The Canadian media finally “discovers” the mass graves of Indian children

Posted on May 21, 2015

A Commentary by Kevin D. Annett

Bone sample found at Brantford residential school mass grave, November 2011


It was eighteen years ago this month that I first handed to a Vancouver Sun newspaper editor a list of possible mass grave sites of Indian residential school children on Canada’s west coast, based on government documents and statements from eyewitnesses who buried children there. I and these witnesses were flatly ignored: not only then, but every other time over the subsequent years that we presented such evidence  to the same newspaper.

Year after year, despite all our public protests, forums, and documenting of the location of the mass graves of these children, the Vancouver Sun’s indifference to the worst crime in Canadian history continued. And this same blind eye approach was replicated by every other “mainstream” media outlet across Canada – even when,  in December of 2011, these media received from me evidence of bone and clothing samples unearthed from the Brantford residential school mass grave.

But lo and behold! Suddenly this past week, as if I’d never spoken to them, the Sun newspaper finally reported on residential school graves! I wasn’t mentioned in their article, of course; nor was the word “genocide”, or any of the hundreds of witnesses to these crimes that our work has given voice to since 1997.

Instead, a young, fresh faced graduate student nobody’s ever heard of received front page billing for her supposed “identifying” of children’s graves at the United Church residential school in Brandon: one of the very sites we had named to an oblivious Sun newspaper in March of 2008.

Did somebody say spin doctoring?

This past week, I searched for our eyewitnesses in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. I didn’t find one of them. They’re all gone now, either dead, bought off or drifted off somewhere. So it’s safer these days for the killers in church and state to talk about the undeniable mass graves of their victims, through carefully manicured media stories that lead us nowhere.

That’s what the guilty do, after all: and they do it successfully, thanks to the cowed  indifference and the five second memory of not only the drugged up public, but the legions of bought and paid for academic “experts” on our home grown Genocide that killed many tens of thousands of little children.

These days, I feel a lot like a solitary survivor of a lost continent, or people: watching as history gets rewritten, and reframed, so that the official truth, the land, and all the arrangements stay in the same bloody hands. But like my old buddy Joe Hendsbee, a blacklisted communist longshoreman used to tell me,

“When they gotta keep telling their Big Lie, over and over, it just proves they’re fucking desperate.”

Paraphrasing Joe, the author of The Art of War, Sun Tzu, once wrote,

If an enemy commander repeatedly speaks soothing but false reassurances to his people, he has lost his power.

The Canadian establishment has in truth lost its power, and stands exposed as a corrupt and murderous regime, along with their sponsors in London and Rome: something that all the King’s horses and all the media spins won’t alter one bit. And nothing is absolved, and nothing can be healed, as long as that regime totters on, like a condemned ghost.

And that, dear readers, leaves matters in your own trembling hands. There is nothing compelling you to believe, or fund, or obey murderers in high office, or their laws. Why so many of you who are aware of these genocidal crimes continue to do so I chock up to habitual behaviour rather than deliberate collusion. But ultimately, that’s no defense, of course. For nothing has been absolved, and nothing healed.

Let me repeat that: Nothing has been absolved, and nothing healed.

Every crime, like every action, has its consequence that cannot be denied: that’s simply the Law of Nature. And so one of these days, when the child killers who wear clerical robes along with their paid journalistic hacks awaken to the fact that there is no escape for them or for their deeds, we will witness – even here in Canada – one of those lovely historic moments when the little shit on the big throne tumbles and falls.

And that’s up to us.



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  1. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Excellent writing , moving and well said Kevin
    The enormity of the picture, all the details, is coming out soon. Theyre trying to control the narrative but doesn’t matter
    The SSP coming Disclosures are going to have a massive impact on the ITCCS, truths going to be everywhere, and structures with hiding places for secretive evil ‘elites’ doing this to children, will no longer have a place to hide
    This is a spiritual battle going on

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Kevin Annett a good but flawed man.

    He who is without sin step forward to cast the first stone.

    Like McNeill he had to be taken out by TPTB he was gaining too much traction

    Then again doing that kind of thing is having less and less effect – I think every attack they make is now helping us rather than hindering us. And as the Lightwarrior says when the stuff that Carol Valentine at Blog of Blogs and Preston James at VT have been talking about comes out into the mainstream of the alternative media it is going to be Goodnight Vienna..

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      BTW, university of Wisconsin where dead Michael Thompson now lectures, alive and well, age 69, is where preston James or is it Gordon Duff or whoever – I know Wisconsin uni has a strong VT link

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Preston/Duff/VT only started on about it after Valentine blew it open with that SkyNet stuff. Its all about trying to keep control which they clearly don’t have over Valentine although They call her a crank or nutball. That’s not really fair.

