11 Thought Provoking Images Show What Corporations Are Doing To The Planet



Go to school, get a job, pay your bills, and try to put yourself in a position to earn enough money to be able to live – this is our current human experience. But while we’re busy focusing on how to survive, our planet is being trashed at an exponential rate.

Is it possible to create a human experience where we don’t destroy the planet? Is it possible for everybody to have their basic necessities met without the use of money? Is it possible to create a “system” where money is not even needed? We believe so, but there still seems to be a harsh resistance to this type of thinking, despite the tremendous amount of options that exist to change our world.

For example, we could use hemp and other biodegradable non-toxic ingredients to manufacture our products – products that don’t harm the environment, but actually help to heal it. No more plastic, no more deforestation. Hemp can also be used to generate energy and boasts over 50,000 other uses, but this crop is still illegal in many places.

Again, hemp is just one small example out of many with big implications. There exist a number of problems that urgently need to be addressed, and the fact that a handful of corporations pretty much own the entire planet and all its resources doesn’t help, but things are changing, there is still good out there. Imagine if these corporations came together and pooled all of their resources to change the world. What a difference that would make. We need a shift in consciousness to save the planet, a network that is not driven by greed, fear, and ego, but one that is driven by a common goal: the betterment of our planet and the well-being of all life on Earth.

This is absolutely possible to achieve, and sometimes I feel that because this is such a simple idea in essence, people don’t believe it. It’s not uncommon for many to refer to economics, business, finance, the very system that enslaves us; it’s hard for many to imagine a world without money or to understand how that world would even function in practice. I believe this simply comes from an ignorance of solutions that are out there and the way our world works in general. Self-education is the key to making change happen.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, working in this field for a number of years now and being interested in it for even longer, the progress we’ve made as a human race is astounding. Anybody who pays attention to this type of thing can clearly see that. At the same time, we have a long way to go, and there are many steps for the human race to take, but we are indeed heading in the right direction.

These are just a few pictures to get you thinking, and they’ve been floating around the internet for a while. We apologize if you’ve already seen them, but we definitely wanted to archive them on our website as they do provide some valuable food for thought.








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Source: http://worldtruth.tv/11-thought-provoking-images-show-what-humans-are-really-doing-to-the-planet/

TAP – This is what corporations are doing to the planet, Gordon.   I’m not sure human beings are as rapacious.  Why do we need centrally generated electricity, for  example when it could be created locally, or by tapping into the earth’s electric power using resonance?  Why is there so much packaging on products we buy?  We don’t ask for it, do we.  Most humans would prefer to control their environment locally and care for it, yet the choice is taken away from them by government and corporations who run industry and agriculture on the vast scale beyond the control of humans.



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  1. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Not forgetting the Elephant in the Room whos name we dare not speak Tap whos Guidebook is behind this working to bring these things about.

    Maybe this coming Disclosure will help. The SSP has perhaps been the illuminatis biggest secret. However some solid whistleblowers one in particular are saying, a benevolent good faction of the SSP is now powerful enough, wants to share all these amazing technologies that will totally reverse the damage in the 10 photos above. There is a Space War, like Star Wars, going on above our heads unbeknown to us. Except now with the Ceres Lights, Disclosures being orchestrated in 2015. Whether the good SSP or illuminati SSP faction, im not sure yet

    • Julie says:

      Hello Adam. I agree with this comment I read today. Few of the alternative media really discuss the Talmud in detail, and there lies the secret.

      “You’re most likely rejoicing today with the news from Mark Glenn’s TUT that at least 91% of Americans would vote for a Jew as president of the USA. Remarkable! I’m sure you couldn’t be happier.

      Do you think maybe we should scrap the “jew-wise” alternative media or keep it the way it is? I mean, after 20 years of a “jew wise” alternative media A LOT MORE Americans today would vote for a Jew as a president of the USA than before the “jew wise” “alternative” ever existed. When I say ” A Lot More”, I do mean A LOT A LOT MORE Americans want a Jew president today after 20 years of a “jew wise” alternative media than before the “jew-wise” “alternative” ever existed. What’s the point of having a “jew-wise” alternative media if so many more Americans want a Jew president now than before anyone ever heard of a “jew-wise” media?

      Don’t you think it’s time to stop and rethink and maybe use another tack, another strategy for our alternative media, to defeat the NWO? I mean the whole “jew-wise” thing ain’t workin’ people. Why do I always have a funny feeling the ultimate goal of the “jew-wise” “alternative” media is to totally fail in changing the jew status quo? I ask you, Mel, because you’re a shrewd jew : What’s the real purpose of the “jew-wise” alternative media? Under all the bullshit, cutting thru all the layers and layers of crap, what is the REAL reason for the “jew-wise” media?”

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        HelloJulie, yes, totally, we must strap in seatbelts

        No other time in recent history has this much data been available to the people; we are living in a post apocalyptic world – the great unveiling. It is hidden, with Easter eggs of wisdom all over the world, and now there is so much “boots on the ground” disclosure happening it is affecting the Cabal’s delicate conditioning programs. We are controlled by suggestion, meaning the power to change has always been in our hands, but it has been obfuscated due to our beliefs and world views. This is one of the biggest tools in the Cabals arsenal, to offer us a world view that blind us to ourselves. But now the time has come for change, where we will finally embrace the truth and explore the deepest mysteries of life, and in doing so take up our personal powers to be the change.

