Robert Green sentenced

Aberdeen 4th March 2015


Imprisoned twice and held under house arrest for nearly one year Robert Green is an enemy of the Scottish state. His crime? Exposing child abuse, and in particular the horrific rape and abuse suffered by Aberdeen youngster Hollie Greig. Despite no investigation by Grampian police, despite Alex Salmond’s personal office losing or destroying key documents, despite former Procurator Fiscal Elish Angiolini threatening those reporting the case, it is Robert who has now been found guilty in Aberdeen Sheriff’s Court. Robert’s crime was to breach an anti-harassment order served on him earlier to stop him reporting the Hollie Grieg case. The breach occured because he wrote to the constituency office of Alex Salmond Member of Scottish Parliament and named names in order for his committee to have the same information concerning the case already provided to Salmond in person.


His sentence was 250 hours community service and a lifelong gagging order on any mention of Hollie Greig case or any other child or adult who may come forward having suffered or having evidence of abuse.

Welcome to justice in Scotland.


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  1. I am truly shocked and horrified just how corrupt the Police are and the Court system, we can now see clearly, that there is no such thing as justice for any victim of child abuse carried out by the establishment. This story will not go away, far to many know about Holly Gregg and the disgusting treatment of Robert Green a real reporter and a man of great integrity.

  2. Sam says:

    Notice how The State are actively and aggressively targeting good citizens and making them an enemy of The State just because that citizen is exposing the truth.

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