Russia releases millions of captured German documents from WW2

CAPTURED GERMAN DOCUMENTS – As reported a couple days ago, S.E.I.G. Agent PETER PARKER informed us that some TWO MILLION captured German documents are now released by Russian archives to be followed shortly by even more.  It is suspected that Vladimir Putin is doing this, not only because the required 70 years have passed but also to fly in the face of certain people and certain countries by telling the true history of parts of World War Two that we are not supposed to know.  Some of the files released are:
  *  1,000 files on secret political issues;
  *  A large number of documents from Keitl;
  *  266 files of OKW (Military High Command) on enemies (Feindbuch);
  *  Thousands of documents of the Secret Police from 1912 to 1945;
  *  A great number of training books………
……..and much, much more!
The link to access all these recently released files will be in KTB #272!  If you are a Member, you will get this link.  If you are not a Member…………
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DVD-26 “GOCHIN!” is Japanese and it means ‘Bang and Sink’.  This film was made in 1943 and is an actual and genuine documentary of one of the war patrols of I.J.N. submarine I-10 in the Indian Ocean.  Everything in this DVD was filmed as it actually happened, including the rescue of a crewman of a Norwegian freighter and also the periscope view of the breaking up and sinking of an Allied steamer.  On this patrol, I-10 sank four ships.
There is a lot of Imperial Japanese Navy music, rousing sea songs etc. throughout this DVD.  An A Type (I-9 Class) with Flagship facilities and a floatplane, I-10displaced 2,434/4,150 tons and her top speed was an impressive 23.5 knots.  This photo is I-10 as she departs on this particular war patrol.
This is an extremely rare film and shows life on board an I.J.N. submarine as it really was.  The master of this DVD came to us from a friend in Japan who was a movie producer in Japan in the years of the war.  He had this film in his personal vault and he sent it to us.  It is not available anywhere else in the world.
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RUSSIAN SHIPBUILDING in the FAR EAST REVIVED – Information from S.E.I.G. Agent MARCO POLO who tells us:
Dear Harry,
It was announced on May 22 that the shipbuilding yard “AS3” in Komsomolsk-na-Amure — an industrial city on the shore of the great Amur River in the Russian Far East–launched a new corvette for the Pacific Fleet.The corvette is named “Sovershenniy”. The Russians say that she is the first warship that a Far-Eastern yard is building for the Pacific Fleet in this century, and also that it is the first time in the past 23 years that this yard builds a ship for the Pacific Fleet.
   She is the fifth unit of the Steregushchiy class. But the other four — “Stregushchiy” “Soobrazitelnniy” “Boikiy” and “Stoikiy” were built in Kaliningrad, and are assigned to the Baltic Fleet.
Now something else.
I was strolling with my daughter on Queens Boulevard in Queens, NYC. At an entrance to the subway, I saw a middle-aged surrounded by a group of people.  She was frantically appealing something to the people, but there seemed to be no response.  As we went closer, we found that she was speaking frantically in Russian.
     My daughter said, “Father, for goodness’ sake, help her.” I faced her, and said, “Zdravstvuitiye (Good Day). What is the matter?”. She looked as though she had seen a Guardian Angel. She had a scrap of paper in her hand, and on it were scribbled an address and the names of a number of Subway lines. I immediately understood the situation. It was Sunday, and the New York Subway often does not run as scheduled. That was why she had got lost.
   People around us, anxiously watching, all looked relieved. Even with my fluent Russian, it was impossible to tell her how to get home on the Subway. I told her she had better take a cab. She looked into her wallet, and produced a 20-dollar bill. I said that might or might not be enough. I took out a frayed 10-dollar bill out of my pocket, and offered it to her. But she said, “Nie mogu prinimat (I can’t accept it).”.”Don’t worry”, I said, “All Russians are my comrades”. Then suddenly a car pulled up to the curb, and a young man looked out of the car window. “Any trouble?” he said. I briefly explained him the situation. He took a look at the address, and said, “Oh,Flushing! I’m driving in that direction. I will take her home.” Every one was all smiles. While the Russian woman was getting into the back seat, the young man asked me, ” You don’t look like a Russian?” I told him, “I studied Russian at Columbia University.” “Ah,” he nodded, and drove off.
“Glory to God, and peace on earth!”     Best regards to all Sharkhunters’ members.     Marco Polo in NYC.
RENSE RADIO Remember to tune in to Rense Radio the third Friday every month at 10pm (Florida time) for the regular program, third Friday every month, with Sharkhunters President Harry Cooper to talk about, among other topics – the escape of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and others of the Third Reich as well as the Spitlickers and other self-appointed White Knights…….whose armor is badly tarnished with greed, racism, hate, bigotry plus out and out lies.  These will be interesting shows!  We are betting that Fat Heidi and Cowardly George will be listening to see if they will be mentioned.  We’ll see……….go for information how to tune in to the show tomorrow night.
As to Jeff’s near death experience…….click on this link from his website to see the results of his crash.
INFORMATION NEEDED – JEFF CARSON, Member #7228 needs information; especially needs the builders plans for the tender, believed to be ‘Motor Boat #1’ from the so-called Hitler’s Yacht, which we assume refers to the AVISO GRILLE.  This tender was built at the Hamburg shipyard Lurssen which we are told, is in business still today.  Who can tell us how to get the builder’s plans and also as much information as possible about this tender?  Thanks in advance.
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We certainly have not forgotten the stories of and by the flyboys of World War Two.  In this book of more than 200 pages with about 100 photographs, many never seen before, you will read the memories of many of the hot pilots of the war as well as some side-splittingly humorous stories.
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TO ALL S.E.I.G. AGENTSS.E.I.G. Agent MARCO POLO reminds us to repeat our invitation to all our S.E.I.G. Agents of Sharkhunters that S.E.I.G. Agent PETER PARKER suggested that we have an Agent Only meeting in Europe so we can meet each other, exchange information and visit places off limits to all.
SO…….S.E.I.G. Agents, contact this HQ if you are interested.  If so, we will make the arrangements.
SOUTHERN PATROL – Spend a couple minutes looking at this excellent clip prepared by Member Sid Aust, Member #5438 and join us for our historic visits to Germany and Austria.  View the clip then go to our website and click on the link to the 2015 Southern Patrol.
BIG CONTEST – We will be publishing at least four more books in our “U-BOAT!” series and probably two more in our “Eagles” series and we know you will love them.  However, we have so much Intel on file that we will be publishing at least two books on the Spook activities in WW II and we held our contest for the title of the first of these books.  The entries are here and now we need your input for the title of this first book.
WE NEED YOU!  We have the entries in this contest and now we need YOU to tell us which is the very best title for our first book.  Please look at the following and tell us which you think is the very best title for our book revealing a great amount of Intel and spy stories from WW II Sharkhunters are breaking for the first time.
Anyone and everyone may vote – but pick just one:
  *  The Truth at Last
  *  Spooks or Spoofs of WW II
  *  Untold History of the Kriegsmarine
  *  NSA – No Such Activity
  *  Black Ops of world War Two
  *  Torpedo Los!  The Untold U-Boat Stories of WW 2
  *  Hitler Undisclosed
  *  Hitler’s Intelligence During WW II
  *  The Curtain Raised
Please send your choice by email quickly so we may begin production.  Thanks.  We are receiving votes but need YOU to tell us your favorite.  This ends on 31 May.  Let’s hear from you.
DISHONOR ROLE! – We asked our Members and others for anything they could send us pertaining to the Southern Poverty Law Center – the SPLC or as some call them, the Spitlickers.  Even we were shocked at the massive amount of information – negative information – provided about the SPLC and their founder Morris Dees.  There was such an incredible amount of information sent to us that we are preparing a separate page on our website to show what kind of people are in the SPLC and maybe understand why they wrongly and viciously attack us just because we wrote the book “Hitler in Argentina”.  If you have more on the SPLC, please send it on to us here.  Thanks in advance and we will let you know when this new page is loaded and active.

