Fracking activist Paul Mobbs ‘held’ while attempting to arrest David Cameron for Misconduct In Public Office


Statement from Observers:

Paul has now been released from Charing Cross police station. He has officially reported a crime (misconduct in public office) which the police are now duty bound to investigate and he has provided them with everything they need to investigate the crime. He is now setting off home and should be back in Banbury in a few hours. He is going to celebrate by going for a walk tomorrow.


“Around 3pm today Paul Mobbs was arrested under the Terrorism Act (Highways section) for blocking the entrance to Downing Street in his attempt to make a citizens arrest of four key members in the government. He has acted in this way as he believes that members in government are guilty of Misconduct In Public Office in reference to fracking.

He arrived with a small team of witnesses and documenters at the entrance to Downing Street at around 11.15 this morning and proceeded to explain his intentions to the police on the gates. At first they ignored him but his politeness and clear knowledge of his rights necessitated that they eventually sent in their commanding officer who was joined quickly by two other officers.

He explained that as he has exhausted all other routes for taking action with regards to the fact that his research shows that the crime of Misconduct In Public Office is being committed, he has only one last resort which is to effect a citizens arrest himself. The police took a long time to scrutinise his arguments and there was much going and coming between them and other advisors behind the gates. His arguments were erudite and his temper remained pleasant and non confrontational at all times, as you can see from the photographs. In fact, there was not one officer that he spoke with who did not end up smiling and laughing, particularly when he said that he was going to leap over the fence soon and they responded that he probably was a bit too big and old for that and he responded that, being an avid rambler, he can move “gazelle like” if he wanted.

You could see that the police did not want to arrest him as they understood what his plan was. He had on his person all his research and that would have to be admissible evidence in any trial and of course, his research may very well prove that members of government are actually breaking the law. In fact, you could see that over the course of the three hours he was talking with them, many of them were finding his evidence compelling themselves and of course, being on this list, you know how compelling that evidence is.

Eventually, he took to stating that he was going to use his body to block any traffic coming in or out of Downing Street. At this point, a police van turned up and he was arrested. As you can see in the picture, he went peacefully.

We believe he was taken to Charing Cross police station. We alerted his wife who we had been told to ring as soon as he was arrested. Alice is now key contact and will update us as to what happens next. We are assuming he will be released this evening.

You are probably aware of Paul’s research and all of his key work is on his site:

But, his final report on fracking is soon to be released and he had given that to the police as soon as he arrived. He has also released today the update of his ‘frackogram’, which is here and he would really like people to circulate this as widely as possible. This document alone seems to point clearly at serious misconduct in office:

A film of events should be up on the Talk Fracking You Tube site by tomorrow morning.


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  1. Chris Jones says:

    “He is going to celebrate by going for a walk tomorrow”

    I really didn’t like the sound of this entence…it reminded me too much of David Kelly. If Paulo Mobbs is going for a walk, he should make sure that he isn’t on his own and near some dense woodland…

  2. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Fantastic brave man, very impressive. And doesn’t it show ? Calmness and nonconfrontation, and being polite but unswayable from our goal, armed with facts, its what the Establishment fear the most. They cant get any claws into us then. We cant play into their hands. I truly believe all the bad things in this world wewant to stop, hes chosen fracking, lets choose another one. Colemanexperience evil. That can be attacked in the same way as the man above. If enough people awaken

  3. Bluefeather6 says:
    This site explains “Duty of Care”
    In the case of Fracking, vaccinations, gmo’s, Chemtrailing etc there appears to be a total lack of duty of care to humanity globally.

  4. Gordon Logan says:

    Cameron and Osborne doubled the national debt in 5 years by running huge annual deficits. That’s unprecedented in British history. They actually managed to piss away three quarters of a trillion. If that ‘s not ‘misconduct in public office’, I don’t know what is. Somebody needs to submit a report to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      Seems to have gone into their own dirty bloody pockets Gordon.
      These psychopathic sycophants need to meet the drop. I fully expect to be in the crowd cheering, provided I get to live that long 🙂

    • Bluefeather6 says:

      Where did camoron and Osborne get 3.8 billion to invest in agovernment owned bank that neither borrows nor lends?
      Green Investment Bank
      Like a watermelon green on the outside and red on the inside….

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Paul LaViolette Update: A Planetoid Based Space city or Mining Colony now even more probable. 3 times closer orbit in August. 17 times closer by December, a mere 260kms. This is intentional Disclosure, either driven by white hats or black hats for whatever reasons

      Posting by Paul LaViolette

      June 15, 2015 Update

      An image of the crater released by NASA on June 6th taken from an altitude of 4500 km shows the bright spots in even greater detail; see latest photo above. The interpretation that we are viewing a planetoid based space city or mining colony continues to look even more probable. Now, as many as 10 bright suburb specks appear to flank the main bright areas. The eastern most “rectangular” bright area now appears to be resolving into three contiguous bright regions. By August the probe will have images taken three times closer and by December it will view the crater from a distance of only 260 km, 17 times closer

      Peter Waldo says:

      May 22, 2015 at 3:36 pm

      From a ‘political’ standpoint, what is the larger context related to Ceres and what’s being released? That, it seems to me, is the question. While it’s tempting to throw our space agency under the bus could these photos and coverage in fact be purposeful? That is, could it be intended to apply pressure to the elites for disclosure? Seems like a good strategy if that is the case….

  5. Nollidge says:

    Dear Adam & Waldo;
    NOBODY,repeat NOBODY is going to or from Ceres because as soon as you get out into space you will be killed by the intense radiation of the “Electric Universe”.Unless you have about 10 or 12 ft thick lead radiation shields.Which is a bit difficult for space travel with our existing propulsion methods,Can we not keep this site related to matters here on Earth – things we know about such as Jade Helm,Fukushima,fracking,the stealing of kids by Social Services,the potential of WW 3 due to the maniacs who want to keep provoking Russia?.

    • Nollidge says:

      Oh & while I’m at it,do understand that”space” isn’t empty.It’s filled with all kinds of “stuff” zipping around at colossal speeds.Take a look at the Moon’s surface.It’s got evidence of some massive hits in the past,right?.So you think your space ship can protect you against such a collision with something travelling at,say 2 million miles per hour & deliver you to Ceres – or wherever in the Solar System alive,unradiated,& not vanishing as a bloodstained metallic blob somewhere out in space?.Dream on!.Please,I believe Tap provides a valuable service by allowing so many different people of so many different opinions and fields of expertise to comment & send in articles,but frankly some of your stuff is just “beyond the pale”.

      • Lynn says:

        I totally agree with you there !! this is about here and now and what we are finding out about the nonces in charge. We have a duty to each other to stay ahead of the game. How to survive this onslaught of humanity. Passing on information is vital. Joining the dots and exposing the parasites. We can only delay them if we all stand together for the greater good. The Frankenstien agenda will never work if we dont let it.

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