Britain’s finest Iron Age Fort threatened with adjacent development

Hillfort in Shropshire, England
Correction to story from leader of Shropshire Council –
The proposed building is not on the Hillfort but the other side of Gobowen Road and the railway line, behind the old jones manhole factory in Whittington Road.

And the inclusion of the site in the SamDev plan was made by a Government Inspector after a public inquiry. English Heritage or whatever they are called now do not object which I guess they would if anyone actually wanted to build on Old Oswestry.
  • Paul Marks Wonderful place in a wonderful county. I wish l lived in such a place – then I would have a motivation to get out of this chair.
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  • TAP –  Follow the news. The local Oswestry Council has given permission to build 150 houses all over it.
    Oswestry’s name is not the daft explanation given by local historians of Oswald’s Cross. It is Ost West in Saxon. East/West town. It’s the only way through between England and Wales without crossing the Severn or the Dee, or their tributaries the Perry and the Ceiriog. The Romans had one of their biggest forts there –  enough for two legions, built from wood at Rhyn Park, discovered in 1976 (except for the farmer who owned the field who knew it was a Roman Fort before being flown over by archaeologists spotting lines on the ground during the 1976 drought.  The field was even called ‘The Roman Fort’ just to make things clear.  
    Prior to the Romans,  Oswestry was a key strategic point, which is why you find Britain’s finest Iron Age fort there.  Shropshire’s the place where the Britons lost their key battle with Rome – nearby (Wrekin), where Charactacus was captured.
    Why no one is ever told about all this defeats me.  History is forgotten, misrepresented and finally obliterated by developers.  It’s the usual pattern.  Chester Council, nearby, destroyed the original Roman temple from AD70 in Chester city centre, under a shopping centre.  It’s lost forever in favour of a drab and boring shopping mall.  Such is the respect shown to history, the main reason being, they don’t want us to understand who we are, and be able to unravel the deceptions that are laid upon us about our past.  To see more about Chester’s real history, read Ralph Ellis’ Jesus Trilogy.  It’s a real eye opener.  See Tap Blog recommended books in the right hand column.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I fervently wish we, the people of these Celtic Isles could drop the terms Britain/British, translated as Hebrew meaning ‘of the covenant’ and ‘man of the covenant’. These terms are not indiginous. I believe they are a construct to derail our older historic past to further the British/Israeli agenda.
    I know our Celtic Islands histories are complex, but we cannot allow Phoenician/Caananite incursions to tell the whole story of who we are.
    Nor should any people.
    Pre-Christian hill-forts and earthworks are sacred in the sense they tell who and what we are, as such sites connect us to our ancestral past. They should be protected, and not allowed to go under the developer’s bulldozer.
    It seems the developers/builder’s (Masonic?) agenda is is not to protect our Island’s history but to obliterate it.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      We are the True Hebrews. It is them that are the imposters. Britain is Israel.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        hi Men Scryfa
        Id be grateful if you can explain more, in plain meaning, what you mean by your intriguing comment in church below?

        You start praying and things start to happen. What things? You say its a dangerous place. Does this mean demonic entities start interacting with you?
        – Does this mean no good things can happen, no interaction with good Spirits or Angels, if we pray in a church?
        – Im very intrigued you say ‘things start to happen’ . Please explain

        – Doing what the enemy hates. So does this mean actually, you pray in a church, and Good things actually happen, but the satanic forces that run the church don’t like it? What is it youre actually doing the enemy hates?

        – The Rush, feeling it running down your body. Was this etheric energy? Source energy? Ive read something called the roy masters meditation. To forcefully use the mind to draw energy in from top of the head, down the front of the body into the ground.

        – Are there certain things you say, when you pray? What goes thru your mind, what do you say/think? Like an incantation perhaps. I sometimes do get a surge, going down if I do the roy masters thing. or if I think in a certain way that feels like ive hit on Truth, I get a warmth inside like angels are around

        Im grateful for any answers you can give to above.
        Please see my june 17th comments today to truth hurts and Julie in private public collusions

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Hi Adam,

        Great questions. Thanks for being patient waiting for a reply.

