New World Order Agenda 21 Origins & Controllers


What Is The New World Order & Agenda 21 & What Are Its Origins? & Who Controls It?

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Agenda 21-The main aim of Agenda 21 is to control the world Not Just the United States and “reduce” human population and have total world control through all countrys giving away their control to the United Nations. It is a extended part of the masterplan originally designed by Adolf Hiler for a United Europe and taken and expanded upon by the elite for the new world order. You will have no rights, no control, no freedom. Your internet and life will be under constant watch. Food production Seeds and the growing of any food will be controlled by Monsanto, via the UN. THE GOVT AND POLICE AND ANY AGENCY WILL HAVE COMPLETE ACCESS TO ALL YOU PERSONAL INFORMATION, The rolling out of smart meters and cheap android phones are a classic example of this, android phones are the next best thing to a chip implant, allowing complete access to all your personal information, this can be avoided using a android phone but its not easy,while smart meters allow the govt to tell what appliance you have, what time you eat,sleep,shower & SHIT! Sorry to be so blunt but do you want the truth? In the united kindom smart meters are not yet compulsory and can be avoided, remember, to do your research and find out your rights and use them while you still have them, they are getting in short supply! Agenda 21 is real and has a official link the information is short and sweet as you would expect! The information on this page is a selection of usefull information to help you start your quest for the truth, you must make up your own mind and come to your own conclusions. Just be careful to be sure you want to do this as you may not like what you find! Goodluck.




Rothschild Family Conspiracy Documentary

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the New World Order!



Jew World Order, The British Israel World Federation





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  1. The entire picture is coming to our view. Yes the evil Agenda 21 the umbrella for controlling the world’s population – and creation of terror and tyranny in all different ways – and certainly smartmeters and microwave radiators included.

    Thank you Gordon for all that you do to bring this information to warn the public about things they should know!


  2. Could it be that part of Agenda 21 is waging terror?

    Certainly this seems to be the case where Zionists are setting one country against the other and Muslim Pakistan is being terrorized by the Hindu extremists in the neighboring India and who could be behind this atrocity.

    Terror is an excellent depopulation tool as well which fits in with the Agenda 21!

    Terrorism waged by Zionist India on Pakistan:


    The Pak – China economic corridor has proved a real thorn in India’s paw. Most of the analysts are of the opinion that the present wave of terrorism in Pakistan is simply a reaction of Indian disliking over the growing Pak-China relations. It is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that whole of the Pakistani nation has unanimously and no doubt very loudly condemned RAW for its involvement in various terrorist activities in Pakistan. From Chaudhry Nisar Ali the Interior Minister to the Chief of the Army Staff Gen Raheel Sharif, everyone is pointing out the Indian hand behind the present wave of terrorism in Pakistan. Not only at official level but also at public level the rage and fury against India and RAW is at its climax after the Safora incident which took the lives of more than 45 innocent Pakistanis belonging to the Ismaili Sect.

    It is something very shocking that in most of the terrorist activities in Pakistan, the terrorists are adopting the same strategy. According to the details, the brutality with which the terrorists butchered the helpless passengers of the bus at Safora Chaurangi was the same which was observed there at the Army Public School Peshawar. The aim and objective of both the incidents was the same; to spread fear and harassment leading to depression and disappointment. It seems that the terrorists are working on a single-item agenda; crush the Pakistani nation, either emotionally, morally, spiritually or financially. They don’t want to see this nation make progress; they want to see this nation die of hunger and famine and beg even for its everyday basic needs.

    Read more:

    • andy baz says:

      Pakistan is like Israel though. It was created from land which was stolen from India. For a people who could not accept living under Hindu rule.

  3. Aldous says:


    Political correctness is destroying the very fabric of society. Never before in history have people been so afraid to stand up against absurdity for fear of being labeled a racist, a homophobe, or a bigot.
    Get rid of political correctness. Let’s get people talking again.


