13th TRIBE – History of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN


The Thirteenth Tribe

Arthur Koestler

Arthur Koestler was born in Budapest, studied science and psychology in Vienna, and became a foreign correspondent for various European newspapers. He covered the Spanish Civil War, and later joined the French Foreign Legion, then the British Army. His most famous novel is “The Darkness at Noon”. This 1976 book discusses the ancient Khazar Empire that flourished in the Dark Ages, the seventh to the tenth centuries between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, an area called Caucasia where the Aryans originated. They were wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan. Some took refuge in Eastern Europe and had an impact on the racial composition and social heritage of modern Jewry.

Part One tells of the “Rise and Fall of the Khazars”. Their cavalry was the origin of the word “Hussar”. They adopted Judaism to avoid becoming a vassal of either the Christian ruler in Constantinople or the Moslem ruler in Babylon. Previously they worshiped pagan gods. Chapter III tells about their state at its peak. Emperor Leo the Khazar ruled Byzantium in 775-780. The invasions by Vikings or Norsemen affected many nations around Khazaria. The Khazar state disappeared by the end of the 13th century (p.132).

Part Two discusses “The Heritage” after the Mongol invasion. Khazar people migrated to the west (eastern Europe), such as in Hungary (p.142). The Black Death also depopulated the former Khazar heartland (p.144). Place names in the Ukraine and Poland are derived from `Khazar’ or `Zhid’ (p.145). The Polish kingdom attracted immigrants (p.149). Chapter VI discusses the migration of Jews into Europe since Roman times. The Black Death killed many, and led to the persecution of the Jews. Yiddish is an amalgam of Hebrew, medieval German, Slavonic, and other elements written in Hebrew characters (p.172). The `East-Middle German’ dialects came from medieval Austria and Bavaria (p.173).

Chapter VIII discusses “Race and Myth” about the Sephardim and Ashkenazim. Physical anthropology shows too many differences among Jewish groups to form a race. In any nation there is a greater similarity between Jews and Gentiles than those in different countries. Interbreeding and proselytizing are noted in the Old Testament (p.187). The aquiline nose is found among North American Indians and various Caucasian tribes, but not among true Semites (p.191). A way of life affects not only facial expressions but also physical features (p.195).

Arthur Koestler tells about old friends who emigrated to the United States before World War II. They acquired “an American physiognomy” (p.195). [Ever notice how you can sometimes identify some Europeans as non-Americans by their face?] Koestler goes on to describe the effects of inbreeding, genetic drift, and selection. Koestler ends with his claim that world Jewry is of Khazar-Turkish rather than Semitic origin (p.199). The misconceptions about a “Jewish type” ignores geographic reality, social environment, and social inheritance. The four Appendices provide a background to this book.

TAP – Ralph Ellis points out the Israelites were the Hyksos, northern Egyptians.  King David was an Egyptian Pharoah, moved to Judaea by the scribes to hide the truth of who the Israelites really were.  The Pharoahs controlled much of Judaea, and fought wars there, but they themselves were not from modern day Israel.  It was not their homeland.  The Ebro delta, what we call the Nile Delta was.  Their cities included Avaris, a name we use to this day.


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  1. Mark says:

    Ellis, Tap and… Ezzat.


    Alexis… and Mark (aiming to read Ellis’ Mary M. book this weekend).

  2. RabbiT says:

    Nice pictures, not much substance. The source material seems almost solely from the book itself. Keoestler and Ellis are but two modern theorists who should be taken with more than a large pinch of salt. Such is but part of the strong delusion being perpetrated in these times of great deceit. Knowledge and truth are not one and the same.


    “Ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.” 2 Tim.3.7

    I do agree that the State of Israel is not based upon the covenant of Abraham.

    In John 2.19 “Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”

    He was referring to Himself and subsequently the second temple was destroyed not one stone left upon another as He prophesied. With Christ being the new temple the building of a third temple in Jerusalem is the ultimate insult to their messiah. Just as man, not God led Jews back to Israel in the same way man, not God will bring about their false messiah:


    Keep digging though…

  3. Lynn says:

    The real hijackers of all that is human….this cabal really is the preditor that walks the Earth. Going up against the remaining super powers is going to sort this lot once and for all. They have got away with MURDER!! Up until now.!!!

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    Gordon, Tap, Lynn, be careful Cameron and his cronies will soon be sending the rozzers round with the black moria on the grounds of spreading extremism for daring to speak the truth and thereby creating a threat to “British values” and “democracy”. Clearly Cameron and his cronies are not referring to the Rule of Law or Free Speech as these are the values which they now seek abolish to be replaced by the prohibition of “hate speech” (i.e. views and opinions that the shadow government finds intimidating).

    Oh the irony. The Conservative party will be the ones to end free speech, a right which Britons have enjoyed for 100’s of years. And all of this done in the name of “democracy” and “British values”.