5 Responses to “Russia releases millions of captured German documents from WW2”

  1. NPP says:

    Harry Cooper and Sharkhunters will like this. I receive these newsletters almost daily… too much to read everyday.

    The newsletter constantly reports how the mainstream media completely ignore their ‘Hitler In Argentina’ story. Indeed, they receive demands to be removed from their press mail-out list… this is how useless the ‘lamestream’ as Harry refers to it is:


    Harry Cooper President, apparently dedicates his life to this organisation working perhaps 16 hours a day sometimes. Very interesting chap.

    PS 26.05.2015. Lamestream media watch: will they cover the Monsanto march? I doubt it…. except Russia Today funnily enough.
    March Against Monsanto explodes globally… World citizens stage massive protests across 38 countries, 428 cities… mainstream media pretends it never happened:

  2. NPP says:

    (Dear Harry… who seems to have a fond memory for President Reagan)
    Should you have a spare hour watch/listen:
    Bill Cooper, Mystery Babylon – Hour 29 – Lucifer 2000.
    They refer to your Red Ronnie Regan the socialist, more left wing than Castro. It is an ‘old’ clip and the sound and visuals lose synch. As G Edward Griffin suggests, they are all the same: collectivists.

  3. Chris B says:

    Are you for real? C’mon Tap, I didn’t think you went in for this sort of nonsense. If this was legit, they’d be available for free. Either their available free somewhere else or this is an out an out scam. PS: Does anyone want to buy some Iraqi dinars (real cheap)? Drop me a line …

    • nick says:

      Sharkhunters is legit.
      They have good connections, thats why they get documents other people do not.
      Why would the documents be available for free? People need to be paid for the effort they put in, and veterans are supported.

  4. NPP says:

    For anyone who questions Harry Cooper’s legitimacy, he is available to be e-mailed and from my experience, responds. There are over 7,000 Sharkhunter members worldwide, many ex service with apparent links…. He has numerous interviews online, particularly with Jeff Rense. I suspect his research and information is far from nonsense, but since only the likes of Rense will touch his story… what to do, but read his book and follow his newsletters yourself. May be it is all nonsense, but I’d explore before condemning too quickly.

    Latest up-date from Sharkhunters…

    AUSCHWITZ! – Member ROY ARMSTRONG just informed us that Putin has also released the official list of those who perished in concentration camp Auschwitz! We do not have a link to that as yet but hopefully by the time KTB #272 is ready, we will have it and if so, it will be in KTB #272 as well. This list and these files are going to make some people extremely uncomfortable!

    At this stage I’ve do not know what the uncomfortable element is.

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