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  1. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Scaremongering is inappropriate. It only plays into the hands of the cabal. We have nothing to fear with regards UFOs. Its the information war on every topic, the battle for our Minds waged every day, that Tapblog so effectively tackles head on, as a major front line bulwark, that we should have concern about. But not fear, never fear. That’s what the black magicians want

    • Gordon says:

      Clearly you haven’t watched the video which is about geoengineering the planet. There’s no scaremongering involved, just facts.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Sorry , I haven’t the internet ability to watch clips, I hadn’t read it

  2. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:



    Mechanics of Portal Travel through the “Cosmic Web” via Torsion Fields and Scalar Energy

    With the Title of this Thread being what it is I decided that we should first begin with some of the suppressed science. Some of the “Portal’s” are quite natural and have been exploited as a means of travel by many types of beings (Including ancient break away earth civilizations) for millions if not billions of years.

    Just as in the Middle Ages when Kings and Religious Leaders kept their “Commoners” illiterate, unable to Read, Write or know simple Geometry (Let alone Sacred Geometry)…

    The current era “Elites” have seen fit to prevent “Us Commoners” from knowing the “Unified Mathematics, Quantum Mass Consciousness and Scalar Torsion Field Physics Models” that have allowed them to “Become as gods among men”.

    If Math were truly the “Universal Language” then we have been denied the basic “Universal Translation Manual”. Everything from the Micro to the Macro is Vibration and Frequency (Including Matter, Energy and Thought) and these various groups have decided that only they have the right to eat from this tree of knowledge. This reference is no accident you will find as you read further.

    I thought I would first start with some basic descriptions of “Portal’s” or the “Cosmic Web” and we will work from there and dig deeper and discuss the topic that is the title of this Thread: “Alien Federations”, “AI’s”, “Secret Space Programs”, “Break Away Secret Governments” & “MILAB” Exploitation

    • Scam hunter says:

      Would you like to elaborate as I have no idea what you are talking about. For example can you explain what a scalar torsion field model is ?

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Im not a scientist or mathematician, and certainly not one versed in all the suppressed physics

        If you go here http://etheric.com/new-photos-from-dawn-spacecraft-show-suburb-bright-spots-appearing-on-ceres/

        this should get you to start seriously questioning official things. Or this

        There are big implications with all of this. A strategy of Disclosure being done by white hats in 2015

        To try and answer your question, above is from a new whistleblower whos come on the scene in 2015, CoreyGoodET. hes been vetted and it really does appear he worked for 20 plus years in secret space programs. The same one gary Mckinnon got a glimpse of when he hacked into nasa computers. That they tries to extradite him and jail for life over. Go and see his project Camelot interview in his back garden

        Basically, it looks like an official web of Lies got weaved on us all from 1900 approx. onwards. Nikola Teslas free energy physics wasn’t allowed to flourish. The oil trade and many other vested interests threatened.
        So what I posted above, is an introduction, of the following
        – Astrology is a very real thing
        – Free energy is real
        – Secret Space programs abound, he says the illuminati put a man on Mars in 1962
        – The solar systems colonised
        – There are many SSP factions, a lot of compartmentalisation
        – It appears too, ancient civilisations got free energy and antigravity tech, and brokeaway, such as the Mayans, and others. And they still exist now.
        Our history books are full of lies
        – Don’t trust the bbc, sky, MSM newspapers, for anything
        It appears Nasa has lied to us since day 1. Even about the nature of space, its not like weve been told. Stargate interdimensional portals are real, not only in earths orbit, but also on earth itself
        – And I will end by saying, as Corey says above, the elites have withheld from us, mathematics and other physics truths.

        And btw, the alicve challenger astronauts could be a white hat strategy to start awakening people, it might be a white hat plan. One thing that cant be denied, dick scobee, and Michael SMith are alive and well today, working. Go take a look.
        It might actually too be a strategy to get the Truth about Cloning technology out to the masses

  3. Thanks! Yes Geoengineering is real.

    Informing the truth to wake up more people everyday is what needs to be done.

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