        Q. You start praying and things start to happen. What things?

        A. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
        James 5:16

        It is about breaking strongholds. Spiritual deadlocks. Overcoming obstacles like say with a certain major political scandal here in the UK. During each of the major assaults on the Enemy that have taken place lately I have felt it coming in advance. That is how I have been able to keep popping up at the right time and in the right place again and again. Ask Bill Maloney, ask Kaz at Bryn Alyn, ask Michael Murrin ask Sabine ask any of them. They may not be sure what to make of it but they will confirm that I came I arrived out of nowhere and then the next moment I was gone. In their hearts they know what is going on.

        It happened back in April 2014 with the PIE Papers, then June 2014 and then July 2014 the announcement of the Inquiry. then in October November 2014 getting it shifted to being a Statutory Inquiry. Then early in 2015 I got it about the Hampstead case. The Enemy knows this. They like you and me (and maybe someone else here ?) know that this is a Spiritual War. The conflict is mainly on the etheric or spiritual plane or dimension.

        For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
        Ephesians 6:12

        Q. You say its a dangerous place?

        A. There is a bit of confusion here which is my fault. What I meant was it can be a dangerous place for me to be as things always start to happen afterwards. I did not mean that any particular church itself is a dangerous place.

        Adam. It is PRAYER that is the Secret Weapon which we have forgotten.

        That is the Primary Weapon of the Priests and the Prophets of the True Israel. Satan is under Authority.

        Then Jesus said to him, “Go, Satan! For it is written, ‘YOU SHALL WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD, AND SERVE HIM ONLY.'” Matthew 4:10

        That is why the evil powers want to divorce us from our GOD who is the One and only True GOD whether we like it or not. This spiritually explains the jewish love of producing pornography.
        If you and I start to pray about the same things to the same end you will see a big difference.

        I never used to pray. But prayer was instrumental in every recent attack on the Beast system. It is Prayer that is the most powerful weapon in the armory.

        But to enhance this power one must try to be holy and clean which is the hard part. I never knew this or was a Christian before it was truth seeking which led me there.

        Q. Doing what the enemy hates?

        A. The Enemy is Satan. The Conspiracy is Satanic. The most upsetting thing for them is to be faced with a Christian. A Bible believing Christian who is going to use The Word of God like the weapon that it is.

        Ephesians 6 teaches us that we must Put On The Whole Armour of GOD. And as wars cannot be won by defence alone this includes The Sword, that is THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, THE WORD OF GOD. The Word = Jesus.

        The Word of God also of course means the written scripture of the Bible spoken by a righteous man.
        Also here is a link to the two edged sword of Revelation (that proceeded out from His mouth – how Jesus will destroy evil on earth) NOTE the Links JESUS=WORD=SWORD=SPIRIT=BREATH=LIFE=SPIRIT=RUACH= BREATH OF GOD = THE HOLY SPIRIT

        This is the True Godly Life Force you have been searching for.

        The Zero Point Field Energy or RUAH

        Life Force. Pure Life Force.

        That is THE HOLY SPIRIT.

        Some call it Prana or Mana or Orgone or Chi.
        But Do not be misled into Eastern Kabballah type interpretations of this. Satan is always counterfeiting and deceiving us.
        It was by His Breath that GOD breathed life into Adamic Man (Book of Genesis)

        Q. The Rush, feeling it running down your body? Was this etheric energy? Source energy?

        A. This is THE HOLY SPIRIT taking the form of the Etheric Energy/Orgone Energy/ RUACH / Mana / Prana / Chi
        (Ruah Elohim = Breath of God)

        Say like Electricity or an Energetic Force running through the body. I can explain more later.

        If we are Britons then we are True Hebrews (and not synagogue of satan) and so the best terms to use are:

        Ruah Elohim (Breath of GOD) or

        The Holy Spirit

        It gets better Adam. It gets a lot better.

        The body can radiate. Radiate the force the energy. If refined. The Body can Regenerate. That is regenerate.

        Other people’s thoughts and moods can be seen and read as colours and essences around them around their heads and bodies. Non-visible parts of the light/radiation spectrum can become visible. Microwaves can be seen.

