Charles Kennedy Sadly Missed


Charlie Kennedy

by CRAIG MURRAY on June 2, 2015

I have known Charlie since about 1979. He was, and always remained, a brilliant, witty and very gentle man. His weaknesses were of the gregarious kind, one of many things we had in common. We first met on the universities debating circuit and in student politics. He became President of Glasgow University Union and I of Dundee University Students Association. As we both ran as Liberal Democrats that was uncommon. By one of life’s quirks, a generation later he was Rector of Glasgow University and I was Rector of Dundee University. We both shared a horror of the marketization of universities and an urgent desire to return to the old Scottish tradition of democratic governance, and we worked together with other Rectors to institute regular Rectors’ meetings and try to make the office of Rector relevant.

Charlie had come under the most enormous pressure not to oppose the Iraq war. The entire force of the British establishment bore down on him, including from former party leaders and from Ming Campbell, though he denies it now. Charlie showed tremendous courage and spirit in resisting the pressures to which almost everybody in authority in the Westminster power structure caved in.

Charlie told me the story of how, as party leader, he was invited by Blair to Downing Street to be shown the original key evidence on Iraqi WMD. Charlie was really worried as he walked there, that there really would be compelling evidence as Blair said, and he would then be unable to maintain the party line against the war. When he saw the actual intelligence on which the dodgy dossier was based, he was astounded. It was incredibly weak and “totally unconvincing”. Blair was not present while Charlie saw the reports, but he saw him afterwards and told Blair he was quite astonished by the paucity of the evidence. Blair went white and looked really rattled, and resorted to a plea for patriotic solidarity. He then reminded Charlie he was not allowed to reveal what he had seen. Charlie felt bound by good faith – he had been shown the intelligence in confidence – not to publish this. Not I think his best moral judgement.

Charlie was very definitely not an enthusiastic supporter of the coalition and, though a federalist not a nationalist, generally kept his distance from the Better Together campaign. He seemed to me to have lost self-confidence through the exposure of his struggles with alcohol, and probably underrated his influence. Charlie was consistent in both his faults and his principles. As President of Glasgow University Union, he was inclined to hands off sybaritism; his expenses and use of taxis became an issue, and that epicurean streak never left him. In his presence I always felt an inferior talent, and those of us who knew him 35 years ago I think all expected him to rise even higher than he did. But he never had the sociopathic streak that makes a dominant political career, and he was at base a very decent and kind man. That is how I shall remember him.

[The disclosures of Mr Kennedy’s personal weaknesses, which neutered his party, his leadership, and public position, and then his death after the loss of his seat at Westminster, were both very convenient for those he opposed. Maybe his honourable but wrong decision not to speak publicly about Bliar and the non-WMD’s at the time , was feared by some for freeing him from that obligation after he lost his seat at the General Election? – Jennifer]


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  1. Truth Hurts says:

    John Smith, Robin Cooke, David Kelly and now Charlie Kennedy – WHat do they have in common? 🙁

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      All killed by the cabal

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Heres a 10 min clip, of a man who was in a plane crash. He was lying in hospital bed, near death. Suddenly, like a glove coming off a hand, he said he felt himself pop out his body, and was in the hospital room, but in the after life, the etheric, Spritual dimension. .
      Heres a few interesting points he says about what its like;

      – Its as real a place, as this world were in now

      – everythings more vivid, all the senses, all the colours, everything

      – A big difference is, theres no sense of time in the after life dimension. In our world, time is linear. Theres a past, present, future, we can think ahead to 6pm today. In the Spirit world, time does not exist.

      – I think this means Spirits and ghosts and angels, can travel about not just to different locations, but to different times as well

      – He then travelled through the hospital wall, and went to an amazing place,

      – There was a golden river of light

      – he says his life was changed forever when he came back

      As well, youtube is filled with NDE tales like this. Theyre truthful people, not trying to sell some book or become famous. many NDE survivors , say they meet dead loved ones in the after life. Its a real place.

      I think we can all take comfort in the implications of all this

      Ill say one last thing. This isn’t any longer about a matter of religious belief. One doesn’t have to be religious. This is science, physics. And just like Tesla free energy technology that’s been suppressed, thats going to be made known very soon, these Spiritual truths have also been kept from the general public. because it would mean a loss of control over us by the elites. The same physics that means telepathys a real thing, and it explains quantum entanglement perfectly. And remote viewing.

      What fascinates me a lot is, if technology exists where someone can be alive in this life, and go through a portal, and explore the etheric dimension while still be alive now. That has to be the ultimate mindblowing profound thrill? Apart from being in love and sex with a beautiful woman

    • AngryAl says:

      They fell foul of one Tony Bliar?

