EXCLUSIVE: Baron Rothschild indicted in France over fraud case

French police have been ordered to track down one of Europe’s wealthiest aristocrats over a fraud involving hundreds of British pensioners


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  1. Lynn says:

    The most infamous outlaws on the planet… cant be hard to find him and bring him to justice. HAW HAW HAW !! What a joke.

    • Gordon says:

      Yes! it’ll be interesting to see how this one pans out. Will the law prevail and be vindicated or will it be hush-hush money?

  2. Aldous says:

    I can’t ever see the House of Rots being thrown to the wolves. The Rots & Co don’t do Laws or Courts which are reserved for the likes of us. Grim Reaper or Silver Bullets, Sunshine at Dawn, a wooden stake through their sixth heart, the shadow of a Crucifix… are what gets a Rot. The Rots can buy anything and anyone but God or Mother Nature – both of who HATE a Rot.

    “It is established for all eternity; Rothschild/Rot albumen is the seed of a man of alien race. The Rot Seed in cohabitation is partially or completely absorbed by the female, and thus enters her bloodstream. One single cohabitation of a Rot with a Human woman is sufficient to poison her blood forever. Together with the Rothschild albumen she has absorbed the Rot soul. Never again will she be able to bear purely Human children, even when married to a Human. They will all be bastards, with a non-soul and a body of a Rot breed. Their children will also be Rot-breeds; that means, ugly people of unsteady character and with a tendency to illnesses. Now we know why the Rots use every artifice of seduction in order to ravish Human girls at as early an age as possible; why the Rothschild MP seduces his constituents while they were under vaccination. He wants the Human girl and the Human woman to absorb the seed of the Rot. She is never again to bear German children. But the blood products of all animals right down to the bacteria like the serum, lymph, extracts from internal organs etc., are all alien albumen. They have a poisonous effect if directly introduced into the blood stream either by vaccination or by injection. By these products of sick animals the blood is ravished, the Aryan is impregnated with an alien species. The author and abettor of such action is the Jew. He has been aware of the secrets of the race question for centuries, and therefore plans systematically the annihilation of the nations which are superior to him. Science and authorities are his instruments for the enforcing of pseudo-science and the concealment of truth.”

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      This ties in with todays Montague Keen post where he speaks at length about Ireland, the Irish, the Vaticans attempts to wipe them out. And that things began in Ireland, not the east like the Vatican tried to create that illusion.
      Other tapblog commenters have explained how the Aryan race goes across in a band extending down to places like iran I think and india, and the jew hates them and feels inferior. Something funnys definitely going on with the jews and their motivations and who they really are

  3. salty says:

    After Rothschild Speech, Jean-Claude van Damme Summoned To Israel

    Posted on April 1, 2016.


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