        Forewarning of things can become possible. Sounds and words can be discerned to understand the true meaning

        You will not need the internet anymore. You will not even need research or thought. When you go into The Spirit you will be under His direction.

        At that stage you will find

        That you can go out of the front door and walk down the street simply approach a stranger as the Spirit guides you. If you are in the Spirit. Ask them do you believe and they will answer yes and then you can ask them if there is anything that you need to know. They will tell you.

        Then they will walk on. Thank them and move on.

        That is the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

        How can The Old Ones how can their Illuminated fight that? How?

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Thanks for yr comment ill reply to it when my minds in the right place
        Please see below 19 Jun 2015 9:10 pm comment to Jennifer on iron age fort, about different factions. Id welcome youre input if you have any

        Talking with you causes an explosion of offshoot trains of thought. Ive quite a few questions to ask, once I get my head together from what you’ve said. Some of them, I wont be bible bashing disrespecting whatever Truths there. Im not on a mission to discredit, I want to believe

        but when I get my head together ill ask you about what doesn’t add up and some very simple quite basic questions but behind them, have huge significance. For me at least

        Im no clairvoyant, remote viewer, I have no skills. One or two things have happened lately, including a dream, id like to chat about sometime

        But sometimes I can intuit someone if ive never met them. I might be totally off on this Men Scryfa. You seem Scottish. Im sensing in your 60s perhaps. Someone whos opiniionated and flint like and intriguing, and possibly humorous too. , in a pub.good company I expect. I have a vision of you in my mind but don’t want to speculate too much in case I look foolish. Anyway the Jennifer comment about factions id be grateful for your thoughts

      • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Hello again MS , please read this what are the implications? perhaps I need to retune reassess exactly what this Spiritual War is and means. Were in an Age of Deception

        ”In another old entry, I touched on the concept of Cabal dialectics and brand marketing as it relates to spirituality…

      • Many thanks for the Reward/Fee Men Scryfa. Should similar battles arise then we can go into battle again
        Your Truthseeker in Arms Adam

      • Military Facility – Sagamihara Japan interesting trains of thought being discussed

      • But if they do start noticing and feeling, then the guidance and motivation may swiftly grow to become so strong and clear that it will provide exactly what is most necessary.

        The badness and wrongness of the times makes life very straightforward for our inner guidance system – mainstream modernity has become so obviously dishonest, ugly, wicked and incoherent that it is almost trivially easy to discern the Good. The prevailing mood has become so alienated, nihilistic and despairing that the deep joy which comes from following God-within stands out in the sharpest possible contrast.

        Thus our powers grow, commensurate with our need.

        Posted by Bruce Charlton at Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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      • Hi Men Scryfa
        Hope youre ok
        Your sharp insightful comments and streams of thought, and mercurial (in a good way) stream of consciousness and logic is missed on tapblog, hope you return soon
        If not I feel it would be good to discuss issues in a pub at some point, please talk to Henry for my email

    • Lanark says:

      I live in Scotland. I helped excavate the earliet traces of people ever found in what is now known as Scotland (around 12,000 BCE and that is around 14,000 years ago… glad to help with the sums here).

      Those earliest people walked dryshod to Scotland from Northern Germany/ Denmark close to the Baltic (these were not “Celts”). They walked across the land which was later flooded by the North Sea. There were many people here before the Celtic Invasions. Throughout the Bronze Age and Iron Age some of those later so-called “Celtic” Peoples from Europe asssimilated themselves into those earliest “native” populations which had established themselves after the last Ice Age (those “dryshod walkers”). Later on so did the Irish Scotti, Romans, Angles, Jutes, Saxons, Normans and Vikings. Their descendants live in what is now called Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. We have had many other waves of immigration over the centuries. You cannot pick and choose your history. It is what it is (or was).

      “Britain” comes from “Brythonnic” and “Briton” and was used used by the Romans (and others) to describe the Celtic Tribes of what is now Southern Britain. The Northern Picts of Scotland spoke a very similar language (P-Celtic). Hill forts were constructed over a very lengthy time period – some are Bronze Age, some Iron Age and some were contemporary witht the Roman Occupation. Some were constructed considerably later. They are not all the same.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Thank you Lanark. A fair summary of part of our immensely long history.

