Bilderberg and the Global Elite to Rule the World?! They are Recruiting Key Technological Figures Into Their Circles and Preparing For Battle….BEWARE!

By Lyn Leahz


One of the key discussions of the 2014 Bilderberg meeting was that of mass surveillance and implementing “Big Data” to end privacy globally. We are already under the auspices of digital control yet the elite continue to use things like technology for their personal gain.

The End of Privacy and the Era of Big Data are all milestones in their ongoing scheme for social control. This amplified trajectory towards the path of global power will be accomplished through technological advances. They have already initiated their plan by “recruiting” the key personnel figures that sparked this technological revolution, including: the Google owner, LinkIn owner, and the Facebook owner, to name a few.

Edward Snowden, in 2013, warned the world that agencies were spying on the population. And by 2025 it is believed that gadgets, devices, and household appliances will transmit data about you to the internet. By 2050 (or sooner) we could be looking at Americans living as sardines in densely-packed cities where their lives are fully controlled by real-time information about their energy and carbon footprint. This is a real threat to our freedom.

With the elite members of the oligarchy in banking, business, finance, foreign policy, politics, intelligence and war industries now meeting with members of  Silicon Valley—Google, Facebook, Microsoft— they are attempting to make this ‘control through data’ a real reality.

Considering the countless possibilities of the Internet, the handiness of “smart” gadgets, and the infinite entertainment industry, we can assume that the elite will are attempting to control the world and usher us into a new era with a digital global currency at its head.

Veteran Bilderberg reporter Aaron Dykes, of  Truthstream, brings us the latest….




4 Responses to “Bilderberg and the Global Elite to Rule the World?! They are Recruiting Key Technological Figures Into Their Circles and Preparing For Battle….BEWARE!”

  1. Lynn says:

    They have bought every single patent…. all the clever and technically savvy have been targeted.

    They see this as a takeover and to be used against us.

    Lead paint was banned in time for this spying and watching. You could not see through it and radiation could not penetrate it.

    They have left nothing to chance.

  2. Julie says:

    And their protectors, the police FORCE are part of this monstrous octopus of crime, deception & depravity. Here’s a very interesting photo of 60 Scotland Yard MASONS …. from the Guardian 1997. They would never print it today.

    (1997) “Today the Guardian publishes for the first time what we believe is a unique photograph. It pierces the wall of secrecy which surrounds one of Britain’s most mysterious organisations by revealing a large gathering of London policemen wearing the white gloves, embroidered sashes and lambskin aprons of the worshipful order of freemasonry.

    At the time that the picture was taken, these 60 men were members of Masonic Lodge number 9179, known as the Manor of St James, which was founded eleven years ago, on January 27 1986, for the exclusive use of Scotland Yard officers who had worked in the West End of London. The picture, which has been leaked to the Guardian by non-Masonic Metropolitan police officers, appears to have been taken at one of their inaugural meetings and includes men who then occupied some of the most powerful jobs in the force.”

  3. savanna says:

    I am a Christian…,,but I didn’t no about these things, I’ve just started watching these videos the past 4 days…didn’t run upon you till today… I believe with all my heart that the Lord wants me to no what’s going on to tell people…my boyfriend says you can’t believe that stuff , I said well I want say anything else to u because it was causing arguments… He especially didn’t want to hear anything bad about Obama…I just said ok just wait and see…also I believe the Lord was wanting me to tell as many people as I could to let them no what were headed for…believe this with all my heart…I itold one christian lady these things she said isent that depressive I said yes but its happening…

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