Servants of Two Masters?

Naming and Shaming – The List Of Israel’s Agents Within British Politics
By Gilad Atzmon on May 6, 2015
Gilad Atzmon — May 6, 201


Ahead of Election Day tomorrow, the ultra Zionist published its list of Sabbos Goyim operating within British politics.
“With Polling Day in the General Election this Thursday, here is a list of all the parliamentary candidates who have sent positive replies to the Fairness for Israel Charter,” the Zionist outlet informed its followers.
Our British candidates agree, for example that, “boycotts against Israel in any sphere must be opposed.”  The shameless British parliamentary candidates listed below are willing to sacrifice freedom of expression to please their paymasters; agreeing that the “democratic State of Israel is not an ‘apartheid state’ and must not be described as one.”  The Zionist outlet explains;  “It is noted that every (Israeli) citizen has the right to vote and discrimination based on race, religion or sexuality is illegal.” But We Believe In Israel fails to mention a basic crucial fact. Millions of indigenous Palestinians living within areas controlled by Israel and subject to Israeli oppression are not entitled to be citizens let alone vote. And why? Because they are not ‘racially’ qualified.
This extensive list reveals that British politics is in urgent need of a major overhaul. It must cleanse itself of the corrosive influence of a very dangerous foreign Lobby. The list reveals that Zionist corruption has planted its roots in pretty much every British parliamentary party. This fact alone may help to explain why Brits have lost interest in their politics and do not believe their political parties.  No matter who you vote for, at the end of the day, it is the Jewish Lobby that calls the shots.

The List:

