Who killed Hollie & Jessica?

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On 17 August 2002, the bodies of two ten-year-old girls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, were found right next to an air force base. [A now dead American serviceman is almost certainly the perpetrator of this heinous crime]

“The series of murders in the South East of England during 2000-2002 had five victims, namely Sarah Payne, Milly Dowler, Danielle Jones, and Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.”

Sarah Payne in Cheshire – The Soham Murders…

Well protected pedophile rings at work?


THE CASE OF THE SOHAM BADGERS – Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr

Before Tony Blair got into 10 Downing Street, our knowledge of stranger killers was that they always repeated their crimes and that they were very difficult to identify or catch. They were a faceless, nameless malignancy in a national multitude and they always had the upper hand. Their capture depended on police patience, vigilance and luck, or error on the part of the criminal. But since the Spin-and-Salary maestro invaded 10 Downing Street, this has all switched around. Now stranger killers are always locals, and they never repeat their crimes because the police always catch their man immediately after his first murder. Our police have become super-detectives, and instead of experiencing the nervous breakdown symptoms as before, our senior police officers appear to be developing psychopathic tendencies themselves.

There have been many examples of this new style of killer in recent convictions, including Sion Jenkins, Barry George, Roy Whiting and Ian Huntley for instance. In the cases of Whiting and Huntley, the crimes for which they are convicted were part of a series of child abductions and murders in the south east of England, which the police had begun prosecuting before the series was allowed to reveal its proper character. In Ian Huntley’s case, a most interesting view of modern police procedure is traceable which enables us to understand why this change in our understanding of stranger killers has occurred.


Stefan Kiszko was convicted in 1976 for the rape and murder of an 11-year-old Lesley Molseed in 1975. He spent 16 years in prison before he was released in 1992, after a long campaign by his mother. He died of a heart attack the following year at the age of 41. His mother died a few months later. In 2007, Ronald Castree, of Shaw, near Oldham, was found to have the same DNA as Lesley’s attacker and was convicted at Bradford Crown Court.


Apart from the fact that the Death Penalty would almost certainly be used against Truthseekers and patriots in ‘fitted up’ crimes, I am these days against the Death Penalty because without any shadow of doubt, it is certainly irreversible.

Correction: Of course the UK still has the Death Penalty – am I an idiot or what? Just ask Dr David Kelly or Princess Diana.



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  1. Steve says:

    The late Joe Vialls had at least one excellent article on the Soham case. He was convinced that Huntley had been fitted up.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    What about Stuart Hazell. Another fit up.

    Some people say that Vialls was Mossad.

    Then again he was way ahead on things like Port Arthur, the Tsunami Bomb, the Nuke that went off in the 90s Docklands

    It is a bit like Stew Webb and Ted Gunderson. Very difficult to get to the truth of the matter.

    Either Truth or Expert Expert Disinfo.

    Who is Disinfo. One or other or both (?!?)

    Whatever it is, if Vialls was a Limited Hangout merchant he was one of the best there’s ever been in the business

    He could teach today’s clowns a thing or two.

    There’s Carol Valentine and Preston James. Again either genius territory or renegade who have turned on the Beast

    There is one other possibility and that is Advanced Mind Control which is secret from even most of the elite. Like a Revelation of the Method but only for PhD students of The Conspiracy…

  3. Jkick says:

    I think it’s very Huntley unlikely the killer.

    Regarding Castree, he may well have been second person fitted up for the Molseed murder.

    While i’m not saying Molseed an angel, however, again, like Huntley, it’s highly likely cops knew the real killer, but pressure on them to come up with someone quick. Hence Molseed.

    Who the real killa?

    Someone in the spotlight was Raymond Hewlett.

    Same fella who was in the spotlight for Maddie M disapearence.

    Only thing is, in this instance its highly unlikely the victim (MM) actually exsisted.

    Just another distraction that sells newspapers.

    No, if you want to find the real killa you gotta look into Savile / Sutcliffe connection.

    Who we know were both into young folk and worked around the dead.

    The only thing we do not know was where they first met.

    In the cementry?,

    Saviles night club (frequented by Brady and Hindley)?,

    or did Sutcliffe witness Savile because we know he (Sutcliffe) was a voyeur of prostitutes young and old?

    But a killa of them all, highly unlikely.

    Maybe Savile your man, or maybe the name of the playing fieds where Wilma McCann was killed is of no coincidence.

    Nor is the fact that her (Wilma) father was called Gerry.

    To many coincidences for my liking.


  4. nick says:

    Once a suspect in a high profile case is in police custody they end up confessing and believing they committed the crime, its not by brutal methods but more subtle with the use of technology that has been around for decades. Look up Mind control by Dr Nick Begich.

    ‘national security’ is a good enough reason to fit up some unlucky mark, and these days all kinds of evidence can be put onto someones computer to help prove their guilt

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