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Yes, a Rothschild Agent, half brother of Nat Rothschild. Nats a good pal of Mandelson. Oleg Deripaskas a good pal too, the aluminium magnate oligarch. Perhaps a vital aluminium source for all the chemtrails cocktails they spray?

  2. Mark says:

    I agree, funny how we didn’t, (me anyway), fully get: here was a man – compromised in the know – who looked like he’d held on to some hu-man-it-y, and oh what a struggle it must have been to remain genuinely so…
    I might not share many of his political standpoints but if we’d met, if I was going to have a cuppa or a brew with a professional politico. He’d likely be a unique one – out the sad shower – reckon we might proper connect, understand and hear some real care and insight.
    R I… Jesus.
    Hope for Charlie.

  3. Julie says:

    Sorry to put a “spanner in the works”, but what did he do to highlight the crimes of Israel and the Jewish banking cabal?

    From Jewish News today.

    “Current Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel chairman Gavin Stollar paid tribute to “my friend and mentor.”

    “He was a great friend of Israel and the UK Jewish community and will be deeply and sadly missed.”

    Liberal Democrat peer Lord Monroe Palmer, chair of Lib Dem Friends of Israel during Kennedy’s leadership, also paid tribute.

    He said: “Charles Kennedy was always a good personal friend. He was a joy to be with – a lovely man, and a good friend of the Jewish community.”

    Lord Palmer also said Kennedy was “very supportive of Israel, and during my time as chair of Lib Dem Friends of Israel, he always had an open door. He was easy to access.”

    “You can see all the tributes flooding in from senior Liberal Democrats, the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, Nicola Sturgeon.. He left a lasting impression.”

    The House of Commons speaker John Bercow, who is Jewish, led parliamentary tributes to Mr Kennedy, calling him a “great parliamentarian” and a a “principled, progressive and passionate politician”.

    • Aldous says:

      A voice of reason and sanity on an otherwise insane comment thread.

      Kennedy was an affirmed supporter of Israel and its ‘friends” and hence an enemy of the true British people. I doubt Kennedy would have been a Friend of England; or Friend of Wales; or Friend of Ulster. Friend of Israel will do nicely.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish. Did he ever do or achieve anything for the true people of Scotland? I can’t help but think that the shock of getting kicked off the Westminster Gravy Train and its lucrative rewards for doing sweet FA was more than this particular Jock could bear.

      Strange how the English will allow to stand, and vote for just about any candidate on Earth but the Scots, Welsh and people of Northern Ireland pretty much insist on one of their own tribe on the ballot sheet.

      Some would call it racism but when it comes to the English, racism is a one way street, as in, only the English can be racist. Saint Patrick’s Day (Eire) is celebrated worldwide, Saint Andrew’s Day is a Public Holiday but not Saint George’s Day or Saint David’s Day. We must be mad to put up with this subversion.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Yes you have a point Julie, thanks
      Ive always resisted authority in my soul, all my life, im 40 now, even when I hadn’t awakened. I was anti-establishment before I even realised what anti-establishment concept meant

      As well, I really do feel, when I type comments that might be deemed to be too long, I say modestly I think theyre very important bits of truth and catalysts. Just like all the other commenters too on here

      For example, very recently I posted the plane crash youtube man 10 min clip NDE. And, I gave salient bullet points what he said. And a few of my thoughts of the physics implications. Which btw Julie, tie into Tesla physics
      Comments like these, even if they go on a bit, im sure add positive energy and truth not just into tapblog, but for the whole internet and consciousness.
      I don’t know how much my laser beams are, ive never put a price on them

  4. Julie says:

    Here’s another one from the Jewish Chronicle today.

    By Marcus Dysch, June 2, 2015
    Charles Kennedy has died, aged 55

    Charles Kennedy has died, aged 55

    Board of Deputies president Jonathan Arkush has paid tribute to former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy, who has died aged 55.

    Mr Kennedy had a warm relationship with the Jewish community during his time leading the party and also as an MP during his long political career.

    “He was a great friend of the Jewish community and of Israel and his passing leaves a loss in British public life.”