        Then we get treated to Stubblebine (Retired US Major General but ‘you can trust me’) and Stew Webb (was the car crash a set up?) kick off versus VT and Duff. I don’t know what to say…

        Basically they are trying to deep six it all like they did with ‘Flight of the Bumble Planes’ back in 2003. But it didn’t work

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    I probably should not remit this but I will

    Sometime ago Murrin told me about a vision that he had which was of the forces, the evil forces, just evaporating. Vanishing in front of the power of Good

    I was not sure what to make of that – maybe he is going to be proved right.

    We are about to find out I think!

  4. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    People shake their heads at me when I say the SSP has a relationship to the paedophilia problem, and horrors, but it does. Its an exciting Achilles heel.

    Id like to make Tapreaders aware, June 12th approx. is the next lot of nasas Dawn probes much closer photos of Ceres. We will see those lights much closer.

    Yes im sure this is a white hat strategy
    Theres a lot of other things happening this year, not Ceres, that are part of this. Look at the alive Challenger astronauts, like Dick Scobee. I can only wonder if back in 1986, white hats deliberately kept them off the shuttle, to use them sometime in the future, like 2015, when the times right, as a powerful tool to start unlocking breaking through peoples cognitive dissonance, and contribute to Disclosure momentum
    Paul Hellyers march 18th Disclosure speech on youtube, I think was deliberately timed for then, coming one day before that very very rare significant solar eclipse.

    Something to do with using astrology and energetic forces, taking advantage of them, just like the powers that were have done, when they do their false flags
    I also think that Corey GoodET SSP whistleblower coming on the scene this year, whos been extensively vetted by D Wilcock, is also part of this white hat strategy

    Cobra too on his 2012Portal blog posted last week, saying the Asian Light forces , have said now, the times right for Disclosure
    Perhaps theres been a tipping point of victories in the solar system between good and bad SSP factions, of liberating colonies? Maybe that point was decisively reached at the end of 2014?
    So yes I sense a definite white hat strategy. Some interesting UFO sightings this year too

    BTW, its surprising how I still encounter cognitive dissonance from family, friends, they just don’t want to know, even when Dick Scobee or Judith Reznick, whos now a law professor at Yale I think, even when I show them the photos of them today.
    But still, on a worldwide basis, these alive astronauts are going to build momentum and help SSP exposure and an end to thecolemanexperience evil

  5. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    I know this sounds far out – but there might be another Disclosure strategy going on with these astronauts instead.

    It might be, to get the truth out to the masses, about cloning technology. How they can use DNA infusions into blank slate bodies in water tanks, and within 36 hrs, they take on the form of the person.

    it doesn’t stop there. Cobra on his Rob potter interview last month said they have the technology too, to retrieve someones soul in the etheric dimension, move it to Montauk Long Island facility, and then powerful magnetic fields pull the spirit/soul down into the cloned body.
    Then the person wakes up

    I know this sounds crazy but I think this is what might be taking place.
    And Michael Thompson, lecturer at university of Wisconsin, 69, same age as the dead astronaut – im sorry that’s him
    Dick Scobee? That’s definitely him too. Why haven’t they even changed the names? This must be a white hat disclosure strategy

    But it might not be, maybe its the black hats? What about Judith Resnick law professor at Yale? Seriously weird stuff
    I think Nasa is a freemasonic organisation. Lets hope the white hat secret society factions are now in control

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Valentine and Springmeier are saying Soul transfer is already a reality.

      Unsurprising there is no referenced support for this or on the record witnesses yet. How long that will remain I don’t know. Springmeier says that They are 100 years out ahead of us.

      I asked that creepy Annie Machon this and other stuff directly. She acted dumb

      The supercomputer, nano implant, remote neural monitoring network stuff is just too much for most people to accept. Let alone the space stuff that MacKinnon talked about. Then there are the UK whistleblowers talking about Talybont Mountain and Dalby Forest…

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Another theory about the Challenger astronauts came to me while I was at the shop.
        Maybe, the white hats, have the dead astronauts DNA. And to embarrass the dark hat mafia cabal, they’ve cloned them and quietly inserted them into jobs. I suspect this because Scobees son is now high up in NORAD. NORADs a bad place I think. However, maybe this discussions pointless? Because who knows who or where the white hats have infiltrated into, acting for us.

        I know that theres recently been a lot of VT journalists left VT, refusing to work under Duff, censorship etc. But from what you say above, is all of VT, all the writers, acting for the dark side?

        Soul Transfers. If this is the case, why does Kissinger or Soros look so bad? Why haven’t they been to Montaulk and reincarnated themselves into newer fresher clones?

        I have recently read somewhere, cant remember where. The bad mafia has had HAARP taken off them, they no longer possess these etheric weapons. So its a more level playing field battle

        I think I might be going insane. Hopefully clarity will come soon and peaceful transitions await us all.

        Google doesn’t throw up much on talybont and dalby, this is mutilations with lasers from what I gather

  6. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Sorry, got his name wrong! Its Michael J Smith, dead astronaut alive and well, not thompson

  7. Bluefeather6 says:
    Each level of learning, downloadable pdf
    Amazing diverse subject matter, great resource for those ready to think outside of the box.

