Owen ‘fracker’ Paterson tries to duck out of supporting methane extraction in his own Constituency

The link below is an interview with OP. Questioned about the drilling , he replied –
“There is this row about coal-bed methane extraction, but we are far better as a country to develop our own gas – it has done so much for America.
“However, it is a planning matter and so is down to local councils to decide.”
They did with a big fat NO!
Shropshire Council voted unanimously to not extract or test drill last year – yet the application to drill at Brooklands Farm goes on to the appeal stage, with June 12th as the deadline for submissions.  Paterson’s notion of Council’s deciding is yet another deceptive position he’s adopting.
He says fracking and methane extraction’s great for the country, yet he ‘won’t get involved in local planning decisions’.  Council decisions are subject to appeal by appointed adjudicators who of course won’t be influenced in any way by the corporate requirements of the fracking industry.  Objections by 99.9% of local residents and others count for little within the framework provided by Owen Paterson which he put into place when head of DEFRA.
Although sacked by Cameron, Paterson played along with every pro-fracking requirement of the industry.  It stinks that he’s now hiding behind ‘it’s up to councils’ narrative, the very same councils he personally deprived of the power to actually make the decision.  I’ve seen and heard it all now.

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  1. Lynn says:

    The Freemasons are the planners Tap. Thats why it is a rigged system. They have all the inside information just like the Robber Barron Bankers. We are in a rigged game and there is nothing we can do to stop them. They have no regard for anyone or anything. This is a living nightmare. We can see what they are doing and yet we are powerless to stop it.

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