It’s The Internet Stupid!

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Why was Mountbatten assassinated?
Is there a Kincora Boy’s Home connection?
Can you access Spivey’s site? I can’t.

BBC R4 refers to ‘non recent’ child abuse.
261 are classified as people of public prominence, with 135 coming from TV, film or radio:

Ian Josephs: “Forced Adoption Is Child Trafficking! It’s The Second Oldest Profession In The World!”
Ian Josephs suspects the Hampstead case has been exaggerated. ‘d welcome Sabine’s reaction.
Child “Whistleblowers” taken from their mother after she & children make paedophile/satanism claims:

The Velocity of Now – MAY 13, 2015 with Thomas Sheridan:
Sheridan says having examined the Rolf Harris case, Harris should never even been brought to court. Led Zeppelin members had 14 year old girlfriends – why are they not held to account like Harris? Sheridan says, he’s merely asking.

I met a couple of 12 year-olds in Turkey at the weekend; son of a friend and his buddy. They knew of the Illuminati, talked about ISIS in a way that would leave most adults lost and one of the lads apparently recalled a past life when he was 3 years old. Vivid imagination or Indigo Child inclinations?

I exclaimed my surprise at a conversation more engaging than with many adults.

It’s the internet stupid!

The one alarming observation: they seemed permanently attached to their Smart phones.

Barrie Trower: Wi-Fi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares?
Video interviews:

The leading UK biometric activist:
Pippa King: “Military Industrial Complex Is Inside Schools & After Your Children’s Biometric Data!”



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