        I am told the oldest remains were found in Norfolk dating back 1000s of years. But I still think the oldest fossil is my Dear Old Dad. He has been around since the dawn of time.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        I was in Church today. That is always a dangerous place for me to be as I start praying and then things start to happen.

        I love doing what the Enemy hates.

        It was not my usual church, it was a RC Cathedral, any church will do (all of the churches are riddled with satanists at the top and even lower too as we know)

        I was praying for strength. I could feel It running down my body. The Ruah was raging. I am no saint but the Big Man is cranking up. He is cranking up and we better get ready on this Island.

        The Ravens have fed me well and now I soon go to see the Widow. Praise Be!

      • nick says:

        what about the Solutrean people, ( was there any evidence or was all of scotland covered by ice

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Are j elephants in the room whos name I daren’t mention and freemasons the same thing? Or roughly, do they kind of separate into two different ‘factions’?
      Then theres the 4th reich, im assuming bush cheney Rumsfeld. Is that another faction? And yet Kissingers so close with them, that brings it back round again to the Zionist elephants in the room name. Then where does the Vatican fit in?
      All these ‘factions’ seem to have one thing in common. Satanism in their inner high power hierarchies and possibly mid and lower too.

      Is this a 4 or more headed hydra? 4 enemies we face, not 1? Id like to think its ultimately the Rothschild elephants are the star wars death star Achilles heel luke skywalker needs to shoot at.
      if its a 4 headed hydra, or more, 4 enemies, then that’s not good.
      I don’t know if I can trust this intel but the word is, their extradimensional Draco gods have betrayed them all, and now theres infighting, and theyre stuck here on earth. The Dracos wanted safe leave out of the now quarantined solar system nothing in or out. By the Good forces.
      Even if the last part of this comment seems silly, please consider the faction questions earlier on thanks, to help my understanding of this Big Picture

  2. pauline says:

    The powers that be want to totally destroy anything which relates to our Ancient White Indigenous History.
    TPTB constantly tell us we have always been a nation built on Black immigrants,they constantly tell us we are a nation of mixed peoples from all over the globe,whilst they wash away all our true White Indigenous history.
    When the Romans first washed up on our shores,they found paved roads criss crossing the land,and educated people and universities,not a bunch of savages dressed in animal furs or naked.
    But in todays mad ,mad world we are not allowed to celebrate our Ancient White heritage/history.
    Anyone can call me as racist as they like for loving my beloved British Isles,but I am the strangest racist you will ever come across,due to I have two beautiful Black mixed race children

  3. Truth Hurts says:

    Wonderfully articulate and beautiful comment Jennifer. Not all the developers are Mason’s however they are all financed by jew know who 😉

  4. Tapestry says:

    I’ve heard different versions of the origin of Britain. One was pretanii, the painted people in Greek, called by an early explorer. The word Brittany clearly has the same derivation, suggesting it’s the name of a people.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I’ve only just caught up with the story of a girl from these ‘Celtic Isles’, who was arrested in Malaysia for frollicking, naked on a sacred moutain. I believe she will be sentenced today.
    How very different to the attitudes of our own authorities. And in Ireland they drove a motorway right through the precincts of the sacred Hill of Tara. Go figure!

  6. Lanark says:

    “Shropshire’s the place where the Britons lost their key battle with Rome”

    No. The Cornovians of Viroconium Cornoviorum (modern Wroxeter) were just one of the dozens and dozens of tribes and tribal territories which the Roman Invasion conquered during their 40 year crawl Northwards… up through what is now England, Wales and some of Scotland.

    There was no single “tipping point” Battle of “Celtic Britain”. “Celtic Britain” is a myth. A “Briton” was a generic term for anyone living in what is now Britain. What is now “The British isles” was back then a patchwork of many little kingdoms and tribal territories. The Romans took a very long time to invade what is now Britain. The area from the Channel Coast all the way up to the North East of Scotland (where Agricola’s campaign triumphed at the great lost battle-site of Mons Graupius in AD 83) was made up of many, many little kingdoms and territories. A casual look at Ptolemy’s map will help to understand why the conquering of what is now Britain as far North as Perth took so bloody long (forty years). Each tribal territory had to be conquered (or bought/ bribed) and assimilated. The task began in AD 43 under Aulius Plautius and was effectively halted in AD 83 by Gnaeus Agricola in the years after Mons Graupius. The line was drawn at the Highland Line and consolidated with various frontiers over the 1st – 2nd Century (Gask Ridge, Antonine Wall and Hadrian’s Wall.

