Addressing the Jewish Zionist issue.

I do not have the time to conclude a summary, other than here we have people not necessarily agreeing, but at least talking and discussing. This is an example of the conversation I wish I might hear on the appallingly awful presstitute Zionist BBC.

1/2 – Judaism vs Jewish Identity Politics – Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro and Gilad Atzmon:
2/2 Q&A – Judaism vs Jewish Identity Politics – Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro and Gilad Atzmon:

I was painting and the first part automatically went to the next YouTube video:
Jews & Queers in The American Civil War – Texe Marrs with Jeff Rense:
… which has a wonderfully politically incorrect title and is rather interesting too.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Here is an interesting twist from RT. Genuine blowback or controlled opposition using a posterchild “anti-semite” usefull idiot ?. Is it a co-incidence that Israel firster and EU sychophant Cameron wants to pass new related laws ? See how our pathetic Communitarian “Dear Leader” attempts to conflate anti-semetism with anti-zionism and criticism of the nuclear armed rogue state of Israel.

    Goldberg: Is there a bright line in your mind that separates anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism?

    Cameron: As well as the new threat of extremist Islamism, there has been an insidious, creeping attempt to delegitimize the state of Israel, which spills over often into anti-Semitism. We have to be very clear about the fact that there is a dangerous line that people keep crossing over. This is a state, a democracy that is recognized by the United Nations, and I don’t think we should be tolerant of this effort at delegitimization. The people who are trying to make the line fuzzy are the delegitimizers. And I have a very clear view, which is that if you disagree with the policies of Israel, fine, say so, but that is never a reason to take that out on Jewish communities. We have to be very clear about threats—this is a dangerous line that people keep crossing over, that says that anti-Zionism is a legitimate form of political discourse.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Who is Joshua Bonehill-Paine ?

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

      ― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

      RT report
      Neo-Nazis threaten to burn Jewish Talmud, destroy Israeli flag at London march
      British fascists plan to destroy Israeli flags and burn Jewish religious texts during a march in northwest London next month, it has emerged.

      Organizers of the July 4 demonstration plan to march against the “Jewification” of Britain in Golders Green, a traditionally Jewish area known for its Orthodox population.

      White supremacist Joshua Bonehill-Paine called on activists to bring their own Israeli flags to the march so they could “dismember them by hand.”

      He also said a private ceremony would be held where copies of the Talmud, a Jewish holy book, would be burned.

      Bonehill-Paine, 22, said Israeli flags would be destroyed in solidarity with those “oppressed” by the “illegal” state.

      In order to avoid prosecution, the group will not burn the flags but instead “dismember them by hand.”

      In northeast England, police in Newcastle upon Tyne in March arrested two neo-Nazi activists for burning Israeli flags at a small far-right demonstration in the city center.

      The “White Man March” was organized by the small, but social media savvy neo-Nazi group National Action.

      • pauline says:

        Joshua bonehill paine is certainly no White supremacist,he is a plant,false AGITATOR.
        There are no White supremacists in the UK,
        The EDL was a Jewish financed set up of MIGS(MEN IN GEAR )local Luton football gang ,Lennon and big Kev Carrol, who were former BNP members,who were tempted away by the lure of the Jewish shekel,to form EDL.
        I think they were dropped by the BNP when big Kevs wife threw up over Nick Griffins shoes outside the King Harry pub in Luton,haha sorry no pictures were took lol.
        Tho only man who could
        have taken White nationalism anywhere was John Tyndall

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Yes, the late great John Tyndall

        Murdered by the State of I

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Its very clear to me whats going on now, a big shaft of lights come through.
      The pressures on
      Do I sense weakness though behind the comments above?

  2. Lynn says:

    Cameron Knows this is a growing anger at the lack of action against the Jew crew. We are all waking up to the full horror of this illegal takeover of Palestine and the rest of the worlds governments. It is becoming too big to hide now. The internet has served us well and they really are not ready for the masses waking up to the truth. They are weak now we know the agenda’s. They are getting caught out and named and shamed. Its coming and it is not going to stop.

  3. Lynn says:

    When they have to make laws to protect the few they have lost. We can call Muslims and Russians but not Israel. The whole thing is laughable. We know Mr Cameron exactly what is being done, what has been done, and we are letting you know what will now be done. Free speech is our culture and we wont be quiet.

