4 Responses to “How we broke up family life – David Rockefeller”

  1. Gordon says:

    God is family and the family is a reflection of God. Destroy the family and you destroy God.

    Send men off to war to be killed and you destroy the family.

    Taking drugs destroys the family.
    Taking alcohol destroys the family
    Take the jobs away destroys the family
    Take the wage away and debt destroys the family.
    Take faith away destroys the soul

    And who is responsible – Governments!

    Take the governments away and the family will thrive!

  2. Lynn says:

    And it worked a treat !! they know what they are doing by way of social engineering. The think tanks are years in advance. All this is well documented and easy to see how we were manipulated. Advertising wouldnt work if this wasnt the case. The sheep are being herded.

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