Controversial and Toxic’: TTIP Vote Postponed in European Parliament

European Parliament


EUROPE 19:36 09.06.2015

A vote on the US-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has been delayed at the last minute in the European Parliament due to divisions within the two major party groups, forcing the president of the assembly, Martin Schulz, to postpone it.

The reasons for the last minute delay were allegedly the many amendments to the proposal that meant MEPs needed more time to consider the deal, which opponents say will only benefit big corporations rather than citizens.

Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now has says the delay shows just how controversial and toxic the TTIP deal is.

Breaking news: Vote on in resolution is postponed. Our pressure is working but we´re still on alert!


Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now has says the delay shows just how controversial and toxic the TTIP deal is.

“The TTIP vote being postponed as a result of the large number of amendments reflects just how controversial and contested this toxic trade deal has become.

“MEPs know that the people of Europe do not want the introduction of secret corporate courts and do want to protect vital public services as well as environmental and labor restrictions.”

According to a tweet by the European Parliament’s press office, the TTIP vote “has been postponed due to many amendments and requests for split or separate votes (according to Rule 175).”

Meanwhile, the campaign group Stop TTIP has reached a record number of signatures with two million signing up to stop the deal. According to Global Justice Now, “this is the largest European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) since the introduction of the instrument in 2012, even though the EU Commission has tried to block it.”


. vote postponed by the President at the last minute. But this gives us more time to campaign and to end

Speaking ahead of the vote, senior figures in the European Parliament warned that they would block a secretive trade pact unless the deal guarantees states’ rights to regulate over climate, health and social laws.

The warning comes after WikiLeaks published secret documents detailing negotiations on the global Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), involving the US, the EU and 23 other countries. All the BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are absent from the negotiations.



Over 2Mln Europeans Sign Petition Against TTIP

The Self-Organized European Citizens’ Initiative Stop TTIP, the group behind the petition, note that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is “a threat to democracy, the environment, consumers and labor standards.”

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    • Ive asked this girl out, she has to moderate the comment. Her blogs good, a very interesting thing im going to paste after this

      Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:
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      July 16, 2015 at 3:47 pm
      Hi, how are you
      I wandered on your site from a link, its very interesting, my names Adam. Your history of gnostic texts posing as scriptures the KJV bible, im going to paste and discuss with people on tapblog.
      I will get to the truth of things. I think you are really lovely, beautiful, are you single? Do you live near the north of England? Im 41 not bad looking. Im a relentless truthseeker, we could have lots to talk about on a date

    • Id be grateful for your opinion and analysis of this Men Scryfa thanks when you get time. Be sure to use reply buttons

      #KJV #HolyBible- History of Gnostic Texts posing as Inspired ScripturePosted: July 16, 2015 in Uncategorized
      The words of the LORD are pure words, as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified 7 times” Ps 12:6
      The 7th purified word is the 1611 Authorized Bible aka King James. The List: Tyndale’s Bible (Tyndale was kidnapped, strangled and burned alive), Matthew’s, Coverdale’s, Great Bible (1st by Committee of scholars), Geneva (1st with Study Notes) and the 1611 Authorized Bible. Latin Vulgate used in the Douay Rheims Catholic Bible and Syriac Peshitta are omitted; their source as are all new Bible Versions are Gnostic Texts; Facsimiles of God’s Word as Lucifer is a Facsimile of God. The 6th purified bible Geneva Bible uses Jah in Ps 68:4 and Jesus in Mat 1:25. The 7th purified bible uses JAH and JESUS because the source of the Old and New Covenants/Testaments is SPIRITUAL through the Holy Ghost.

      deceivinghumanity says:

      July 16, 2015 at 9:51 pm

      Thank you for your interest in my page. I dont think its accidental “wandering”. I believe The Most High has his hand in helping us find the truth. I have been researching for the “Truth” (whatever that may be) for several years now. My studies have lead me to research the Holy Bible. I cannot take credit for this post. I found it on BUT I do not agree with everything I post. I like to show everyone what I find, and go from there.. You will notice on your “quest for truth” that no matter what you find to be “truth” theres always something you find to say that truth isnt in fact truth. And you end up back where u began. Its a never ending rabbit hole, that brings you chasing your tale, so to speak. For instance this post is telling us that the KJV 1611 is the only authorised bible.. But yet I have found out that King James was just another freemason with a Agenda. Whats the truth> ? whats the lie>? I dont know. I truly believe we are searching for truth in the wrong places. Its not supposed to be this complicated. The answer is Christ. Search our hearts to find the truth to Him. I should practice what I preach, but im trying to open the eyes of those who are lost from satans deception… Oh and Im sorry, I am happily married.. 🙂 thanks for your comment..

      Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

      July 16, 2015 at 10:21 pm

      Things you say are so similar to discussions im having with men scryfa and others on tapblog. Very similar trains of thought and things im grappling with. Youre right, its not supposed to be this complicated. Ive come to similar conclusions, its a never ending rabbit hole. Almost to the extent where now (2 years after taking the red pill, and having a steep tumultuous learning curve), im seeing less and less value following all the latest ‘stories’ in the alternative media

      My sense is things are acting on many levels, truths intertwined with disinfo, and it can be pretty pointless to follow a lot of stuff. So ive started to withdraw into my inner sense and self, maybe tune into my higher being perhaps.
      I was an atheist, and ive never read or studied the bible. However as I say on tapblog often, ive come to feel and realise God and the Holy Spirit, whatever that is, is real and good. Ive come to this conclusion
      because of the Tesla physics cover up, all the implications. The fact other dimensions are real and a fact. lets leave out the secret space programme truths and cover up for a moment.
      I then goto youtube, and check out NDEs. These people aren’t lying, they’ve seen the afterlife.
      Also theres so much evil in the world, distressing stuff.
      Therefore ive come to the conclusion this is Spiritual War, its a proxy war in this realm, and in the etheric dimension or wherever, angelic and demonic forces are fighting it out.

      im going off the point but its very interesting talking to you, as our minds and trains of thoughts on truth journeys seem similar. Which is amazing considering NOONE in real life not on the net, I can discuss anything like this with

      Whats my point here? You say the answer is Christ, and I agree, that’s the conclusion ive been helped to come to on Tapblog. This is an Age of deception. And I think the unawake masses, who aren’t necessarily bad people, are neutral…but theyre satans helpers. I think this lies behind the secular agenda. On Tapblog we talk a lot about Jews. Not because were racist bad people. But the Truth cannot avoid having them as central central players in whats going on.

      Its been pointed out to me that organised religion, churches and synagogues, are filled, riddled with Satanists and evil people. But we don’t need churches. We can still have a relationship with God and the Holy SPirit, and Repent, and prostrate ourselves. I truly believe this will protect us from evil demonic forces, and help us fight

      I have been thrown and confused by the Bible. Josephus Flavius according to Ralp Ellis I believe, was a Roman illuminati Jew, who MADE UP the fiction of jesus dying aged 33 (occult number) , his time in the desert, dying on the cross etc. All fiction
      Instead Jesus died AD 98, he was aKing Jesus, fought the Romans and lost and was exiled to Chester for the rest of his life.

      This made me wonder how much of the rest of the bible could I trust? Esp the rewritten KJV version. And yet, people like Men Scryfa on tapblog and others are onto something I am sure. It seems certain truths are definitely in the Bible.
      Yes a good counterargument is, why would the elites have allowed any truths to be in the best selling book of all time?
      Im no bible scholar, but it may have accurate truths still, as well as fiction in.

      There are many other interesting topics and points I wanted tomention on other matters, but ive forgotton. Look out for me on Tapblog, and ill try and send you comments on here pasted, if I type anything interesting.
      Ah well youre married, never mind 🙂

    • deceivinghumanity says:

      July 16, 2015 at 10:48 pm

      Great Reply . Yes it seems we are in the same direction as far as what we are seeking. You are correct when you say ” why would the elites have allowed any truths to be in the best selling book of all time?” Very interesting question, that every Christian should ask themselves. The Church is infiltrated by Satan. The Most High is NOT in a building that only shows roots of Paganism and Occult Rituals..Id say Satan was very smart when he decided to take over Christianity.. They say the best place to hide something, is right in the face of whom youre hiding it from. At this point, I dont trust any info. As soon as it seems legit, i find something to debunk it. But from my research the KJV of the Bible is 100% rewritten for agenda’s of the Jewish Elite. Take a look at the post I put up today. Let me know what you think. I wanted to believe it couldnt be so…about The holy bible?? I wanted to think it had some kind of invisible force field around it that nothing evil could touch/ alter.. Then I remembered The Great Deception we are warned about..oh, I havent heard of Tapblog but I will take a look at it..

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