  4. Truth Hurts says:

    I have just left Craig Murray’s blog for the last time. I shall no longer be frequenting his musings as he has now announced some “banned topics” such as stating the facts of the jewish problem, holocaust truth, 9/11 and more.

    Thanks for the heads up Adam, off to read it now 🙂

    The question running over my mind is what the hell can we do about this. Being keyboard warriors won’t help but neither will any direct action. I feel we need to build the numbers who question but time is now drastically short for such an endeavour.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      I feel TH if approached correctly, using mental agility and not hammerblows, being keyboard warriors is the way. Its a portal via email, right into someones personal space and inbox and mind.
      But I make my emails of varying lengths, but mostly quite short, hard hitting, to the point, but with enough strange ambiguity to arouse curiosity.

      Emails cant be too out there, ranting on about spirits or space colonies or ppl will switch off and dismiss and delete.

      So I keep my keyboard warmongering to things grounded based in tangible real world problems, anomalies we see around us.
      eg I recently sent out an email to 70+ people, WW2 truths. From the recent Tap post.
      But in my own words. Brief salient hard hitting facts , like how stalin, hitler, Churchill, were all Freemasons. Controlled thru a staged war .And this accounted for hitlers strange battle choices etc. I might paste in some good tapblog stuff directly, maybe a small photo to make a point come alive.
      But I challenge head on in peoples MS DOS programming – hang on folks. Your daily BBC etc is lying to you.

      The trick as well is to treat it like a spiral curriculum. Keep emailing, revisiting subtly, different things. All with the aim of getting into peoples MS DOS programming since birth, and giving it a shake. To at least start questioning.
      And I am relentless and fight and fight.
      But I take care not to pester people too much either. I intersperse different emails with health short topic emails, so its not all conspiracy.

      Sometimes I even directly copy and paste yours or MS or anyones comments off here, if its salient and hard hitting and neatly encapsulates something.
      Ive found an interesting provactive heading subject bar can make the email come alive too

      Who do I send these to? People from my past, ex tutors at universities. Tutors ive never even met. Unis ive never even been to. Eg I was upset at one uni recently, Bill & Melinda were funding a vitamin A safety study.
      So I identified the scientist at the uni. The uni PR woman. A few others. And emailed them not to trust, bill and melindas shares in Monsanto etc

      That was back in march. I send others every week too, not too much though. The other day I emailed again how I wanted a v high up professor, to use her influence, to stop the Monsanto Syngenta gut destruction and human ill health from hidden Bt toxin in GMO corn genes, cows feed, food supply.
      The fact they’ve never met me, might give it some curiosity shock value.
      Some I email are people ive known personally. Some I tune into, who would like this topic? So I don’t blanket send to the same emails all the time

      If you ask henry to send ill put you on email list too if you like

      Im careful not to use certain words, topics, and speak with hate. We all know who the bad guys are, but im not going to play into their hands

      I now tread carefully round the elephant in the room whos Zionist name I daren’t speak.

      I try to point out to people, look, your worlds not like you think. Look over there, see how they hide in plain sight, what theyre really doing.
      I get no feedback apart from a few close friends. SO my emails just go out in the ether

      My point is TH, theres a lot we can do as keyboard warriors. And I encourage you to do things above if youre not already, and paste this comment on too perhaps.

      anyway must get on bye for now

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      I most certainly do send and touch on the space program lie though. Paul Laviolette updates on Ceres have gone to many inboxes
      I also warn and discuss how bad people are going to do Great Deceptions this year
      So im not a UFO victim whos swallowed the lies the Elephants in the room want. Im aware loads is not what it seems and I think my discernment as I navigate, is getting better

  5. Truth Hurts says:

    I forgot, here’s a link for those interested in the post and comments

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Truth Hurts says:

      Adam, don’t worry my friend. You were already on the list simply for reading the Tap blog and your interest in the SSP. You should also not fear as this life is but fleeting and temporary, you are spirit and will live on, FACT. I can state this with complete sincerity as my OBE has shown me conclusively we are more than this flesh.
      Like you I’m not in a hurry to leave and would like to bring a positive contribution to this earthly realm however if my time comes, it comes and I won’t be going lightly if it’s not a natural exit.

