VIDEO: Ex-CIA Agent Expains How Alternative Media Can Defeat The Ruling Elite

21st Century Wire says…
Every once in a while you find a former intelligence agent willing to tell it like it is, and this is no exception…

Ex-CIA agent Robert Steele outlines how citizen journalism and blogging along with other like minded people will be the best way to defeat the ruling elite. That is the way towards freedom according to the former intelligence insider.

The following is from Brasscheck TV

Highlights from this talk:

“We need structured citizen journalism that lets no evil go unreported…”
“The price of buying back the Federal government is $500 million a year.”
“It may be time to literally dump Congress on its ass.”
“It’s time to tax the Federal reserve – and put them out of business.”
“The United Sates no longer represents we the people.”
“The reality is the federal government is broken in every possible way.”

Robert Steele, former CIA


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  1. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    m not a scientist or mathematician, and certainly not one versed in all the suppressed physics

    If you go here

    this should get you to start seriously questioning official things. Or this

    There are big implications with all of this. A strategy of Disclosure being done by white hats in 2015

    To try and answer your question, above is from a new whistleblower whos come on the scene in 2015, CoreyGoodET. hes been vetted and it really does appear he worked for 20 plus years in secret space programs. The same one gary Mckinnon got a glimpse of when he hacked into nasa computers. That they tries to extradite him and jail for life over. Go and see his project Camelot interview in his back garden

    Basically, it looks like an official web of Lies got weaved on us all from 1900 approx. onwards. Nikola Teslas free energy physics wasn’t allowed to flourish. The oil trade and many other vested interests threatened.
    So what I posted above, is an introduction, of the following
    – Astrology is a very real thing
    – Free energy is real
    – Secret Space programs abound, he says the illuminati put a man on Mars in 1962
    – The solar systems colonised
    – There are many SSP factions, a lot of compartmentalisation
    – It appears too, ancient civilisations got free energy and antigravity tech, and brokeaway, such as the Mayans, and others. And they still exist now.
    Our history books are full of lies
    – Don’t trust the bbc, sky, MSM newspapers, for anything
    It appears Nasa has lied to us since day 1. Even about the nature of space, its not like weve been told. Stargate interdimensional portals are real, not only in earths orbit, but also on earth itself
    – And I will end by saying, as Corey says above, the elites have withheld from us, mathematics and other physics truths.

    And btw, the alicve challenger astronauts could be a white hat strategy to start awakening people, it might be a white hat plan. One thing that cant be denied, dick scobee, and Michael SMith are alive and well today, working. Go take a look.
    It might actually too be a strategy to get the Truth about Cloning technology out to the masses

  2. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    I have been impressed with this Robert Steele. Everything he says seems to fit. As well, theyre not all evil in the CIA etc. There are white hats too. Why cant he be one? Not only this, I think the situation we find ourselves in, with this illuminati cabal mafia, that spans every topic and facet of life on earth today…..I think the situations so serious, I think Steeles suggestions about the power of citizen journalism, and blogging, aren’t excessive. Theyre a needed decent response, for us to use the internet as the powerful equalising force it is

    That said, however look what Aangirfan says today

    Steele is lying to us about Tunisia and the Arab Spring.

    Steele is lying to us about Vaclav Havel. The Czech Republic is now a source, transit, and destination country for women and children trafficked from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, China, and Vietnam.

    If Steele and his friends are planning a Revolution, it will be a revolution that benefits only a certain elite.

    The only desirable change is gradual change.


  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Aangirfan is right about a lot of things.

    He is also wrong about some important things.

    Like Buddhism, “The only desirable change is gradual change”, White people, Christianity, Editing comments he does not like.

    Its a shame. But there we go.

    Perhaps no body is perfect?

    I like places where there is free speech even if things get said that you do not like. Provided there is a fair playing field to allow the arguments and debates to play there way through so that the truth emerges. But that is rare to find.

    Regarding SSP Adam is raising all of these excellent points which frankly are being ignored on too many otherwise good blogs as they seem too far out to some but those that think that are still under too much conditioning and programming. As Adam says:

    “Don’t trust the bbc, sky, MSM newspapers, for anything
    It appears Nasa has lied to us since day 1. Even about the nature of space, its not like weve been told.”

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    This might make some people laugh.

    This is a comment I found on Youtube.


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