  4. Aldous says:

    San Francisco’s Deviant Values: New Folsom Street Poster Mocks Family, Prop 8
    Nancy Pelosi’s district celebrates the most vile perversions and attacks on God and nature known to mankind:
    Irish gay marriage referendum: ‘No’ campaigners concede defeat
    Votes still being counted but opponents of same sex marriage admit ‘disappointing’ results so far [It’s not who votes that counts but who counts the votes?] Note: To believe for an instant that the people of Ireland would vote in favour of ‘gay’ marriage(sic) only goes to prove how corrupt and worthless ZOG Western Democracy is.

  5. Gordon Logan says:

    Spot on. The cartoon says it all. This page alone is worth all the tosh pumped out by the UK/Rothschild media.

  6. Harriet says:

    Agenda 21 also include weather manipulation part of which is creating artificial disasters that can look natural to those who are not aware of this crime against humanity.

    And right now they are doing chemtrails over where I live and this is the area between Angell, Waterman, Ives and Gano streets in Providence.

    The crime syndicate leaves no stone unturned when they want to go after those who are opposing their agenda.

    Just few days ago Providence Water changed some pipes again just in front of where I live and they did the same thing few months ago.

    What are they up to?

  7. India was divided into India and Pakistan by the Rothschild owned and controlled British Empire and (later East Pakistan became Bangladesh creating yet another country) – and more countries created means more conflicts among people – something the Communist Zionist Rothschilds and their agents want.

    People in Panjab and Bengal suffered the most during the partition and these two areas have been the target then and also during more recent times. Mother Theresa (stationed in Bengal) and Dalai Lama (operating in Northern India) have assisted this agenda of hate against these beautiful people of Panjabi and Bengali heritage causing the maximum harm to these two regions of India where they come from.

    Does this sound like what has been happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc?

    And of course we now know for sure who the culprits behind these recent atrocities are!

    “Partition Of India And Pakistan: The Rape Of Women On An Epic, Historic Scale ”

    The partition of British India in August 1947 not only created two new independent nations, India and Pakistan, but also resulted in one of the greatest forced migrations in human history. At least 12.5 million frightened people, displaced from their ancestral homes, fled across newly delineated borders depending upon their faiths. Hindus and Sikhs exited from lands demarcated as “Muslim” Pakistan into the “new” India, while Muslims departed Hindu-dominated India into the new state called Pakistan (West and East).

    Amid the massive confusion and panic, up to 1 million people (perhaps many more) died; while untold numbers of women suffered a fate worse than death — they were raped, sometimes tortured, gang-raped and murdered. Indeed, the Partition of India and Pakistan, a decision made by lawmakers far from the front-lines, unleashed an episode of brutal depravity that might be unmatched in recent history.

    These atrocities primarily occurred in Punjab and Bengal and involved venal criminality on the part of all parties concerned: Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.

    Women of all ages, ethnic groups and social classes were victimized, tortured and raped — some even were stripped naked and paraded down streets to intensify their trauma and humiliation. In many even more tragic cases, fathers, fearing that their daughters would soon be raped (and converted to another faith), pressured and coerced the girls to commit suicide lest such an event “taint” their family’s “honor” and standing in the community — or they killed their own female relatives themselves.

    Read more:

  8. Part of Agenda 21 (among other things) is also to eliminate all religions except Judaism and this is achieved in several ways and one such way is through religious conversions based on deception and lies.

    This conversion of some Germans (Zionist Jews) to Buddhism in Berlin Germany appears to be another Zionist Jewish scam and this scheme is waged by this deceptive German Zionist group along with a Sri Lankan individual by the name of Senaka Weeraratna who is a lawyer – who is misguiding Sri Lankan monks and Karunatilake Amunugama who is the current Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Germany.

    Senaka Weeraratna who is the “Hony. Secretary, German Dharmaduta Society” seems to be a suspicious character being appointed by the Zionist Jews to carry out their secret agenda of getting the Indian Dalits to convert into Buddhism in order to get them to move to Sri Lanka as if Sri Lanka needs any more Tamils from India. Tamils and Dalits need to remain in India which is their Motherland. They have no business in Sri Lanka.

    Similarly Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka should have no business in Germany or any other Christian country. Their role should be to protect Buddhism in Sri Lanka and preach Buddha Dhamma to Sri Lankan Buddhists.