Constituency                                   Candidate                             Party
Aberconwy                                        Guto Bebb                             Conservative
Aberconwy                                        Mary Wimbury                      Labour
Aldridge Brownhills                         Ian Garrett                             Lib Dem
Banbury                                             John Howson                       Lib Dem
Barrow & Furness                            Simon Fell                            Conservative
Battersea                                           Jane Ellison                         Conservative
Beaconsfield                                    Dominic Grieve                    Conservative
Belfast South                                    Rodney McCune                 UUP
Bexhill & Battle                                 Geoffrey Bastin                    UKIP
Birkenhead                                       Clark Vasey                          Conservative
Blackpool South                              Peter Wood                           Conservative
Bognor Regis & Littlehampton      Francis Oppler                      Lib Dem
Bolsover                                            Peter Bedford                       Conservative
Bolton West                                      Chris Green                          Conservative
Bournemouth East                          Tobias Ellwood                     Conservative
Bournemouth East                          David Hughes                      UKIP
Bournemouth East                          Peter Stokes                         Labour
Bournemouth West                         Conor Burns                         Conservative
Bradford West                                   Celia Hickson                       Green
Braintree                                            Matthew Klesel                     Lib Dem
Brent Central                                    Stephen Priestly                  UKIP
Brigg & Goole                                   Andrew Percy                       Conservative
Brighton Kemptown                        Paul Chandler                      Lib Dem
Brighton Pavilion                             Nick Yeomans                      Independent
Burnley                                              Sarah Cockburn-Price        Conservative
Bury North                                         Richard Baum                      Lib Dem
Bury North                                         David Nuttall                         Conservative
Bury South                                        Daniel Critchlow                  Conservative
Bury South                                        Ivan Lewis                             Labour
Carlisle                                              Lorraine Birchall                  Lib Dem
Carmarthen W & S Pembs             Selwyn Runnett                   Lib Dem
Carshalton & Wallington                Ashley Dickenson               Christian People’s Alliance
Chatham & Aylesford                      Tristan Osborne                   Labour
Cheadle                                             Shaun Hopkins                    UKIP
Chelmsford                                       Simon Burns                         Conservative
Chingford & Woodford Green       Iain Duncan-Smith              Conservative
Chippenham                                    Michelle Donelan                Conservative
Chipping Barnet                              Victor Kaye                            UKIP
Chipping Barnet                              Theresa Villiers                    Conservative
Christchurch                                     Christopher Chope              Conservative
Cleethorpes                                      Martin Vickers                      Conservative
Corby                                                 Jonathan Hornett                Green
Corby                                                 Tom Pursglove                    Conservative
Crawley                                             Henry Smith                         Conservative
Dudley South                                   Mike Wood                            Conservative
Ealing Central & Acton                   Rupa Huq                             Labour
East Antrim                                       Sammy Wilson                     DUP
East Belfast                                       Gavin Robinson                  DUP
East Devon                                       Stuart Mole                           Lib Dem
East Ham                                           David Thorpe                      Lib Dem
East Kilbride, Strathaven & L         Lisa Cameron                     SNP
Eastbourne                                       Paul Howard                        Independent
Edinburgh North & Leith                Alan Melville                        UKIP
Enfield North                                    Cara Jenkinson                   Lib Dem
Epping Forest                                   Eleanor Laing                     Conservative
Epping Forest                                   Mark Wadsworth                 Young People’s Party
Erith & Thamesmead                      Sidney Cordle                     Christian People’s Alliance
Exeter                                                 Dom Morris                         Conservative
Finchley & Golders Green             Jonathan Davies                 Lib Dem
Finchley & Golders Green             Mike Freer                             Conservative
Finchley & Golders Green             Richard King                         UKIP
Finchley & Golders Green             Sarah Sackman                   Labour
Folkestone & Hythe                         Claire Jeffrey                        Labour
Grantham & Stamford                     Barrie Fairbairn                    Labour
Hammersmith                                   Millicent Scott                       Lib Dem
Hammersmith                                   Richard Wood                      UKIP
Hampstead & Kilburn                      Maajid Nawaz                      Lib Dem
Hampstead & Kilburn                      Magnus Neilson                  UKIP
Hampstead & Kilburn                      Tulip Siddiq                          Labour
Hampstead & Kilburn                      Simon Marcus                      Conservative
Harborough, Oadby & Wigston     Edward Garnier                    Conservative
Harrow East                                      Bob Blackman                      Conservative
Harwich & North Essex                  Mark Hughes                        UKIP
Hemel Hempstead                           Howard Koch                       UKIP
Hemsworth                                        Martin Roberts                     Yorkshire First
Hendon                                             Andrew Dismore                  Labour
Hendon                                             Raymond Shamash             UKIP
Hertford & Stortford                          Michael Green                      Lib Dem
Hertsmere                                          Oliver Dowden                     Conservative
Horsham                                            Martyn Davis                         Labour
Horsham                                            Jeremy Quin                         Conservative
Hove                                                   Graham Cox                         Conservative
Ilford North                                        Lee Scott                               Conservative
Ilford North                                        Wes Streeting                       Labour
Ipswich                                              Chika Akinwale                    Lib Dem
Islington South & Finsbury            Pete Muswell                        UKIP
Kingston & Surbiton                        James Berry                          Conservative
Lagan Valley                                     Alan Love                              UKIP
Lagan Valley                                    Trevor Lunn                          Alliance
Leeds North East                             Fabian Hamilton                  Labour
Leeds North East                             Warren Hendon                   UKIP
Leeds North East                             Simon Wilson                       Conservative
Leeds North West                            Greg Mulholland                  Lib Dem
Leicester East                                   Susanna Steptoe                 UKIP
Lewisham East                                 Heidi Alexander                   Labour
Liverpool Wavertree                        Luciana Berger                    Labour
Livingston                                         Charles Dundas                  Lib Dem
Loughborough                                 Steve Coltman                      Lib Dem
Louth & Horncastle                         Victoria Atkins                      Conservative
Manchester Withington                  Mark Davies                          UKIP
Meon Valley                                      Dave Alexander                   UKIP
Mid Norfolk                                        Anna Coke                            UKIP
Mid Sussex                                       Toby Brothers                       UKIP
Mitcham & Morden                          Richard Hilton                      UKIP
Newbury                                            Catherine Anderson           UKIP
Newcastle-upon-Tyne East           Nick Brown                           Labour
Newcastle-upon-Tyne North         Violet Rook                           North East Party
North Antrim                                     Jayne Dunlop                       Alliance
North Antrim                                     Ian Paisley Jnr                     DUP
North Belfast                                     Nigel Dodds                          DUP
North East Fife                                 Huw Bell                                Conservative
North East Fife                                 Tim Brett                                Lib Dem
North West Hampshire                   Andrew Adams                     Labour
Nottingham South                           Tony Sutton                          Lib Dem
Penistone & Stocksbridge              Graeme Waddicar                UKIP
Penrith & The Border                      Neil Hughes                         Lib Dem
Plymouth Sutton & Devonport      Oliver Colville                       Conservative
Poplar & Limehouse                       Elaine Bagshaw                  Lib Dem
Portsmouth North                            John Ferrett                          Labour
Redditch                                            Karen Lumley                       Conservative
Richmond Park                                Andree Frieze                       Green
Richmond Park                                Zac Goldsmith                      Conservative
Richmond Park                                Sam Naz                                UKIP
Richmond Park                                Robin Meltzer                       Lib Dem
Rochester & Strood                         Kelly Tolhurst                       Conservative
Romsey & Southampton North     Ben Nicholls                         Lib Dem
Ross, Skye & Lochaber                  Philip Anderson                   UKIP
Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner         Gerrard Barry                        UKIP
Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner         Michael Borio                       Labour
Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner         Nick Hurd                              Conservative
Sheffield Hallam                              Ian Walker                             Conservative
Sheffield Heeley                              Howard Denby                     UKIP
Somerton & Frome                          Alan Dimmick                       UKIP
South Belfast                                    Paula Bradshaw                  Alliance
South Cambridgeshire                   Sebastian Kindersley          Lib Dem
South Northamptonshire                Tom Snowdon                      Lib Dem
South West Surrey                          Jeremy Hunt                         Conservative
Stockport                                           Daniel Hamilton                   Conservative
Stockton South                                Ted Strike                              UKIP
Stone                                                 Martin Lewis                         Lib Dem
Stangford                                          Jim Shannon                        DUP
Stratford-on-Avon                            Elizabeth Adams                  Lib Dem
Stratford-on-Avon                            Nadhim Zahawi                   Conservative
Surrey Heath                                   Laween Atroshi                    Labour
Tatton                                                 Stuart Hutton                       UKIP
Tooting                                               Dan Watkins                        Conservative
Vale of Glamorgan                          David Paul Morgan             Lib Dem
Wallasey                                            Chris Clarkson                     Conservative
Warrington North                             Sarah Hayes                         Green
Warrington South                            Nick Bent                               Labour
Warwick & Leamington                   Chris White                           Conservative
West Worcestershire                       Julian Roskams                   Green
Wimbledon                                        Stephen Hammond             Conservative
Witham                                              Priti Patel                               Conservative
Witham                                              Garry Cockrill                        UKIP
Woking                                              Chris Took                             Lib Dem
Worsley & Eccles South                 Iain Lindley                           Conservative
Wythenshawe & Sale East            Victor Chamberlain             Lib Dem
Ynys Mon                                          Nathan Gill                            UKIP


