Germany, free of carbon capture regulation, is building forty new coal and gas power stations.

Green Revolution? German Brown Coal Power Output Hits New High

Germany plans to wean itself off CO2-belching coal-fired power stations. But new figures show that coal power output in 2013 reached its highest level in more than 20 years. Researchers blame cheap CO2 emissions permits, and demand urgent reforms.

Energy Paradox

The increase in coal-generated power also led to a new record in German electricity exports to around 33 billion kilowatt hours. “In 2013 Germany exported more power than it imported on eight out of 10 days. Most of it was generated by from brown coal and anthracite power stations,” said Patrick Graichen, a power market analyst at Berlin-based think tank Agora Energiewende. “They are crowding out gas plants not just in Germany but also abroad — especially in the Netherlands.”


Germany To Open Six More Coal Power Stations In 2013

/ April 23, 2013

By Paul Homewood

RWE’s new lignite power station opened in Neurath in 2012

Germany’s dash for coal continues apace. Following on the opening of two new coal power stations in 2012, six more are due to open this year, with a combined capacity of 5800MW, enough to provide 7% of Germany’s electricity needs.

Including the plants coming on stream this year, there are 12 coal fired stations due to open by 2020. Along with the two opened last year in Neurath and Boxberg, they will be capable of supplying 19% of the country’s power.

In addition, 27 gas fired stations are due on line, which should contribute a further 17% of Germany’s total electricity generation. (Based on 2011 statistics, total generation was 575 TwH).

It is worth noting that none of these coal or gas plants will be built with Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), which is a legal requirement for coal generators in the UK, despite the fact that the technology does not yet exist on a commercial scale.

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  1. Truth will prevail says:

    “global warming/climate change by CO2” is a globalist FRAUDSTER SCHEME.

    Everybody should “wean itself off”…

  2. Dogman says:

    According to Freedom of Information documents obtained by Australia’s ABC, former prime minister Tony Abbott’s own department discussed setting up an investigation into the Bureau of Meteorology amid media claims it was exaggerating estimates of global warming. (Does the pope shit in the woods?)
    Source is
    Did that help him out of the door?

  3. Gordon Logan says:

    The German government got very nervous after Fukushima, probably because it was an Israeli/RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) operation. The Germans thought that they might be next, so they decided to revert to coal and gas power stations. The Fukushima operation was false flagged using the (artificial) earthquake. The power station was knocked out using the Israeli ‘stuxnet’ virus. It seems that a nuclear device caused the explosion in the reactor 3, which was the magnox (plutonium) reactor. The smoke of the explosion was brownish, which is not characteristic of a hydrogen explosion, which produces a lot of steam. The Japanese parliament had debated 9/11 and were getting close to the truth. 9/11 had also been an RKM attack and it is vital that the truth is suppressed. If the truth about 9/11 and the phoney ‘war on terror’ gets out, the RKM will be finished. As it is, the military in both Washington and Moscow have had just about enough of the RKM and its pawn Israel.

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