Mayweather vs Pacquiao Scorecards Switched

The fight of the century ended up being the flop of the century with Floyd Mayweather coming in with a Unanimous Decision to win the

match. However … was this true or was it rigged in a way that we just might miss it.


Before you hear it on the news I’m going to get the reason it is called that. This image above clearly shows Manny Pacquiao was in the red corner and Floyd Mayweather was indeed in the blue corner. If this is correct, the person in the red corner would have been the winner. This was Pacquiao and not Mayweather. Even Manny himself said Mayweather ‘Didn’t do anything, he just ran’.

This was correct. I had one too many drinks last night watching the game and even I saw Mayweather running around in circles and hugging Pacquiao everytime he got into position to pummel him from the inside, like what he’s known for … aggression. Mayweather is more like Olaf from ‘Frozen’ … “I like warm hugs …” is more the motto for him.

But the article is basically pointing at the scorecard. You can argue that the names are wrong but how did THREE judges get them wrong? Something does not seem right in this and there is a good chance this was Pacquiao’s fight … and it was stolen from him. Who got paid off? Does the image below look like a winner to you ? … in the corner …






[He looks a bit surprised doesn’t he?- Jennifer]




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