Was Farage blocked? Police investigate Thanet South electoral fraud allegations

Kent Police investigate ballot box tampering claims

Kent Police have confirmed that they are investigating allegations that ballot boxes may have been tampered with, in what was one of the highest profile election battles in the country last week.

Last Friday morning, Nigel Farage was defeated in his attempt to become an MP in South Thanet for UKIP. He lost to the Conservative candidate by more than 2,800 votes.

But after claims that ballot boxes were interfered with, Kent Police say they are now conducting enquiries into electoral fraud in the constituency. Here’s our Political Correspondent, Phil Hornby.

Kent Police: ‘No evidence of electoral fraud so far’

Kent Police hq
Kent Police clarify electoral fraud allegation over Thanet South election

On Monday 11 May, Kent Police was contacted by a member of the public from outside the county with a concern around election fraud due to speculation on social media in South Thanet. Initial enquiries by officers have been carried out and so far no evidence of electoral fraud has been found.





5 Responses to “Was Farage blocked? Police investigate Thanet South electoral fraud allegations”

  1. Nollidge says:

    Years later we may read of this enquiry being “blocked from on high” – that’s if we’re still allowed to read anything more on the net.

  2. Lynn says:

    Thats if we are still around… Warlords are in charge now!!

  3. Gary says:

    Could they? Would they? Undoubtedly, yes. Just over six months ago we saw our intelligence services along with politicians interfere with the postal vote in Scotland. This was done on a grand scale. Aside from that another TEN investigations were opened on voter fraud. The Edinburgh Agreement forced Holyrood to have no recounts, no exit polls and to accept the result as given, VERY odd. After the polls closed security was breached by; no seals on ballot boxes, no additional person with boxes to prevent interference and no security with boxes when being delivered to counting stations. We also saw multiple fire alarms during the count (sound familiar?) and obvious interference at the count. The postal vote samples had been released by party leaders (who should not have been aware of them) and a Police investigation followed. When the ‘official’ polls gave 51% the three leaders and a pet newspaper breached ‘purdah’ to alter their offer. Cameron denied this, stating he was not making promises as Prime Minister but only as Conservative leader! Polling carried out by the other side on the doorstep gave them approx 75% support. Strangely this morphed into 45% of the vote in a suspiciously high turnout, 100% in some wards.

    Does any/all of this sound familiar for those in Thanet? Perhaps all the polling WAS wrong. Maybe the Conservative Party got lucky in every single marginal and decimated Labour where necessary and took back the UKIP vote to prevent the right wing vote being split. To add to that, LibDems, unhappy with their own party in coalition have apparently decided, in large numbers, to vote for their hated coalition ‘partners’ and not Labour or UKIP!

    All of this simply beggars belief. Look at the GE result in Scotland. The voters (not unexpectedly) veered away from the status quo. England’s vote, expected to shift SIGNIFICANTLY away from the old parties, does exactly the OPPOSITE!

    No, this isn’t paranoia. There’s a pattern. There’s evidence but there’s no democracy!

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    Some fantastic comments here on what is a really superb blog (well done Tap & Team)

    Oh I better go before I get taken to the High Court on allegations of ‘Extremism’ (whatever that is) for being a “threat to democracy” by daring to suggest that our democracy has been subverted and stolen from us by those in control of it.

    Irony, absurdity and nonce sense.

  5. Kate says:

    I like the idea of the north of England getting together with Scotland, as mentioned in the media today. Then move Hadrian’s wall below Manchester.

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