4 Responses to “Servants of Two Masters?”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Hi Tap & Jennifer,

    On the subject of Zionist politicians,

    Confirmation finally received today from the Office of Public Guardian that a Lasting Power of Attorney was registered in respect of Lord Janner in September 2009 and a further Power of Attorney was registered in June 2012.

    This raises a serious question as to what Janner was doing on 13 separate occasions in the House of Lords as late as December 2013?

    Apparently he was unfit to handle his own affairs but still perfectly fit and able to handle the affairs of others.

    What a load of old cobblers.

  2. Lynn says:

    He is a spy and money launderer for the Mossad. If he gets lifted they have threatened the UK with the Samson Option. He is a powerful enemy and that is why they have protected them all.

  3. Harriet says:

    How can anyone rely on politicians to bring about change when the politicians are under the control of a foreign power through a lobby whether this be in the US, Canada, UK, India or anywhere else in the planet?

    There are only two sides: Side of the truth or the opposite of the truth which is the side of the evil – and there is nothing in between.

    And most politicians have chosen to be on the evil side and that does not give people any hope.

    Thanks to Jennifer and Gilad Atzmon for informing the public about what’s going on and the public needs to decide whether participating in any election is a worthy activity.

    My computer is being watched and has become slow and there are helicopters flying over where I live – and all these efforts to silence me!

    I also wonder whether the evil doers are planning a false flag in the East side of Providence Rhode Island where I live.

  4. India also has a Zionist lobby to bribe and influence Indian politicians.

    Indian Tamil politician: Dr. Swamy at a Public meeting to express Solidarity with ISRAEL Sunday, 3rd August 2014

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