    Speaking at a Jewish event in Glasgow in 2009, Mr Kennedy had said he would “rather be known as a candid friend of Israel than tell people what they want to hear. My record speaks for itself”.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Youre right Julie I should have sensed and known better. Anyone at that level will be compromised and blackmailed
      Charles kennedy nevertheless resonated to me, a decent man
      I bet these people get hoked and blackmailed, targeted, while theyre still in their teens

      In that case I suppose we need to stand back and have a smidgen of empathy, that even these politicans that do evil things, were fitted up when they didjnt know what was happening. I wonder how many wish they could turn the clock back, wishing they were clean, not blackmailed? I bet William hagues one
      Despite his lies and colemanexperience offences, I sense hes just an innocent fool, that got targeted , went to dolphin square at an after work party, plied with drink and druge, didn’t stand a chance

      THIS DOESNT MEAN IM NOT DISGUSTED AT WHAT THESE PEOPLE DO, AND THEY STILL SHOULDNT GET SOME PUNISHMENT AND ANSWER FOR THEIR CRIMES. . But what ive just said I hope will get taken into account at the coming illumintai trials where amnesty trade offs happen

      • Julie says:

        Yes Adam. I don’t think Charles Kennedy was evil, unlike Mandelson. …. probably targeted as you said. Here’s yet another one from this year.

        This week local MP Charles Kennedy signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment, in doing so pledging his commitment to Holocaust Memorial Day and honouring those who were murdered during the Holocaust as well as paying tribute to the extraordinary Holocaust survivors who work tirelessly to educate young people.

        In the weeks leading up to and after Holocaust Memorial Day, thousands of commemorative events will be arranged by schools, faith groups and community organisations across the country, remembering all the victims of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

        After signing the Book of Commitment, Mr Kennedy said:

        “Holocaust Memorial Day marks the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau – and is an important opportunity to remember the victims and survivors of the Holocaust and make sure they are not forgotten. Indeed, it was George Santayana who said ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’, a quote that now marks one of the huts on the site of Auschwitz. He is quite right, and now more than ever this is a sentiment that we must promote.

        I encourage all constituents to mark the day. The fight against prejudice and intolerance is one fight that we must never give in to. Looking across the world we see so many incidents and atrocities that result because of a failure to look back and remember. On that note, I commend the work of the Holocaust Educational Trust who lead the fight to day in day out to ensure that we never forget.”

  5. Julie says:

    Charles Kennedy sacked Jenny Tonge.

    Politicians with backbone are a rarity. (UK) Liberal Democrat M.P., Jenny Tonge (The Rt. Hon., The Baroness Tonge of Kew) has one. Liberal Democrat Leader, Nick Clegg, does not.

    Jenny Tonge is a doctor by training, married to a consultant neuroradiologist. Her positions have included Senior Medical Officer for Women’s Services in the large, multi-racial, London Borough of Ealing. In politics, she has been the Party’s spokeswoman for children and for health.

    After her daughter was killed in a electrical accident, in 2004, she retired as an M.P., in order to help care for her two young grandchildren. However, made a Peer in 2005, entitled her to address issues of concern in the House of Lords.


    In January 2004, she was sacked as children’s’ champion, by the then leader of the Party, Charles Kennedy, for saying of Palestine suicide bombers, in the hopelessness of the remnants of their land: “If I had to live in that situation – and I say that advisedly – I might just consider becoming one myself.” Refusing to apologize, she pointed out that: ” …having seen the violence, humiliation and provocation that the Palestinian people live under every day and have done since their land was occupied by Israel, I could understand …”

  6. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    I think, theres a lot of truth in Interstellar, Mathew McConaughey looking behind bookcases, flitting to different time points. Just like the Angels and Spirits do, as they try to help us

    it raises the question in my mind. Am I, are we, being helped and guided by higher dimensional beings, who are actually ourselves?

    Am I , is my Spirit, looking at me now? Because once I die, my Spirit will be roaming round the etheric dimension, able to visit any point in space and time, I choose.
    So does this mean my Higher Self has a presence in my life now? Giving me prompts and clues and help? Am I actually an Angel?

    • Jennifer says:

      Adam, I’m sorry, I don’t know anymore about George Clooney than anyone else – you could try googling (or preferably another search engine), George Clooney +CFR and see what comes up. I do believe though that his real family name is not the cosy Irish name of Clooney.
      I think that they may try to use his good looks and star status as a Ambassador (maybe at the UN), but that’s just my guess.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Is this not the real problem Julie – my own MP is on the list of Israel supporters, and also voted against the ammendment to the Official Secrets Act allowing officials to whistle-blow on paedophiles etc. These points were never mentioned in his recent manifesto before the election. Of course not.
    Which leader of any party is going to be selected without some issue to leverage? No doubt Jenny Tonge was and is an honourable exception. It is tragic for them and us that they are not permitted to remain in any meaningful position to speak and act honestly.
    It is becoming ever more clear that the game is so rigged that virtually ANYONE in ANY leadership or ministerial position MUST be considered compromised and therefore criminal, and maybe even traitorous.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      It is unfortunate that so many “British” MP’s are literal slaves to the tribe. Julie provided a fantastic example when one of our own refuses to comply, thrown down the drain and refused any opportunity to speak their views.