      I’m tired of being surrounded by blind egotistical morons who are nothing more than materialistic and shallow. I guess that may be how the “elite” feel about us all. I understand it however I would choose a different solution. REAL EDUCATION AND TRUTH…end of.
      Looking at the innocence of children, who inherently share naturally and care for one an other no matter of colour or creed makes me weep for what some of humanity has become. Ruled by stupidity and avarice with no desire in an unfortunate majority to change it.”

      TH, firstly, what you say above makes me think. Im 41 now. I have had a few brief girlfriends and encounters with women, im not a virgin. Im not ugly. But in my teens twenties and 30s ive been shy and messed up, and had body dysmorphic disorder but its gone now. I went to uni for nearly the whole of my 30s which was a difficult time socially. Im even wondering if my depressions in the past might even have been some cabal interference via psi stuff. Ive never had a serious love. However I have many many times , fallen deeply for some wonderful women, but its been unrequited.
      But things are improving my minds better than its ever been, my feeling inside. The point im trying to make to you is this:
      My fear is of dying and going to the spirit world before ive enjoyed the true pleasure of real love and sex with someone wonderful, where ive got all I want in front of me. Id better get a move on in 2015 before whatever End Time events coming
      I say all this bcoz, however wonderful it might be in the after life. I hear the earthly pleasures of love and sex don’t exist there. I must have them before I go. Im not even sure now if reincarnation is real, or a new age deception.

      I have no doubt the afterlife is. Your NDE OBE. Is it true what they say?
      No sense of time exists? Is it pure bliss there? Are all the colours, senses, wonderfully vivid? Can you describe it? But use my reply button on a comment

      I wouldn’t get too despondent about unawake humanity. ive read it only needs a 12% approx. awakening threshold, then the rest of humanity it spreads exponentially. This is the genie in the bottle I think TPTB are trying to keep in. Maybe? But then again theres too much intentional truth leaking I think, I think theres something coming the elites can do nothing about

  6. Lynn says:

    You are so wrong TH.. The spread of information in the new age of technology (internet) is waking people up to the full horror of where we are going. It has delayed them and kept them back. Look at Syria and the lobbying of MPs we would have blown them back to the stoneage, just as we did in Lybia, Iraq, and the rest !! This is working and each and every one of us keyboard warriors are mounting. There will be trouble ahead and they know it. I said 8 years ago you cant buy everyone, you certainly cant shut us up either. This is clear now. Only by speaking out and educating the masses will we ever have a chance. Our Media is bought and controlled, this is our only means of world communication. we are now the news and reporters of truth. They have had 2,000 years at this and they are coming unstuck. We dont believe a word they say anymore. Without their cover stories they are dust.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      There has always been delays in implementing their plans Lynn. Nothing happens exactly as planned and the internet as we know it, is now dead. Google is providing heavy censorship, alexa has destroyed “truther” sites ratings and sent the most popular to page 6 of results. You speak of awakening but I am yet to count more than 10 people I could have a conversation with that doesn’t include downright confusion or taking MSM statements as facts. To assume is to make an ass of u and me. Until I see and hear more dissection of issues dominated in the mainstream by those surrounding me I will have to maintain a disappointing perspective that most are unaware and uncaring.

      Take for example my Mrs & her mother. Their both Danish (obviously) and I pointed my OH to the removal of cash from Danish society and she mentioned it to her mother. Her mum’s response is that this is a good thing……
      I mean really, she has lived through many a banking crisis now and is happy to simply hand control over EVERYTHING to these same psychopaths. Unthinking and quite probably unable to see past her own nose.

      I unfortunately still must despair for the future of humanity.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        It was very profound and interesting indeed, no embellishment need, thankyou for sharing it Truth Hurts

        I hope you are feeling better and your health improves and goes on the up and up. I left a message for you on starship earth big picture blog, it said TH, I assumed it was you. Cant remember the article, but where you said you wernt feeling well

        Heres a few links that might help. On his free basic programme where hair analysis isn’t required, those loads of useful tips you can implement today. No need to do everything, just try and do as much as you can and work into it.
        I must admit I do not do the full NB regime myself. But when I feel ill or run down or out of balance when I start doing these suggestions I notice a difference and feel good.

        I left an interesting comment to Gordon logan in the Euro post if you missed it. And also in new York national guard I left some interesting ones to men scryfa recently about satanic conspiracy vs alien ufo conspiracy
        ive left other interesting comments too but cant remember which articles ive left them under

      • Truth Hurts says:

        Wasn’t me Adam, I only post here now 🙂

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