Benjamin Fulford – Bush, Rothschild Prosecutions, New Disclosures, Greece, All Signs of Accelerating Cabal Take Down

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Source – Benjamin Fulford

greece is praying

There are rapidly accelerating indications the Khazarian crime syndicate that illegally seized power in the United States and many European countries is being systematically dismantled. A New York appeals court, for example, has ruled that officials who served during the George Bush Jr. regime can be sued and can face criminal charges. That opens the way for the mass jailing of the perpetrators of the 911 mass murder incident.

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Another sign is that a French judge has ordered one of the most senior members of the Rothschild family, Baron David de Rothschild, to be questioned by police on fraud charges.

Also, the killing of J.P Morgan (Bush) bankers has reached a new height with the “sudden death” of their Vice Chairman and high powered deal maker Jimmy Lee. More than a dozen JP Morgan bankers have died suddenly recently and it is clear somebody is following a trail. Rest assured that trail leads to the Bush/Clinton crime family.



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  1. Mark says:

    ‘Another sign’.

    So much trouble in the world (…and, who plays Bob M song in their head, at the mention?). Rothschild, Morgan… The City of London.

    … globalist fam/s. Twenty or less.

    go on now tap, chase them, hunt them down and out

    We need God. Best I pray


  2. Truth Hurts says:

    Talking of signs, I just heard the strangest noises in the sky. It sounded like an irregularly stuttering engine with rolling booms, almost like bombs going off. Nothing at all like normal thunder and it’s still going now, been at least 5 minutes now. WTF IS THIS!

  3. Truth Hurts says:

    I took a very poor quality recording using my phone, these strange sounds lasted for around 10 minutes and seemed to move across the sky from south east to south west, then stopped abruptly.

    sorry for the poor quality, even my neighbour noticed it and also came outside!

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


      truth says:
      The most important book of all is the one that reveals ALL the worlds secrets and is considered by the elite as the most dangerous book in the world: The King James Bible.

      Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:
      Really truth?
      I thought the King James Bible was revised and rewritten by our illuminati elite friends. I assumed for more control purposes, and cnensorship, and divide and rule.
      Is the King James Bible a pure truthful book? But what about josephus flavius lies? Henry said he invented the Jesus story and set the ground for a new control religion, Christianity
      Why would the elite Controllers even have allowed such a truthful book to be the best selling book of all time?
      And Gnostic spiritual truths about our pineal glands etc, if im right don’t get brought to peoples attention in the bible, while the secret socieities enjoyed all these truths

      I note in the Vatican at the major altar is a giant pine cone representing the pineal gland. I note to its on the popes rod, a pine cone. This is why I have a problem trusting the bible, book for general consumption. While evil elites kept the population in ignorance and enjoyed exploring all these esoteric truths for themselves

      Sorry,i forgot, and exploited the ignorant populace too, taxing them, taking and raping their women, humiliating them, impoverishing them, whilst telling them to read the good book. Your focussed thoughts reply to these points I appreciate Gordon thanks

  4. Lynn says:

    Lets hope this is really going on Gordon. The whole rotten lot needs to be punished for what they have done throughout history.

  5. Bluefeather6 says:

    Google “Ernst Zundel – Off Your Knees Germany ( 1983- 2003) You tube

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