    Perhaps if there was any kind of key battle… then it was Mons Graupius in AD 83. The Roman Army inflicted a punishing defeat on the Northern tribes, a massive legionary Fortress was constructed at a bend in the River Tay (just South of Dunkeld). The total occupation of Scotland seemed on the cards… then the fortress was abandoned on its completion and the Legions marched South. Roman Policy had suddenly shifted completely away from occupation and assimilation… to a policy of frontiers, treaties and a pragmatic recognition of the limits of their power and influence.

    • Tap says:

      The elites needed somewhere to move their ill-gotten gains out of reach of the Roman taxman! Scotland, the centre of world Freemasonry was the ideal location, protected by a Roman Army occupying the rest of Britain. The usual method of first building wealth then destroying the infrastructure that built it was in progress. Today the USA is being destroyed and the money harvest going on there. Switzerland the chosen hideaway in modern times. Just a theory but the rich would not have wanted their wealth visible to Rome while they salted it away ready to build their next centres of ‘civilisation’.

  7. Dogman says:

    Before the Romans came to Britain the indigenous Celtic people formed a number of independent nations. The Dumnonii (or Damnonii) occupied Devon, Cornwall, and the western parts of Somerset and Dorset. To the east lay the Durotiges and beyond the Belgae peoples.

    These native Britons may have been ethnically related to the Iceni, Celtic tribe of the modern East Anglian area of Eastern England who were led to heroic defeat by Boudicea (Boudicca), but they did not suffer the same fate. A number of factors helped in this.

    The Dumnonii (to use the Roman name) were Iron Age Celts, but hardly savages. They mined tin and other minerals from Dartmoor, the Tamar Valley, and Cornwall, and they traded tin with the Phoenicians and other Mediterranean civilisations long before the Roman invasion. Conflict between the nations of pre-Roman Britain had led to the establishment of numerous hill forts

    Interesting site –

  8. Dogman says:

    It is also accepted, “hook, line and sinker,” by the masses trained to blithely accept everything they’ve been told by their rabbis, priests and pastors. They believe the stories concocted for them about the East to West emigration of ten tribes of Israel, Jeremiah, prophets, apostles and other personalities. This theory, propounded by Zionists and “British-Israelites,” is true to a point. It refers to emigrations that took place relatively late in history, after the Druids made eastward excursions and after their sublime gnosis was infused into far-flung cultures of the world. The crime families of the world want their underclasses to believe that the many symbols found on the Western worlds’ flags, regalia, architecture and political and religious emblems, are the result of Westward emigrations of Jewish prophets and their followers.

    A lot more interesting reading –

  9. Dogman says:

    The above is a quote from source and here is more tidbits from the same source:
    A “Jewish” menorah was originally Aryan and Druidic. It represented the three schools of Druidry (Druids, Ovates and Bards). Many other tribes and nations divided their priesthoods after the schemata laid down by the Western Arya. The Flag of Ulster bears the Star of David, royal crown, and red hand motif. These are all Druidic symbols and not Judaic ones. Expert on Egypt Ralph Ellis claims that this red hand was based on the red glove of Atonist Pharaoh Aye (or Aya) who was fond of wearing trademark red gloves. We agree with this notion, since the Atonists did arrive in Ireland after the exile of Akhenaton in the form of the so-called “Milesians” or Children of Mile.

    • Dogman says:

      “Jehovah is Adon and Adon is Aton. He is the Phoenician and Persian Yawnah, the Welsh Jawnah, the German Donar, and the English Jon (meaning “sun”). Aton is Adni or Agni, the sun lord of the Hindus. He is Don of the ancient Irish and Adonis of the Phoenicians. The Druids, who taught in the schools of these cities, brought the world the original unadulterated solar theocracy later corrupted into Atonism and Judeo-Christianity.”

