Big Brother, eh?


by subMedia

This week we break Bill C-51, down Kanada’s sinister new law, that would give the Canucks increased spying powers over its population.

On the break, long standing hip-hop act Onyx, returns with “F   k The Law.” We wrap things up with an interview with Antoine, a computer security ninja, about how we can protect ourselves from surveillance.

Here’s some privacy software we like. But definitely check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s website for more info.

  1. Open PGP – Email encryption
  2. Pidgin or Adium (MAC OSX only) for Off the Record (OTR) chats
  3. The Onion Router (TOR) – surf the web anonymously
  4. CryptoCat – Secure chat from your browser
  5. TextSecure – Encrypted SMS messages for Android
  6. Signal – Encrypted SMS messages for IOS (iPhone, iPad)

Used for this show is:

  1. XOC – Super Mario World – End Credits
  2. Etheric Double Soundsystem – We Shall Overcome
  3. Etheric Double Soundsystem – The Obvious (Etheric Double Remix)
  4. Public Enemy – Security of the First World
  5. Onyx – F  k Da Law
  6. Moby – Mission Impossible Remix
  7. MF Doom – Change that Beat

Some of the samples we stole are from Enemy of the State, Brazil, 1984 and Citizen Four.

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4 Responses to “Big Brother, eh?”

  1. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    This might be something useful to pass onto others. I am realising how valuable the comments section can be. Something copied and pasted and emailed on, to 50 people, incredible exponential potential. I hope fellow Tapblog readers email on any valuable comments I make

    The So-Called ‘Bellingcat’ Is a Western MSM Shill Posing as an Alternative Truth Crusader

    Financially-strapped independent crusader just happens to be recommended personally by the head of NATO. Uh-huh, yeah. Sure. Makes sense.

    Let’s cut the crap. Higgins is not an unconnected loner with a strange hobby at all. He is part of the The London Project Investigation media network, a partnership of hackers and journalists of the Financial Times. Additionally there exists ties to the much greater OCCRP, The Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. Officially a research project concerning organized crime, but in reality an anti-Russian information database. The OCCRP is sponsored by organisations as theThe Open Society of the speculator George Soros.

    Another sponsor is the very governmental US NGO and CIA front US Aid.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Well done Adam. That is striking back.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Heres a 10 min clip, of a man who was in a plane crash. He was lying in hospital bed, near death. Suddenly, like a glove coming off a hand, he said he felt himself pop out his body, and was in the hospital room, but in the after life, the etheric, Spritual dimension. .
        Heres a few interesting points he says about what its like;

        – Its as real a place, as this world were in now

        – everythings more vivid, all the senses, all the colours, everything

        – A big difference is, theres no sense of time in the after life dimension. In our world, time is linear. Theres a past, present, future, we can think ahead to 6pm today. In the Spirit world, time does not exist.

        – I think this means Spirits and ghosts and angels, can travel about not just to different locations, but to different times as well

        – He then travelled through the hospital wall, and went to an amazing place,

        – There was a golden river of light

        – he says his life was changed forever when he came back

        As well, youtube is filled with NDE tales like this. Theyre truthful people, not trying to sell some book or become famous. many NDE survivors , say they meet dead loved ones in the after life. Its a real place.

        I think we can all take comfort in the implications of all this

        Ill say one last thing. This isn’t any longer about a matter of religious belief. One doesn’t have to be religious. This is science, physics. And just like Tesla free energy technology that’s been suppressed, thats going to be made known very soon, these Spiritual truths have also been kept from the general public. because it would mean a loss of control over us by the elites. The same physics that means telepathys a real thing, and it explains quantum entanglement perfectly. And remote viewing.

        What fascinates me a lot is, if technology exists where someone can be alive in this life, and go through a portal, and explore the etheric dimension while still be alive now. That has to be the ultimate mindblowing profound thrill? Apart from being in love and sex with a beautiful woman


      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Youre right Julie I should have sensed and known better. Anyone at that level will be compromised and blackmailed
        Charles kennedy nevertheless resonated to me, a decent man
        I bet these people get hoked and blackmailed, targeted, while theyre still in their teens

        In that case I suppose we need to stand back and have a smidgen of empathy, that even these politicans that do evil things, were fitted up when they didjnt know what was happening. I wonder how many wish they could turn the clock back, wishing they were clean, not blackmailed? I bet William hagues one
        Despite his lies and colemanexperience offences, I sense hes just an innocent fool, that got targeted , went to dolphin square at an after work party, plied with drink and druge, didn’t stand a chance

        THIS DOESNT MEAN IM NOT DISGUSTED AT WHAT THESE PEOPLE DO, AND THEY STILL SHOULDNT GET SOME PUNISHMENT AND ANSWER FOR THEIR CRIMES. . But what ive just said I hope will get taken into account at the coming illumintai trials where amnesty trade offs happen

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