    The motto and the working principle for everyone should be “Mind your own business and take care of your own people in your own country”!

    Astute journalists like Shenali Waduge, Charles Perera, HLD Mahindapala, Ali Sukhanver et al need to be vigilant about this Lawyer Senaka Weeraratna (and his “Buddhist” activities) who is willing to be a sellout on behalf of the Zionists.

    “Photos of Vesak day celebrations at Berlin Vihara ( May 3, 2015)”

  9. Agenda 21 also include theft of water by US and other international corporations.

    Stealing water from a city, state or a country is as bad as waging war or a terrorist attack.

    Some people in Texas have been complaining that water in the state of Texas has been rapidly disappearing and California farmers have been deprived of their water supply for months if not years.

    Theft of water has to be treated as something very serious as water deprivation is life threatening.

    India is the next port for Zionist exploitation (after causing destruction to America Zionists will park themselves in India) – and this is another bad sign for the small island of Sri Lanka and Sinhala Nation who is being targeted in all different ways – is now facing a new threat as it is described in the following article.

    This is another example of human greed that has gone out of control.

    “Plunder of Sri Lanka’s water by BOI Approved Indian Cos”

    Please see the letter written by a concerned citizen which has been published in the Sunday Times
    edition of May 17, 2015. The writer has stated that Indian Companies are misusing their BOI licences
    by drawing fresh water from ground wells to mix fruit pulp imported from India for re-export and sale
    in the Indian market. These companies are not making any payment to the Sri Lankan authorities for water drawn from the ground source, and furthermore employ Indian nationals in their fruit juice filling plants established in Sri Lanka. Apparently the water table in the area has been affected depriving
    local villagers from accessing this water for their personal and household needs.

    Shall appreciate if the relevant authorities look into this matter on an urgent basis and take action to rectify the position, where Sri Lanka is losing her valuable water without any benefits from the raw materials and labour factors, as the latter too are being imported from India.

    Stop the plunder of Lanka’s pure water

    In the past, bottlers of fresh fruit drinks encouraged the local fruit industry to plant and bought the fresh fruit from the producers. Not so today, even the local fresh fruit drink bottlers have moved on, they don’t buy anything locally.

    Instead, hundreds of container loads of cheap fruit pulp are imported from India and mixed with fresh clean Sri Lankan water. A small quantity is sold in the local market and the rest is exported.

    As the water in India is suspected to be badly polluted, many Indian companies are relocating in Sri Lanka through the many concessions afforded by the Board of Investment, just to gain access to the unlimited supplies of clean water and to avert the cost of purifying their water.

    They import container loads of fruit pulp from India, mix it with clean fresh water extracted from the ground using deep wells with minimal purification and export it back to India and elsewhere. They do not pay one cent for the precious water they extract. Sri Lanka and the people of Sri Lanka do not benefit from their presence, as the precious water is being given away free. This is obscene. These companies are mostly automated, employ a minimal number of workers, mostly Indian and are concerned only in the maximum profit they make.

    With the world going into an extremely serious water crisis in the future, there could be even wars for water. The United States space agency NASA has warned that California’s water will only last for one more year.

    Instead of protecting and preserving the future water security of this country, we dish it out for free. This does not mean that water should be paid for either. No, the export of water should be banned.

    The indiscriminate pumping of water has affected the water quality in surrounding village wells and significantly reduced the water table. It came to a head with the villages in the vicinity of a factory complaining that they had lost their sources of water.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Truth Disclosure about the secret space program, will wipe away all the horrible injustices you talk about. the technologies the various factions of the SSPs have, would clean the planet, water, oceans, remineralise the soils, restore everything pristine, 10 times over
      The fact they’ve kept these technologies secret, tells of their minds, psyche, motivations, evil. To not want to help on earth
      But don’t worry, things are turning around very soon. If you want the water issues solved in your comment, then I recommend, get behind whistleblower and yrself act as a catalyst, for SSP exposure
      Corey Good ET whistleblower has been extensively vetted by david wilcock. He knows more than all previous whistleblowers in the last q12 years.
      get behind this disclosure