      Source is Michael Tsarion; The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2

  10. Dogman says:

    The Druids were a priestly caste existing among the Celtic people. The Celts, as they were called, were a tribal people who spread throughout Gaul, Britain, Ireland, and other parts of Europe, Asia Minor, and the Balkans. This migration had occurred by the 5th. century BC.

    The most important knowledge that exists of the Druids comes from the writings of Julius Caesar. Caesar was not only a warrior and statesman but a priest as well; therefore he was keenly interested in the Druidism and the Celtic people. Moreover, he was friendly with a pro-Roman Druid, Diviciacus, who shared with him many Druid beliefs, especially about their gods and life after death.

    Caesar mentions some of these beliefs and the behavior of the people in his “Gallic Wars.” The Gauls, he observed, treated their ordinary people almost like slaves. There were two notable classes among them, the Druids and the knights.

    The Druids were concerned with the divine worship; they officiated over both public and private sacrifices, interpreted ritual questions, settled disputes and issued punishments to those refusing to obey their rulings.

    Caesar asserted several times “that Druid power originated in Britain and that Britain remained the center of Druidism.” This judgment of the Druids was profound and also served to unite the Celtic people. Druidic decisions were critical and were to be completely adhered to. Caesar noted those not obeying the decisions were banished from the tribe and even a wider community.
    Both on the continent and in Ireland the Druids held themselves above the kings unless they held both offices. They held themselves in very high esteem, which was shared for them by the people. The Druids called themselves “creators of the universe.” In Ireland kings went nowhere without Druids to advise them. Druids believed they were the incarnations of the gods.

    What were these “sanctified” or sacred places in which the Druids assembled? First and most important they were sacred groves of trees, especially oak trees. The name Druid means, “knowing the oak tree” in Caelic. It was within these groves that most assemblies and religious ceremonies occurred.

    For an idea of timeframe, Ammianus, a Roman historian (c. 330-395 B.C), said Druids “are uplifted by searching into things most secret and sublime.”

    Source is Morgan Llywelyn

  11. Dogman says:

    Apologies for so many posts, but I believe we all need to get our heads around this.
    “Those who became known as “Jews” were, however, originally neither Israelites nor Hebrews, and were not racially Semitic. The term Hebrew (and possibly also Jew) comes from the Old Irish Iur, and the Irish Gaelic Ibur or Iburu meaning “Yew Tree,” or “Men of the Yew.” The yew tree was considered very sacred to the Druids and Egyptian Magi. The Ibaru (or Ibri, Abri, or Abari) turn up in Egypt as the “Wise Ones” or “Elders.” The letter “H,” added as a prefix, simply meant “the,” and so the word Hebrew meant “the Ebru” or “the Ibaru.” This is the origin of the word Iberia which signified Spain and Hibernia which signified Ireland. The word rabbi is a rendition or variant of this ancient name Abari or Ibaru. The Ibaru were Druidic Elders who had traveled to Egypt in remote periods and who had brought solar worship there. They were probably akin to the predynastic Shemsu Hor or “Disciples of Horus,” the tall, fair-complexioned, technically proficient race whose remains were found in tombs in Nubia by the eminent archaeologist Professor Walter B. Emery. This word Ibaru had a similarity to Apiru (Egyptian Apir) which meant “wanderer,” “undesirable,” “shepherd,” or “foreigner.” This unfortunate similarity of etymology has caused great confusion but has favored the machinations of those elites who crave to obscure the truth of their Western ancestry.”
    — Michael Tsarion; The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2

    As we mentioned in Volume One, the Gnostics, like the Stoics, were most likely a pan-Druidic order. Gnostic groups were very likely making a return to the highest principles of the Egyptian Amenists and the Irish Druids. This is the reason why Gnostic groups were so ruthlessly persecuted. Given that this is the truth, we are not surprised that modern academics are, on the whole, loath to get to the bottom of what Gnosticism was about. They know, all too well, what it would mean for the orthodox hegemony, should the truth about the Gnostics and their inclination toward Druidry be brought to light.”
    — Michael Tsarion; The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2

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