US Military Unreserved


How the US military really works, as laid out by Kay Griggs, ex-wife of a US Marines Colonel.
President Obama has sacked hundreds of senior military personnel. What is going on? With Jade Helm about to start, are the military loyal to the US Constitution, or not?


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Talking about US military or ‘Ex Military’

    Who is Sullen Bell. Well we know who he is – former CIA by his own admission:

    “My copy of Griffith’s “New Pearl Harbor Revisited” was autographed “to Magmak” by the author that night in Keene, NH when I asked him — given the publication of one of his books by the same church that baptized me — to address the subject the fact that America was engaged in a struggle with demonic evil. You did know he was a published expert on the topic of evil, didn’t you?”

    Yeah thanks for that. You see the problem is that David Ray Griffin is well know within certain circles as the guy who promotes a One World Religion and hangs out with fellow traveller and CFR member, Richard Falk. Oh dear…×38740

    If it looks like disinformation. Smells like disinformation. Talks like disinformation

    • sovereigntea says:

      Jade Helm hysteria is yet another hoax pushed by Bronfman’s bitch Alex Jones and the gang of attendent retards.

      Here is another

      Jones Griffin and other 911 truth hoaxers expose themselves as shills by adhering to the magical nano-thermite storytale. Shame the nano-thermite does not actually exist although nuclear weapons and the fallout at ground zero and cancer clusters do as does all the evidence of a nuclear attack and Israeli involvement in the crimes. Alex Hasbera Jones of course failed to upublish the evidence when he was supplied with it. Sandia Labs report. Israeli signal jammers blocking emergency frequencies JINSA

  2. Lynn says:

    Yes right – Jones and his Globalist’s fails to see the bigger picture. Or does he? The military are shot up with all sorts of mind controlling drugs… Proven and the fall out from the chemical aftermath soup the digest. All very sickening to see. Then they are targeted and uncared for. Nato and the UN are the ones to watch now. Mercenaries and butchers recruited with no loyalties to the people. We have been stitched up and sold a crock.

  3. American Military has always been the slave to Rothschild Zionists and as General Smedley Butler said “War is a Racket” and the winners of all wars are the Zionist bankers who make money regardless of which side wins.

    And the entire world has come to know that the US “War on Terror” is a fraud.

    It appears that 9/11 was a nuclear event orchestrated by Israel and the people propagating the myth about Nano – thermite are the gate keepers who want to keep a lid on Israeli involvement.

    It was former Marine Dr Alan Sabrosky the 1st military man who came forward to say that Israel did 9/11 and there had been an effort by so many people that include Mark Glenn, Gordon Duff, Nathanael Kapner (crypto Zionists) to keep his name out of sight in discussions about 9/11.

    This is the game these people play and the person who deserves the credit most does not get any.

    That reminds me to thank Jennifer for all her efforts in doing this article with so may videos!


  4. Smedley Butler: To Hell With War! The public was told to send their best into harm’s way in a “war to end all wars”; but instead, they were deceived, costing countless lives and destruction, while giving greater control over society to the money lenders.


  5. Zionism is Terrorism. Israel is the inventor of modern terrorism that started with bombing of King David Hotel and Israel is owned by the Rothschilds.

    “Is the world to simply watch UN, US and Allies divide countries and people?” By Shenali Waduge

    “….Pertinent to wonder what type of decency in political diplomacy is there when the implication is ‘do as we say otherwise we will bomb you into stone age’ and a handshake and press photo is meant to camouflage that threat!…”

    “…Should we not start to think whether false flag attacks, terrorism itself are all engineered wars by a handful of people steering those in control because those in control have been placed there by them in order to ensure their goals and objectives are carried out…”

    “..When President Lincolhn refused to bow down to Rothschild banking demands, he was assassinated. When McKinley refused to give the bankers the Spanish American War and refused to support the establishment of the Federal Reserve he too was assassinated. JFK was assassinated because he was stupid to produce Treasury Certificates which competed with the currency of the Federal Reserve.

    What we can be sure of is that a good look at history both local and global scenarios of events have shown that they are all been successfully manipulated by a handful of people with vested interests. They are using the same methods, same techniques that have been perfected through centuries. The response by masses has been poor because people know only what they see and hear via media owned by them. Only those who dig into events of history will find out that we had been fed lies.”

    Read more here:

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