      You’re right on the money when you say “Anyone in ANY leadership position MUST be considered comprimised”

      We don’t get to select our leaders only ELECT from the piss poor pot of known compromised candidates. True leaders who forge their own path, irrespective of the push to conform by this society don’t tend to last or live very long. There comes a point when these uncorruptables become to popular and enlighten the masses to such a degree that the ruling cabal MUST end them or watch their own power slowly drift out their hands.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi Truth Hurts, apologies to you and others. You could say I was shooting at anything that moved last night after watching Hellstorm – The real Genocide of Nazi(sic) National Socialist Germany. I didn’t really learn anything from it that I didn’t already know, especially having lived in Germany for many years and been a lodger with a lovely German family, but it still had me raging bloody mad.

        Seeing the headline ‘Charles Kennedy Sadly Missed’ didn’t help, though as Jennifer has pointed out, his death may not have been ‘natural’ and also has me thinking, “Cui Bono”?

        (Cui bono is always a calculation of probabilities, never of certainties.)

        In the Machiavellian perspective, few events in public life are rarely what they seem to be. Power depends on appearances, on manipulating what the public sees. On seeming good, while doing what is necessary to gain and maintain power. Sometimes it is easy to see through the fog and pick out a political figure’s motives or intentions. Other times it is quite complicated–what is really going on, we ask ourselves?

        Cui bono, literally “to whose benefit?”, is a Latin phrase which is still used.
        It is the key forensic question in legal and police investigation to find who has a motive for a crime. (Wiki)

        I don’t have much time for Scottish MPs sitting in Westminster now that they have their very own parliament. That so many of them (SNP) have seats there with far less votes cast for them than UKIP, only shows what a corrupt farce it all is. Then there are Welsh and Northern Ireland MPs sitting in Westminster when they have their own assemblies.

        TPTB now seem to be in the early stages of breaking England up into regions with their own regional assemblies. Having flooded the country with immigrants, no doubt that will be welcomed by virtual aliens in regions that have been artificially and brutally ‘enriched’ or ethnically cleansed at the expense of the indigenous people. And Jesus Wept? Regards and sorry once again for the crass generalization – grumpy and angry old man I’m afraid and still seething from the Hellstorm video.
        [I was unable to post this reply on the relevant comment for some reason – probably a software glitch.]

  8. Men Scryfa says:

    Kennedy – from a known bloodline.

    On to other matters. Someone tells me that this man is involved with Boy Scouts,

    So we have Bear Grylls, the Nazis, Operation Paperclip and a headline talking about his grandfather’s “crack force”

    Do you have real discernment?
    Are you hated by The Enemy?
    Do They fear you as you want?
    Are you ready yet for Battle?

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Bear Grylls is discussed in thecolemaneperience
      it made me realise , we live in a strange false reality, where some strange occult mafia operate in plain sight. And it works through generations. hene ber grylls and his father.

      Fucking amazing world we live in#

      Colemanexperience and spivey, awakening me to the McCann truth, Gerry high Freemason in Leicester, , AND VARIUSOTHER OTHER TRUTHS

      My understanding of this world Is different now

  9. Truth Hurts says:

    @ Aldous – No worries, I was in a similar mood when I posted my disgust at the propaganda in the Hitler’s Business Partners post, it’s understandable and a sign of good mental health that you react so to such information.
    I have to give full disclosure and say I am Scottish, you will understand why following this comment.
    The Scots, Welsh and Irish have been ruled by the defacto English parliament for centuries. None of the indigenous peoples wished for this arrangement and it has been wholly detrimental to all our societies and enriches only England, and by England I mean the South East. We have suffered ethnic cleansing of the most vicious kind at the hands of the English and continue to be ruled from afar entirely against our best interests and wishes. This is not a dig at your average Englishman who when given the facts entirely agrees with the sentiment. We bear no ill will to the English despite the colonial attitude we have been dealt with by successive WM governments. I can evidence this in the most simple fashion, there is not a single derogatory name up in Scotland for an English person, not one (well possibly Sassenach but that’s more historical than a slur) whereas thanks to the jew spew media the English have many many derogatory names for us Scots.
    Despite the referendum result I can say with certainty after watching the referendum that we voted Yes to independence, there were hundreds of thousands on the streets in support and the Unionist media had to coin the phrase “silent majority” to enable the rigging to occur. The propaganda and bile spewed was utterly vile and continues to be so. The PTB want us all to circle each other and fight divisive battles so we don’t turn on them. Let me give you the simplest example of how the 3 other nations have 0 power in WM. England has 533 MP’s, combined the 3 other nations have 117. Please tell me how we can affect any change whatsoever under this system? It’s a mathematical impossibility. Just because many English MP’s can’t agree on a way forward doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability to effect any change they desire, ain’t our fault they can’t agree.