  10. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    thecolemanexperience evil will also get solved too, by SSP disclosure. Nestle with their evil water strategy, saying its not a human right, can fuck off, that satanic looking CEO, see his evil eyes
    Once Tesla technology gets released, and the MSM starts broadcasting truth 24/7 to help us navigate the changes,
    the water on this planet will be free, and delicious for all, for every single man, woman child. The disgraceful inequalities will vanish
    Im not talking as a communist here, with secret desire to be an elite myself, not at all
    Im talking from a spiritual position.
    Am I a fool talking a pipe dream?
    Maybe im not if you look around whats getting disclosed in 2015. naturallythe cabal mafiawill be creating small bits of nonsense and trouble

    But major events, they cant. because, powerful intergalactic forces are in our solar system, looking out for us, watching our backs, disabling nuclear weapons, and nanoparticle implants in chemtrails
    lets wait a month youll see evidence accumulating what I say is true

  11. Zionist India is not only stealing the Sri Lankan water but also the source of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

    India is destroying all its neighbors in order to please the Zionist masters.

    Real terrorists were trained on Indian soil by Indian Intelligence and Israeli Mossad. The little known secret is that LTTE terrorists were a Mossad front which journalists and bloggers don’t seem to know.

    Terrorism in Sri Lanka was orchestrated by Zionist Israel and Zionist India.

    LTTE Terrorism

    This question needs to be asked and answered. Sri Lanka’s terror did not begin at home. India trained Sri Lankan youth in India clandestinely and these groups which included the LTTE were sent on a mission to destablize Sri Lanka. That was how terrorism started. That terrorism led to 3 decades of terror with loss of lives to civilians, military personnel, politicians, public servants, clergy, foreign nationals and even forcing Tamils to become part of a movement fictitiously claiming to fight for a separate homeland. It is silly to be mourning the last stages of the conflict when every day, every month and every year lives were lost because of LTTE.

  12. Zionist hijacked India has also been stealing the fish from Sri Lankan waters while depriving the livelihood of Sri Lankan fishermen.

    Indian theft of fish that belongs to Sri Lanka has caused a huge loss to the small island.

    “Some facts on Poaching by Tamil Nadu & Katchchativu for India and Sri Lanka to solve”

    When thousands of boats with GPS monitoring systems violate the International Maritime Border Line that divides Sri Lanka and India and Tamil Nadu crafts travel as far as Trincomalee and pilfer fish that belong to Sri Lanka’s fishermen where is the problem? Is the problem the arrest of Indian fishermen or the violation of internationally demarcated territorial waters and the poaching of fish? How have the arrest of Indian fishermen, the confiscation of their boats taken over the discussion focus when it is the violation of thousands of Indian shipping vessels looting fish and depriving the livelihood of thousands of Sri Lankan fishermen that should be the priority item? The next focus needs to be the realization that the use of bottom trawlers which ruined the seabed of India’s coast depriving breeding ground for fish resulting in the absence of fish is likely to lead to the same catastrophe for Sri Lanka if the problem is not dealt with leaving aside theatrics and politics.

    The goodwill and cordial relations that Sri Lanka has shown to India has been at the cost of watching Tamil Nadu fishermen poach on Sri Lankan waters and make millions in exporting fish that belong to Sri Lanka and depriving Sri Lankan fishermen of a livelihood. Hard as it is to accept, this is the truth.

    The question is can Sri Lanka or should Sri Lanka continue to watch Tamil Nadu illegally violate IMBL and poach fish while also ruining the marine sea bed of Sri Lanka simply to maintain cordial relations? Lives of 600,000 Sri Lankans are affected and so too is marine sea life. Would India have done the same in the reverse situation?

    Cordial relations between two nations is one thing but the issue at hand is the livelihood of fishermen (Sri Lankans and Indians), future of Marine fish (on Sri Lankan and Indian waters) and officials of both countries need to realize that domestic political compulsions or current income status should not mar the ground realities. Eventually both sides will end up losers.

    Read more:

  13. Dr Subramanian Swamy is a Tamil politician from India who deserves at least part of the blame for the theft of fish from Sri Lankan waters.

