Activist from Honiton apprehended as she tries to arrest David Cameron

By Western Gazette – South Somerset  |  Posted: June 21, 2014


David Cameron in Burford

A woman from Honiton tried to “arrest” David Cameron for his “crimes against children”.

The activist for the New Fathers 4 Justice group was removed by security police.

The 42-year-old woman from Honiton tried to confront the PM at an agricultural event in Burford and claimed she wanted to “citizen’s arrest” the PM over “crimes against children in the family courts.”

She, along with fellow activist Bob Smith from London, attempted to force their way through the crowds but could not get within reach before security stepped in. 

A spokesman for the group said: “We’d like nothing more than to be simply with our families, and happy in the knowledge our children would grow up with equal rights, but until anything is done – this is the only way anyone takes any notice of our message.

“New Fathers 4 Justice want nothing less than a legal presumption of 50/50 contact for a child with their parents if they split up, and the abolition of the deeply controversial, undemocratic secret court system that still exists within the ‘family’ division despite forty years of inequality and protest.”

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6 Responses to “Activist from Honiton apprehended as she tries to arrest David Cameron”

  1. RabbiT says:

    Illuminating article on another scoundrel wanted for crimes against mankind:

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Thanks, ive passed that on. The incongruous music goes well with it actually. makes the whole thing bizarre enough so people I email it to will sit up and take notice and have their MSDOS programming interrupted and act like a Trojan horse under the radar of cognitive dissonance.

      Carrying on from my comments to Jennifer today, cant remember which article is it Money. WASP could read Hebrew and replied with bluster when challenged.
      Not only this. I read too on a Gordon logan post a few yrs ago this morning, Aangirfan, ……is disnfo. Which astounds me. Because Aangirfan seems to have really being exposing exposing exposing so much. Mechanics of false flags. Physics and spirituality. The colemanexperience problem. Wheres the subtle agenda with aangirfan?

      Ive been asking a lot of very interesting questions to Men Scryfa. In posts going as far back as new York national guard. I hope you get a chance to read them
      Id like to put the same questions to you and get your replies.

      for instance what do you think of this comment by henry about gnostic warrior blog
      – interesting blog. shame it’s bringing in Christian notions into gnosticism. Gnosticism was destroyed by christianity, and christianity likes to pretend gnosticism is part of early christianity which it isn’t

      Heres a few other things I hope youll answer
      – are past lives and reincarnation not real? A new age deception? If so why do they make that up for us to swallow?
      – Josephus Flavius wrote lots of fiction including Jesus. Christianity was set up to hide Gnostic truths, and act as a control mechanism on humanity not letting us be aware of our pineal glands and the truth of things. Acc to Henry.

      How much of the bible can we trust? As Jennifer said, a best selling book the Controllers wouldn’t let lots of truths be in there, theyd censor, and fabricate, cul de sac.

      – Are Gnostic physics reality truths, where its at/ Astrology etc. Where does Jesus Christ fit into this? Because I do believe, people like Men Scryfa and others are onto something. Its said the 2 words together when spoken, Jesus Christ, have the power to defeat satan and demonic entities. Does this mean the real King Jesus who died in exile in 98AD, in Chester, really was some important lightworker from God? Im trying to dovetail Gnostic things, with Jesus Christ and asking what Bible truths might be in there. That seems to be what im doing

      Grateful for any thoughts and reply RabbiT which are much needed

      • Paul says:

        Don’t really know how to answer you on many of the points, but I do have to point out that Gnosticism was npt destroyed by christianity… it was destroyed by Catholocism, which is two completely different ideologies when looked at properly, it just happens to have conned people for 100’s of years

  2. bangonit says:

    What a brave woman to take on such a wanker.
    Well done.
    Lets have more of this, its time.
    Love peace harmonies

  3. Lynn says:

    They are untouchable and out of touch… VIPs like him have their own police and UN army. All private and ILLUMINATI Traitors.

  4. No More Lies says:

    Among other things Prime Minister David Cameron is a supporter of real terrorists for he has been on the side of the LTTE Tamil terrorists for decades

    Sign the Petition to Ban LTTE Tamil Terrorist’s Flag in Australia

    This is a petition to the Australian Government to disallow the raising of the LTTE Tamil terrorist’s flag in Australian soil.

    An Australian lady who went to a pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists meeting in Melbourne and objected to the LTTE flag hoisting in Australia was attacked by the ex-LTTE terrorists members smuggled to Australia by Tamil community living in Melbourne.

    On 18th May 2015 Diannah went in response to her conscious to stand up for what she believed in. She ended up with a broken finger and a bruised rib and a frightened daughter who has had to even change her car number plates.

    An Australian being bruised and manhandled by Tamil immigrants in Australia is certainly a first for anyone.

    Will Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott take action to protect his people from being attacked by foreigners including foreign terrorists?

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