  5. Lynn says:

    Palestine woke so many people up…Genocide was commited last year on a people who are deemed refugees in their own land.

    A prison called Gaza. No army and no protection.

    The west did nothing to condemn the slaughter of innocent women and children. The Jews are mind numbingly cruel.

  6. Agree with Lynn!

    While committing atrocious crimes they also do everything to shut down free speech and following is just one example.

    “Open Mind” Conference in Amsterdam assailed by Zionists

    The Open Mind Conference in Amsterdam, Holland, June 6-7 2015, organised by former KLM captain and TCP-gas whisteblower, Willem Felderhof, present factual, scientific and historical evidence related to 9/11 Truth, weather modification, geo-engineering and the New World Order, has been attacked by Zionists, who forced the original venue to cancel and who continue to enflame opposition in the press. The Oldschool in Amsterdam withdrew under political pressure from those whose minds are not open.


  7. Truth Hurts says:

    2015 – The year Zionists accomplished their goal of having children state “snow is black”

  8. Breaking – 86 Year Old Woman Raided and Ransacked for Saying “Holocaust is the Biggest and Most Persistent Lie in History” on German TV – Who are the Real “Nazis?”


    • Aldous says:

      That’s a great link with masses of info, as well as the heartbreaking to watch Hellstorm video. I wonder if they’ll ever have that on the National Curriculum or tours of Eisenhower’s/Eisenhauer’s REAL Death Camps and the murder of over a million and a half re-designated POW’s to Disarmed Enemy Forces ?
      I won’t hold my breath.

      At 86, it’s unlikely that Ursula Haverbeck will survive prison (for speaking the Truth) and perhaps that is what she wants. If like me, she considers herself nearing the end of their journey on Earth (and there might just be an afterlife of sorts and we’re not just born to die), then there isn’t really much, if anything to lose but everything to gain from a death with significant purpose.

      Far better than an anonymous and irrelevant death while possibly thinking one could have done more to expose this Lie of Lies aka the Holocaustic Hoax.

  9. Author of hoax Holocaust memoir to pay $22.5 million

    Seventy-six year old Misha Defonseca had written an awe-inspiring story recapturing her experiences as a young Jewish girl on the run during World War II. Her memoir, published in 1997 under the title Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years, told of an encounter with a Nazi rapist, a search spanning 1,900 miles for her parents, and life among a pack of wolves.
    Note: When the whole holocau$t is exposed trillions will have to be paid for all the lies.


    • Aldous says:

      “Author of hoax Holocaust memoir to pay $22.5 million – Misha Defonseca, who lied about being Jewish,</b was found to have made up the events in her book about WWII”

      The devil is in the easy to spot detail AND headline I’m afraid for this deceptive story. Note that they do not say ‘Holocaust hoax memoir’ but hoax Holocaust memoir’. The main point they are actually making (imho) is that this particular hoax memoir was (allegedly) cobbled together by an unscrupulous, lying Gentile who was not Jewish and made $millions (off the back of the Holocaust Hoax) which should have normally gone to unscrupulous, lying Jews.

      That is the only reason that this woman has been outed and the piece appears in an Israeli publication. You won’t see the same rag – or any other Jewish owned/controlled rag – breaking news about the fake Anne Frank diary, or the masses upon masses of similar bogus accounts of fake experience and suffering that prop up one of the biggest lies in history.

      Also, the use of ‘hoax Holocaust memoir’ instead of ‘fake Holocaust memoir’ could be to malign and discredit the use of Holocaust Hoax or Holohoax that has almost become as common and accepted a term as the hijacked word Holocaust itself.

  10. Nice details Aldous and much appreciated!

  11. We need to watch for the safety of Journalist Shenali Waduge who has come forward to say that “The War on Terror is a Lie” and she is right!

    Zionists have already blocked access to her blog shenaliwaduge.com after feeling threatened by the truth!

    “The War on Terror is a Lie” By Shenali Waduge

    To those that did not know better, the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 9, 2011 was made to look as if it was the first and only terrorist attack on mankind. It took just 9 hours to bomb Afghanistan without any conclusive evidence. The Plans that had been set well before 9/11 to take over nations was given a knee jerk with the 9/11 from which we can but deduce that 9/11 was likely to have been staged. The evidence to prove so is overwhelming further accentuated by the fact that Task Forces had been appointed to feed the media, to create speeches, stories and articles to justify the carpet bombings that would kill thousands in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The mainstream stands guilty of relaying misleading media coverage portraying them in such a way to give a totally different meaning to the ground situation. This occurred and continues to occur in all the countries US/Allies target.


  12. Deception and lies continue while innocent people (even as old as 86 years) are being harassed merely for upholding the truth and this has to end.


  13. “I have been treated like a Palestinian since 1978″ – says Professor Robert Faurisson

    Robert Faurisson — A Most Honorable Man


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