemed to be revealing consciousness truths I think I suppose
      He made Michael claytin which at first glance appears to be an attempt to show us whats going on.
      he comes across genune and nicer than nice. If what you say is true then this is just explosive incredible stuff. Again this worlds not like I thought, I first got feelings about this 2 years ago this month. Is there no end to the Revelations of evil and lies

  4. antoninus wilson says:

    they have to show the star dust
    have to disclose
    sometimes disclosure is fancy
    sometimes knuckle drag blunt both ways get the message out.
    the message is always in plain plane site but nobody notices all tuned out.
    clone e demon.

    ever seen martys mom ever seen the family of coppola or deniro or pacino lovely jewish family all.
    nothing wrong with tight families just the italian lies is the problem.
    quentin tarrantino i hate nazis also weird name for a chosen knight all superb at direction
    no doubt
    so much bestial caananite violence on show.
    lovely brando understood the yiddish mythos behind godfather was a proud strong man.
    but he still had to get on his hands and knees and beg the rabbi for forgiveness even after they killed his child.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      interesting thanks. I sense you speak in cryptic terms because yr aware of dangers
      If coppola deniropacino are all leading secret reverse parallel satanic lives come nightfall, then again, im astounded. Heat, I love that film, deniros so good
      Im open minded and don’t rule out what you say. Chosen knight interesting, I suppose he is some bloodline and selected and given helpinto his role
      And I have to say. I couldn’t see the point ofhis Kill Bill bullshit, it looked very much like chaos horrible undermine society Crypto Elephant

  5. antoninus wilson says:

    tom wilkinson hit in michael clayton is pure mossad kidron assasination
    check out death of michael inxs hutch, britney murphy heath ledger countless others countless.
    bathroom bedroom
    needle syringe in toenail.
    directed written by tony gilroy cia man and writer of all bourne scripts.
    paul grengrass spycatcher bbc granada tool director of bourne and the joke lie that was flight 93
    lets roll
    24 frames per sec.
    balls bollox

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