Douglas Carswell, you are talking out of the back of your rrr’s


As one who voted UKIP at the last UK general election please pass on a
message to Douglas Carswell regarding this UKIP website post:
SNP are luddites over fracking says Carswell

Douglas Carswell, you are talking out of the back of your arse. Please
educate yourself by watching and listening to Ian R. Crane:

There are some hard truths spreading quickly among us, the general
public and I might add, among the military ranks, both ours and
foreign; whether it be fracking, the disgusting cover up of the
violation of children, the man made climate change Co2 lie, the on
going geo-engineering of our weather and skies or the war on terror.
At the top of the list is the party line ‘official’ story about 9/11.
It is bollocks; and an increasing number of us are fed up being polite
about it. We don’t know who did it, but we do know the 9/11 official
report and subsequent narrative is false. David Cameron can stick his
UN speech up his backside too:
Non aggressive terrorists? Jewish conspiracy? Please, grow up! Is
Theresa May going to arrest us all for not towing her party line

We want intelligent people representing us with some moral background.
Dismiss this message at your peril because the truth will out and you
can either recognise it or get out. I work bloody hard, just back from
Japan and currently in Istanbul before returning to my UK home. I have
had enough of twerps running my country, lying to me, running down our
national independence and wasting our resources. Stop being stupid and
wake up, otherwise lose my and others votes.

We understand the appalling lack of the BBC. For some decent
information we access the likes of:
I suggest you do the same. I am using the language I do because I want
you to get some sense of how much we have had enough. I do express
this on behalf of others too.

Yours sincerely,
Artist Entrepreneur
West Suffolk constituency.


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