  8. Aldous says:

    My head’s spinning with some of this stuff but here goes:

    Part 1

    Illuminati passing the truth hidden in plain sight Illuminati religion’s fourth commandment

    Space shuttle Challenger hoax crew recent photos released 2015
    1986 “Doomed” space shuttle Challenger: recent photos of “crew” released 2015
    Recent photos of some of the 7 space shuttle Challenger “dead” crew, including the “commander” Scobee and “pilot” Michael Smith, now a professor at Wisconsin State school of engineering using the same name.
    Poster reacts to message of truth in plain sight mixed with a planted lie (still perceived as truth):
    “Good grief! Same face, same age and same name! I don’t get it. Why would she not even bother to change her name?. this is one of the most shocking things i have seen on this site in some time…”
    Last Prophet replies:
    Then here’s something even more shocking:

    Psy-op before passing the Truth in plain sight
    To get how important the commandment of “Truth in Plain Sight” is for the illuminati religion check out:
    Disinfo techniques: to what lengths did illuminati go to prepare the message
    Another actress vaguely resembling the “astronaut” Judith Resnik and also using the same name is casted as college professor at Yale now.
    She started playing her role in 2009, her only real “academic activity” was to interview the actress playing Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor.
    This fake Resnik is a plant to be later exposed to discredit the truth in plain sight, that would be released March 2015.
    The same disinfo technique was used with Christa McAuliffe, only difference being that the fake stepped on stage using another of the first names of the “astronaut”, Sharon.

  9. Aldous says:

    Part 2
    Another general goal of this type of psy-ops is the agenda “make believe that two different people are the same”.
    One of the benefits of this agenda is the use of impersonators to extend lives of illuminati icons (Fidel Castro) or as replacement of murdered (Mandela, Sharon, Prince William and Prince Harry, Putin).

  10. Aldous says:

    Vladimir Putin and family murdered and replaced by impostors [???]

    Jul 22, 2014
    Ukraine Malaysia Boeing 777 hoax: Core Lie: Putin plays the main disinfo role

    Ukraine: Malaysia Boeing 777 downed – the core lie
    The core lie of this event totally staged with actors:
    – a plane crashed, or in other words: there were not ZERO dead passengers.
    This is the core lie because exposing it implies exposing two underlying core lies:
    – “Putin” is NOT part of the conspiracy.
    – government of Republic of Donetsk, installed after the May 16 coup with russian Alexander Borodai as prime-minister, is NOT part of the conspiracy.

    Reminder: The most important reason to use fake instead of real victims is to have everyone in the cast say nothing but what is scripted.
    Had a real airliner been downed the victim’s families would blame the obvious culprits not the scripted ones.

    Boeing downed “exposed”: Flight MH17 – What You’re Not Being Told: Course 101 on the illuminati web of disinfo
    This video does nothing but to sell the core lie about the event.
    In other words: the author immediately exposes himself as a member of the illuminati web of disinfo, the same web where “Putin” plays the main role.

    WHY “Malaysia Boeing 777 downed” was staged:

    After Putin was murdered and until the Boston bombings hoax, the impostor had the leading role convincing the audience that episodes staged only with actors are real:
    – with russian actors only, from Puzy Riot to Bolshoi star attacked with acid;
    – with an international cast, from selling illuminazi puppets, from Syria’s Assad to Iran, repainting butchers as resisters, to “political asylum” for illuminati psy-op “Snowden” in the role of leaker.
    Main agenda in each of these episodes ranges from diverting from the murder of real Putin (Puzy Riot) to destroying russian icons (Bolshoi) and selling “leaks in illuminati media are possible” (Snowden).
    With the Boston marathon hoax Putin plays for the first time the leading role selling false flags staged only with actors as real.


  11. Aldous says:

    “… not that the coup succeeded. It didn’t.”

    Hi Tap, I don’t know what to make of much of it any more. Are we dealing with/in virtual [reality] coups and assassinations? Is it possible that a [Illuminati] coup fails overall but succeeds in removing the Russian leader who wants to spend some of his remaining time and life with his grandchildren?

    My guess is that the real Putin is now and forever out of it and enjoying his retirement away from all this heartache. He wasn’t assassinated in fact, even if he was assassinated in theory/history. What does it matter to the Illuminati as long as their ‘official narrative’ is reasonably credible to the easily duped and couldn’t really give a monkey’s sheeple?

    Putin is a multi £$Billionaire and ranks highly amongst those who are effectively untouchable – like QE2 for instance. Their assassination would have far reaching consequences.

    I suspect QE2 UK Head of State has been dead for quite some time – months not years but I may be wrong. Their deaths are used like their life (more like existence) itself and is never left to waste. When her death is eventually announced, it will be put to their good (bad) purpose.

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