        The disclosure narrative has expanded profoundly since the beginning of this year, and by all accounts will continue to blow the lid off our world of deception and compartmentalization. The truth is all around us, we need only begin the process of reconciling it within ourselves to realize its mind, body and spirit transforming effects.

        David Wilcock posted Corey’s Mars colony trip report, offering some interesting points for consideration about how much else is changing on the planet. Corey’s data is just one link in a chain of massive global events preparing humanity for an eventual shift in thinking, action and cooperation with life.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Id just like to add, make the point. As best as I can gather, its not all paradise up there on the colonies. There appear to be generations of people workers up there, told elaborate lies that earth is destroyed and unable to return
        Naturally, there are VIP elites that can fly around, enjoy the star trek like fun and wonderment. However there are a lot of what seem no more than lied to slaves
        It reads like a 1984 out on a space colony. Everyone eats the same things, same toiletries, everythings recycled. So the visitors from earth instantly smelled different
        This to me is horrifying. Ive no desire to be up there at all. it goes to show, if the cabal get their way,, this fate awaits us on earth too
        Im sure up on the colonies much worse things go on, satanic occult abuses etc etc slavery
        There does seem to be a powerful counterbalancing good faction up there. I never thought id say this, but star wars really does seem like its real

        Points that jumped out and astounded me from Coreys latest report:
        – after leaving the good SSP moon base LOC, to goto a cabal controlled colony on Mars….it normally takes a few minutes. But this time took 30 mins, sonce Mars was on other side of the sun. This means the SSP craft Corey was in was going about 3/4 times the speed of light!
        – Other mindblowing accounts of the technology of the SSP craft that took him there
        – A realisation I don’t want to leave and go up there. The beauty of earth, the sun, the sea, the foods, the smells. I just want those mindblowing technologies to help us all

        I know this seems off the point to your comment above Julie. But my mind goes to this topic when I think how on earth we are going to solve all we talk about on Tapblog everyday

  2. Lynn says:

    The money changers have caused the devastation on Planet Earth. The oil spill was a deliberate assault and so was most of the catastrophies going on. We then are told we are responsible for the whole melt down. The Jews have a vendetta with all that is natural and humane. We are paying a high price for all of their evil. Life is cheap to them when it is the Goyim who suffer them. This has to stop soon as the herd are looking up and seeing the destruction of all that was free and nourishing stripped bare. They are a thorn in the side of humanity !! the time is coming to end this monstrous evil crime syndicate. We have to take back our lives.

  3. Bluefeather6 says:

    the elder brothers gave their younger brother warnings over twenty years ago, in a documentary ” heart of the world” and recently gave another in a film “aluna”.
    The indigenous peoples know nature, have a connection to source and for many are seemingly in balance with creation around them.
    They whom have not been exposed to “civilisation” “industrialisation” and any religious or political “ism” that creates a schism, division within a community; realise consequences resulting from destructive behaviour, acts and ideologies.
    They understand natural law, have respect for the consciousness within water, air, Earth, all forms of life. They balance their living with reciprocity, when taking they give back something.
    We can learn from their ways, living in a simple way free from surveillance, taxing, weapon frequency microwave frequencies, drugs and vaccinations, poisoning of foods and drinks….
    Learn from them by all means, but leave them in peace to continue their life in the way that they choose. They get by just fine without the intrusion from western influences, bringing in their agenda’s of control and exploitation.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      thanks for this Bluefeather
      this feels right, and bang on. It doesn’t feel like its got any new age deception in either, whatever that is, im still not sure
      But what you say above giidesme, this Natural Law, ill have to look into it further. I got put off mark passios website because theres just so so many damn lectures to wade through, and its best to start at the beginning he says.
      I think ive read somewhere natural law is even more important than common law. I think too theres some natural law court of justice just started, I hope it achieves what its aims are
      The Aluna things interesting. This ties in with what kauilapele talks about in Hawaii all the demonstrations about sacred mauna kea
      So it seems that this natural law, consciousness within everything, soveriengty, must at some point in the past been what the good communities practiced, maybe druids in the distant past. Im guessing that elites packaged up all these natural law truths and formed occult mystic societies, and started creating a locked down matrix version of reality for the masses

      Could it be for example the Salem withchunts and others, were examples of elites trying to purge communities of advanced awakened members?

      The aborigines, the Kalahari people, the red Indians, the Irish perhaps? celts? Montague Keen goes on about how great things started in Ireland and the vaticandid all it could to oppress and wipe out the truth about Ireland
      I have a feeling this has got something to do with the Aryan race, that stretches down in a band, via anglo Saxons then down towards iran perhaps and india.
      This ties in, why the elephants in the room whos name I daren’t speak seem to have such hate for Aryan and westerna civilisation, and constantly are working to undermine and destroy it

      So these indigenous peoples seem to hold simple basic innocent truths of natural law ill look into

      Im seeing everyday now in our MSM things are being ramped up from all angles.
      BTW Bluefeather maybe you have some good insights
      – People are saying that past lives and reincarnation are a new age deception. Do you think this is true/
      – What do you think are the new age deceptions? A lot of evidence is pointing to there IS an afterlife. But is the deception something to do with reincarnation, or other spiritual aspect?

  4. Julie,

    Most so called truth websites are run by agent provocateurs or Zionist agents who are deceiving the truth seekers.


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