No Self-Defence Allowed

Self-defense is now ILLEGAL in the UK

Friday, June 05, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes

The United Kingdom has been moving politically to the Left for some time now, [ really ? – J], but even in our wildest dreams, never could we have imagined that it would become illegal to protect yourself there.

As reported by The New American, British subjects seeking advice about what are and are not permissible self-defense instruments found some recently on a police web site. It is sponsored by the British government’s Police National Legal Database.

Q589: Are there any legal self defence products that I can buy?

The police answer:

The only fully legal self defence product… is a rape alarm.

Now, the site goes on to say that there may be other products, but those have yet to be fully tested and that “if you purchase one you must be aware… there is always a possibility that you will be arrested and detained until the product, it’s [sic] contents and legality can be verified.”

That’s not very reassuring, so in an effort to further reduce anxiety about “other” self-defense products, the site points out that any product a British citizen purchases other than a rape alarm “must not [be] a product which is made or adapted to cause a person injury.” Anyone possessing “such a product in public (and in private in specific circumstances) is against the law.”

No, this isn’t a joke – it’s real

The site goes on to offer more helpful hints and tips. For instance, a British citizen can use a squirt bottle filled with a safe, but brightly colored, dye that would help police find and arrest an alleged criminal – after an attack. Of course, that approach presumes that the person who is attacked survives it or is able to physically “squirt” his or her attacker before getting the stuffing knocked out of him or her.

But even then, the police database site warns, a citizen should “be aware that even a seemingly safe product… would become an offensive weapon [if] it would be used in a way that was intended to cause injury.”

Then comes this disclaimer: “The above advice is given in good faith, you must make your own decision and this website cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the possession, use or misuse of any self defence product.”

Except, of course, a rape alarm.

Ridiculous? Of course. A phony story? Hardly; click the link above and read it for yourself.

Upon learning of the website and its suggestions regarding how British citizens should, er, not defend themselves, the National Rifle Association did in fact confirm “that British subjects continue to live at the mercy of their potential attackers.” The advice reads like an appeal for victims to graciously suffer criminal violence while removing “any remaining vestiges of the traditional right to self-defense,” the group said.

“Self-defense is illegal”

As further noted by The New American:

Real people have experienced the absurdity of such rules being enforced with diligence across the country. Three knife-wielding burglars [guns are illegal in England] invaded a home in England, tied up the family members and threatened to kill the father. One of the members managed to escape and get help. The family member and the helper returned and inflicted permanent brain damage on one of burglars — a criminal, by the way, with more than 50 previous convictions — using a cricket bat. Authorities arrested the defendants — the victims — and sent them to prison for more than two years. The attacker? He escaped punishment.

In another case, a well-known TV personality was seated at her kitchen table with her daughter one night when she caught several young men peering through her window. She immediately began looking around for something to use to defend herself and her daughter from what she believed was an imminent attack and found a kitchen knife. She waved it in front of them and chased them away.

But she was later visited by Hertfordshire police, who summarily informed her that the knife was an “offensive weapon” and, thus, illegal.

She wasn’t arrested, but, as a local report explained: “She was not looking to be a vigilante… but… police explained to her that even if you’re at home alone and you have an intruder, you are not allowed to protect yourself.”

If you have any plans to relocate to the UK, you might want to rethink that decision.



12 Responses to “No Self-Defence Allowed”

  1. Lynn says:

    So we are sitting ducks….Just how they want us !!

  2. ian says:

    as you have always been, you are allowed to use as much force as could be considered reasonable by a jury of your peers, given the circumstances. If you were chopping wood and someone attacked you with a knife, you could likely justify hitting them with the axe. You could not chase them away, run after them and hit them with it. It would then be you who was the attacker.

    • Jennifer says:

      But it seems in that scenario of using the axe for self-defence, the police would still have the option to prosecute and put you in the dock before the jury for them to decide.
      In any natural justice the initiator of the aggression deserves retaliation to any degree where the ‘victim’ feels safe, even if that means chasing and putting them in a casualty ward.
      There is no equivalence in initiating an attack on someone and in defending yourself – they are chalk and cheese.
      That’s what I call ‘reasonable’.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Im therefore suspicious of George Clooney. he will eat expensive dinners alongside Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, at CFR dinners. Ive gone off George Clooney. Even though ive enjoyed his films a lot

        The heartthrob has been accepted for life membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, the independent nonpartisan think tank whose ranks include Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Clooney was nominated to the Council by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and TV host Charlie Rose (Adam- Charlie rose is a totally corrupt cabal media person, this is well known)

        “I’m honored to have been nominated,” Clooney said. “I look forward to participating in the work and programs of the Council on Foreign Relations. And I hear the initiation ritual is wild.”

        The people in the CFR and their Bohemian Grove initiation rituals, Kissinger, etc, im shocked Clooney could be part of this. Why would he want to associate himself with such scum, at the CFR? hes either one of the or an infiltrator on behalf of white hat esoteric society. I suppose hois film choices tell me the latter

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Clooney and many others, might be MK Ultrad. Id never have enetertained this. But since if=ve read Aangirfans reports on trauma based mind control, personality splitting, with small children of the elites (not to mention outside kids they abuse), its made me wonder, if what I dee I the wiorld around Jennifer, people, solid guys like clloney, or kevin Costner, theres a vast scary MK Ultra thing going on
        Im not gay by the way, I f=don’t fancy Clooney or Costner, I like women, as sofija art student MFA will tell you

  3. Cobalt says:

    We now live in a society where ‘reasonable force’ is subject to the interpretation of a judge/police/government.

    Somebody breaks into your house in the middle of the night and tries to rape your wife or harm your children and you are arrested for trying to protect your family.

    Been through it myself and don’t get me wrong there are some brilliant police officers out there. However they are all tied down by bureaucracy and you can tell the frustration on their faces.

  4. andy baz says:

    Walking sticks are fine. Many a gardening implement can prove highly effective tools and most adaptable.

  5. nick says:

    A metal pen is a great self defence weapon, if it is a narrow diameter it punctures the skin with a reasonable thrust, and does some damage when stabbed into the attackers face.

    There is no law against carrying a pen, and any attempt by the police to describe it as an offensive weapon would be laughed out of court!

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Yeah that is a good method.

      Personally I prefer golf clubs kept in the rear seat of the car. Takes too long to get them out of the boot. That is what I always use when I have to defend myself.

      Otherwise keep Level III Body armor in the home for all members of the family and hard helmets etc (but obviously nothing illegal). If the police try to set you up with a phony MK domestic or some similar in order to do a siege (like they did to that barrister they assassinated a while ago – or a bit like the ELF mind frying of Raoul Moat who then later got murdered by PC) then it will be obvious then that they were shooting to kill as they will have to pump you full of some much lead it will be impossible for them to cover it all up.
      They are just exposing themselves more and more everyday. If you prep ahead and have the technology it is easy to expose these satanic thugs even if they send people to watch you 24/7.

      The only people who don’t know what is going on are the ones who are still asleep. There is no argument left. We all know the Conspiracy. It is only the ignorant and the mind kontrolled who don’t and they are just becoming a joke

  6. Gavin says:

    The only people through history who have not been allowed to defend themselves have been slaves.

  7. fattist says:

    ian is right,,you cannot not be allowed to defend yourself,Its a right besrowed by your creator,so cannot be “illegalised. read blackstones or whatever lawbook on the subject and youll discover that for several centuries the law hasnt changed

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