Under PR UKIP would have 200 seats and be the biggest party in Parliament

While there were major Conservative and SNP victories in the 2015 election, everyone else on the political spectrum was grumbling about the first-past-the-post voting system.

Ukip won 12.6 per cent of the vote and only managed to get one MP into parliament. By contrast, the SNP only got 4.7 per cent of the vote and returned 56 MPs.

So what would today’s new parliament look like if we had a proportionally representative system?




Based on the 629 seats won by the six biggest parties, the Tories would have lost 90 seats. While they would still be the biggest party in parliament, with only 240 MPs they would probably have been forced into another coalition.

Under a proportional voting system the SNP’s landslide of 56 seats would have been reduced to 31 and the Lib Dems would not have been wiped out, retaining 51 seats instead of eight.

Ukip would become the third biggest party in government with 82 seats and the Greens would have won 24 – a far cry from those parties’ current tally of one seat each.

Electoral reform in favour of the Alternative Voting system was rejected by a national referendum back in 2011.


TAP.  In fact they wouldn’t, as PR would change the actual votes strongly in UKIP’s favour.  UKIP would have the same and more as in the European elections (27.5%) – and be the biggest party, say 200 UKIP MPs with Conservatives on 150.  The only viable government would a pact between UKIP and another party or parties.  It’s even possible UKIP would win an outright majority under PR, as voters could be tempted to rally round a party promising total change.


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  1. Archie says:

    Is this not a flawed anaysis?
    Only in Scotland can SNP can be voted for Each region of UK would have to have that region’s seats allocated according to the results for the region . . . likewise Wales and NI.
    So seat allocations would have to be related to that part of the UK where voting for a particular party was an option
    England: England only parties + National parties (inc (Lib, Lab, Con, Ukip)
    Scotland: Scotland only parties + National parties (inc (Lib, Lab, Con, Ukip)
    Wales: Wales only parties + National parties
    NI: NI only parties + National parties (inc (Lib, Lab, Con, Ukip)

    While I agree that PR would be a better option, we must be careful not to bring in bias of any type which the presented anaysis seems to . . . I also note the omission of Welsh and NI parties included – would their seat allocations not suffer the same fate as SNP??!

    Seems to me that this election spiel’s (partic the Cons) has traded on fears of the Scots and created divisions where there might not have been before.

    The latter point states the obvious that politics is there to divide and conquer us and not to bring us together (as we should be, for we are all One are we not in truth).

    I found the video “Voting is an Act of Violence” very interesting.(https://youtu.be/8ZPUelmFaGw)

  2. anonymous says:

    It might also help to have a better voting system.

    Suggestion: When a person goes into the polling station, they are ticked off on the register just as they are now. They then go into the booth and press the button/image on a machine that matches their choice. The machine then issues a sheet/card with their choice on it which they check. It is then folded up and put in a ballot box. At the end of the evening all the votes are counted manually and compared to the machine result. The result should be the same!

    We definitely have to come up with a better voting system, the current one is too easy to manipulate.

  3. Tapestry says:

    It would not be difficult to imagine a foolproof voting system. The fact that no attempt is made to create one, proves that fraud is their intention all along.

  4. Lynn says:

    They own the media !! they have all the exits covered. This has been a long game for the Zions and they wont give up without a fight. It’s coming and they will make damned sure it will end badly for the Goy.

  5. Aldous says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about those colours and what might have been for UKIP if PR had been in place. ZOG Western Democracy(sic) is an absolute joke and periodic General Elections are a total irrelevance. It’s impure theatre and anyone who thinks changing the voting system is going to change anything is seriously deluded.

    The same inhuman ‘things’ that are really running Britain from behind the curtain are the same things who have killed millions since their murderous false flag spectacle known as 9/11. Does anyone seriously believe that these inbred monsters who have taken human form are going to go quietly and more especially, by a cross on a ballot paper?

    We are in a race that has existed since Earth began. Good versus Evil. I am a great believer that, like the Universe itself whose ‘mass’ has been a constant, the sum of Good plus Evil has also been a constant. Good will always tend to lag behind Evil in this Eternal Race but when Good is systematically subverted and undermined, Evil is allowed to get way too far in front. This far too wide a gap is being closed fast but can never draw level. Evil is contained by its knowledge that Truth is snapping at its heels. We wouldn’t want to have such an enemy behind us. Just in front will do nicely.

    This is the Truthseeker’s job and lot. This is our reward in this life.

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