‘I am a barrister instructed in relation to the Westminster child abuse and corruption scandal’

During the course of my instruction certain information has come to my attention regarding Lord Janner.
I understand that you have clients who are seeking to bring claims against Lord Janner.
It may well be that you have privately established some of the information contained herein in which case please accept my apology for troubling you with it and my compliments for diligently pursuing the interests of your clients.
I attach the result of a search that was conducted by the Office of Public Guardian at my request in April 2015. After numerous telephone conversations and an unwillingness to undertake an expedited search of their records the manager with whom I was dealing, a Mr Reynolds, assured me that a response would be received within 10 days.
The search results were only released to me on 6 May 2015 which as you will recall was only the day prior to the General Election. For this reason I did not make contact with the organized mainstream press at that time. I also wished to undertake some further inquires to ascertain whether the information provided was genuine or whether the OPG had been directed to provide this information on behalf of a third party.
As it happened very shortly thereafter Exaro News, with whom I am sure you are familiar, published an article on 12 May 2015 revealing that Lord Janner had voted 203 times in Parliament since a Power of Attorney was granted.
Exaro News with whom I and my client have some familiarity present themselves as being a genuine, independent and credible investigative news agency (rather than being an intelligence gathering front organisation as some have alleged).
I found the timing of the search result particularly interesting as was the fact that Exaro did not give an attribution to the source of confirmation that powers of attorney were in place. However, as we know in dealing with matters which some might assert touch upon issues of “national security” (whatever that is) one can hardly expect in the current climate for private and professional correspondence to go un-intercepted..
TAP – So the barrister who unearthed the fact that Lord Janner had been granted a Power Of Attorney by his claiming inability to defend himself in court, while he was still sitting and voting in the House Of Lords, is, in effect, suggesting that this information which he obtained by writing to the Office Of Public Guardian, was lifted by Exaro News via email or letter interception.  Exaro News previously provided Ken Clarke with an alibi in his defence against Ben Fellows’ accusation of molestation.
This is yet more suggestion that Exaro News are an information gathering operation, and part of the perpetrators’ defence structure.  What other interpretation of this letter is possible?  Maybe Exaro will claim a different source.

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  1. NPP says:

    Exaro appears to be a voice of official party line acceptable opinion.

  2. andy baz says:

    Something dodgy

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