    Dr Swamy is also working on another disastrous plot where Mossad and other Zionist Jews are trying to bring Indian Dalits who are converting to Buddhism to use as a vehicle for their scheme to gain entry to Sri Lanka. Zionists are behind this conversion of Dalits into Buddhism. There are people (agents for Zionists) from all angles who are trying to achieve this while also manipulating the good-hearted Buddhists to accept them based on Buddha love. If Sinhala people continue to be naive and if this scheme be allowed it is sure to destroy the country and the people who will incur the worst loss would be the Sinhala people who will lose their country. Sinhala people and Muslims should take extreme care not fall prey to any of these things that have been planned to steal Sri Lanka while also creating ethnic and religious conflict between Sinhala Buddhists and Muslims. These are all a part of the Zionist scheme which is a huge scam and Dr Swamy is one of their many agents.

    It is multiculturalism at work again now that Western countries have been utterly ruined and Christian culture destroyed through this mechanism
    why not take it to the East/South to destroy other cultures and Buddhism.

    Dr Swamy like many other Indian politicians is eager to please the Zionist masters who have hijacked India and in the process will not hesitate to commit any crime/atrocity on his neighbors whether they be from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal or Iran.

    Dr. Swamy Public meeting to express Solidarity with ISRAEL Sunday, 3rd August 2014

  14. Zionist hijacked Indian Government has allowed Zionist owned Monsanto to destroy the Indian farmers and the unsuspecting Indian population while also waging wars on its neighbors (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kashmir etc) and while stealing water from Sri Lanka and fish from Sri Lankan waters and while dispatching Indian and Israeli trained LTTE terrorists which is a Mossad front.

    These atrocities are what we can expect from the Indian Government whose politicians are being bribed and controlled by Israel, Zionist bankers and organized Jewry.

    Indian nightmare: GMO killer-cotton (RT Documentary)

  15. March against Monsanto: World rallies to protest GMO in 38 countries, 428 cities

  16. Who is behind this US Coup?

    “Failure of the US coup d’État in Macedonia” By Thierry Meyssan

    Macedonia has just neutralised an armed group whose sponsors had been under surveillance for at least eight months. By doing so, it has prevented a new attempt at a coup d’État, planned by Washington for the 17th of May. The aim was to spread the chaos already infecting Ukraine into Macedonia in order to stall the passage of a Russian gas pipeline to the European Union.

    The Kumanavo affair

    On the 9th of May, 2015, the Macedonian police launched a dawn operation to arrest an armed group which had infiltrated the country and which was suspected of preparing a number of attacks.

    The police evacuated the civilian population before launching the assault.

    Read more:

  17. Harriet says:

    Organized Community Harassment (aka Gang Stalking): America’s Cointelpro Democracy

  18. Harriet says:

    Organized Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment – Thomas Marshall

  19. Stories of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment

  20. Harriet says:

    Electronic Mind Control –
    The Facts, The Proof

  21. Zionist being the ones behind this atrocity is completely ignored by this writer. He needs to be reminded that America is being hijacked by Zionists and Zionists are responsible for world’s refugees. The refugee problem is created to destroy Muslims, Christians, Buddhists etc and to destroy the sovereignty of all nations and to destroy culture and heritage of all people as a part of promoting multiculturalism.

    Multiculturalism in the West is White genocide and destruction of Christianity. Similarly it hurts other races and religions.

    “Swedish Politician: US is the True Cause of the Masses of Refugees from the Middle East; Al Qaeda and ISIS Created, Funded, Trained and Armed By the CIA”

    The present Swedish debate about war refugees from the Middle East is an example of peer restricted expression. In the name of political correctness or perceived decency, any questioning of maximum generosity in opening Swedish borders for the refugees is indignantly rejected by the official mainstream. We have a humanitarian duty towards those who are forced to flee from areas ravaged by war, and there is no excuse for not opening our borders to them. – Sure.

    BUT, what about exercising our brains and identifying the root of the evil? What about trying to stop the refugee problem from arising in the first place? – What about applying an overall holistic perspective to detect the real, original cause of the problem? – And demand that those who caused the problem also take care of its consequences? – And that they immediately stop causing any more of it?

    More here:

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