    We in Scotland are disgusted at being called subsidy junkies. Even the McCrone report admitted Scotland had “an embarassment of riches” and we would have been richer than Norway today had we been in control of our own affairs. To have our wealth and health stolen by the political/elite class and then portrayed as sub human benefit scroungers is beyond contemptable YET STILL we do not hate the average English person, in fact as you could see with the reaction the petition from the North of England to join Scotland if we secede, we would welcome them with open arms as we share common goals and aspirations, these have been ignored by the South East for generations.
    The SNP MP’s are solely interested in improving the lives of Scots and under their current mandate, to do so inside the UK system but also for the benefit of the entire UK population.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I have no faith in politics but with your statement above RE percentage of votes cast vs seats, the SNP actually wanted PR for a long time, it’s the English MP’s who voted against along with the Labour Unionists from Scotland.

    To sum it up we are all on this small island together and we must, as I have previously stated, come together on common aims and goals and fight the disgusting system any way we can. I don’t give a shit if you’re English, Welsh or Irish, if we have a common interest and share ideals then all that stands between us is the divisive tactics employed by Camoron et all.

    Cui bono – The elite if you remain vitriolic against a tiny number of powerless SNP MP’s 🙁

  10. fattist says:

    Jimmy Savile was a
    true and long-
    standing friend to the
    West Highlands over
    decades of diligence
    and decency. A sad
    loss indeed.

  11. fattist says:

    above-mentioned comment courtesy of charlie boy kennedy

    • Jennifer says:

      Indeed, ‘Fattist’, that is the point so regularly expressed here and in other blogs, – a flawed person can be exhorted, pressured, blackmailed, bribed, or threatenened to say whatever is required of them by ‘them’. They are OWNED. No wonder he drank.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Jennifer, if you do reply to my questions yesterday about Clooney, and Affleck etc etc. Can you please post in on a reply button? Because I cant remember where or what articles comments it was under. So if you just comment at the bottom, ill probably never see it
        Ill appreciate your thoughts on the issues I mention, thanks Adam

  12. tony wilson says:

    charley boy swam with the zio sharks snuffed out by mossad kidron or mi5 who cares.
    the crying of alistair the drunk friend of blair and all the other rapists is enough proofs.
    maybe he was a drunk to numb the pain ot talmudick ritual bloodlust spilt of the children.

    no good men here only the weak,pscychopathic,muppet or blackmailed.
    zionism is the cancer satanism the cause

  13. Julie says:

    Thank you Fattist. Charles Kennedy MP: Sir Jimmy was “a true and long-standing friend to the West Highlands over decades of diligence and decency”.

    Prince Charles: “The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are saddened to hear of Jimmy Savile’s death and their thoughts are with his family at this time.”

    And this is VERY INTERESTING. From the Jewish Chronicle. We know the Hasbara Brigade in Tel Aviv have removed the Wikipedia info about the Israeli Government granting Saville a special medal for “services rendered”.

    n a previously unpublished interview given just before his death last year, Jimmy Savile admitted that his reputation would collapse after his death, saying that he was “not a straight punter” and would soon be regarded as “crooked”.

    The JC has obtained the transcript of the interview about his work with Jewish charities. For reasons which remain unclear, the newspaper which commissioned the interview refused to publish his admission.

    Asked what he would choose if someone could “fix it” for him, Savile said he would like a “telephone in heaven”. When the interviewer asked why, Savile responded: “Just leave it at that. That’s the trouble with you fellas [reporters], you always want to delve and go further.”

    Savile then declared that he was “not a straight punter. When I’m gone
    they’ll say, ‘I always thought he was straight but he wasn’t — he was crooked.’”

    Leeds Jewish Welfare Board this week removed a gold plaque in Savile’s honour from its Tree of Life at the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Community Centre.

    Savile, who once described himself as “the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet,” raised money for charities including Ravenswood and the Laniado Hospital in Netanya.

    He handed over a £5,000 cheque to Laniado at a 2005 fundraising dinner at Leeds’ United Hebrew Congregation. Laniado UK chief executive Simon Silver said the DJ had never visited the Israeli hospital.

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