All smiles after the false flag attack?

On 26 June 2015, ‘a false flag attack, in the style of the CIA’s Operation Gladio’, took place at an American-owned factory near Lyon in France.

Reportedly, the attack involved:
Two men in a car.
A decapitated head, ‘covered in Arabic writing’, being hung on a fence.
Small explosions causing injuries to factory workers.
A man ‘known to security services’, arrested at the scene, telling officers he was a member of ISIS.
ISIS is reportedly run by the CIA and its friends.
The attack took place at the headquarters of the American owned Air Products, in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, near Lyon.Two men were seen driving into the main gate soon after 10am, before driving around in circles throwing gas cylinders around the main yard.

Witnesses say the men were carrying Islamist flags.

One of the men jumped out of the car, according to ‘local prosecuting sources’, and then ‘decapitated a man’.Read more: http://www.dailymail.









  1. antoninus wilson says:

    oh zion
    oh mason
    oh tamod babylon and caanan.
    you use brookings and chatham house for plan
    mossad aman,cia,sas frank kitson pseudo gangs david sterling sas hit and run.
    rabbi rupurt murdoch and his reptile side kick rita katz of site intel group.
    providing digital flickerings for modern plato cave homes.
    zionism is the cancer decay
    isis stick on patsy label

  2. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Yawn tired meme now

    Weve seen this kind of thing before haven’t we I think? In London a few yrs ago wont mention the name but a cleaver and actors put on a school play in the street

  3. Aldous says:

    The Epitaph of the House of Mossad Rothschild:

    “By way of deception did we ensure our own annihilation.”

    No Hoax. No Zyklon B. Just Pure Bullets of Truth.

  4. No More Lies says:

    False Flag terror is real and there have been countless instances where these attacks have taken place.

    “War on Terror” is a fake. Nevertheless there are real terrorists but these terrorists have been supported by those who are going after the fake terrorists.

    Among other things Prime Ministers David Cameron and Stephen Harper and many other leaders of several countries are supporters of real terrorists for they have been on the side of the LTTE Tamil terrorists for decades.

    Sign the Petition to Ban LTTE Tamil Terrorist’s Flag in Australia

    This is a petition to the Australian Government to disallow the raising of the LTTE Tamil terrorist’s flag in Australian soil.

    An Australian lady who went to a pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists meeting in Melbourne and objected to the LTTE flag hoisting in Australia was attacked by the ex-LTTE terrorists members smuggled to Australia by Tamil community living in Melbourne.

    On 18th May 2015 Diannah went in response to her conscious to stand up for what she believed in. She ended up with a broken finger and a bruised rib and a frightened daughter who has had to even change her car number plates.

    An Australian being bruised and manhandled by Tamil immigrants in Australia is certainly a first for anyone.

    Here is a valid question:

    Will Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott take action to protect his people from being attacked by foreigners including foreign terrorists?

  5. sovereigntea says:

    BDS is working – well done everyone.

    TEHRAN (FNA)- The Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Israel dropped by almost 50% last year in comparison to the year before as the country continues to feel the effects of last summer’s Gaza conflict, a new UN report revealed.

    The report, published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), shows that only €5.7bln was invested into the country in 2014 in comparison with €10.5bln in 2013, a decrease of €4.8bln, or 46%, the News Week reported.

    Ronny Manos, one of the report’s authors and a researcher in the department of Management and Economics at the Open University of Israel, said that the decline was primarily caused by the fallout from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operations against the Gaza strip and international boycotts against the country for violations of international law.

    “We believe that what led to the drop in investment in Israel are military operations against the Gazans and the boycotts Israel is facing,” she said.

  6. US Double Standards on UNHRC treatment: Sri Lanka & Israel

  7. Aldous says:

    Israel(sic), the communal grave… Israhell, where one IDF butcher died every minute, while back in Washington D.C., Nutanyahoo and Obongo strutted and screamed themselves hoarse: “Fight to the last Khazar Jew and the last bagel and gherkin!”

    Burning, looting, raping, murdering; Nutanyahoo’s real inglorious bastards aka IDF advanced on the center of Tehran, leaving in their wake a bloody trail of death and destruction.

    They killed indiscriminately, genuine Semite, Gentile/Christian; young or old; man, woman and child – anyone who had the temerity to cross their path was eliminated.

    For Nutanyahoo had sworn that Tehran would be razed to the ground – if it took every member of his Inglorious Bastards of the iDF to do it!

    And against Nutanyahoo’s expendible Inglorious Bastards of the IDF, for whom life had no real meaning or purpose, the Battle for Tehran became an inferno – a deserved Götterdämmerung ending to the Reign of Hell and Existence of Israhell.

    FEB 2015 UPDATE: 200 Kilometers Of Canadian Pacific Coast Line Dead Zone Devoid of 99% Of All Life, Almost All Tidal Zone Species Missing Entirely

    Fukushima Aftermath? 98 Percent Of The Pacific Ocean Floor Covered By Dead Sea Creatures

    The end of the world? Music by WAGNER, “Gotterdammerung”, SOLTI 7:29

  8. Sri Lanka and Israel have been both accused of violating international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL) at UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, but in dealing with these two nations the United States has taken two contradictory positions: the US has supported the Israeli decision to boycott the UNHRC sessions that discuss Israeli violations while the US was critical of the previous Rajapaksa regime’s decision to maintain a distance from the Geneva process. U.S. Ambassador-designate to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap

    Israel refused entry to a UNHRC official for investigation of alleged violations in the Gaza Strip during its battle with Hamas.

    In fact, the US sponsored three resolutions critical the manner in which Sri Lanka handled the final stages of the military battle against the secessionist Tamil Tigers bringing accountability and transparency into the debate and deliberations.

    The whole world sees how the US government bows to Israel.

    Read more:

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