Illuminati fix Pacquiao/Mayweather fight


Rodrigo Duterte, Mayor Of Davao.  Not a man to cross, it is said!

Manny Pacquiao says he’s confused by the result of his fight with Floyd Mayweather, after being adjudged the loser of a fight he’s convinced he was winning.  I’m in the Philippines now, and to say people here are depressed by the result would be an understatement.  Every time their national hero takes to the boxing ring, the streets empty.  People are edgy lusting after a little bit more Pacquiao magic as he conquers the world’s best,  demonstrating to Filipinos that they’re not the under dogs (To me they’re not the underdogs anyway, by the way.  They still have many of the things that we in the West have lost).  Today that hope was crushed.  People could be seen in tears with their beloved  hero sent packing in Las Vegas.

Every reason you can imagine is entering conversations to explain why this Philippines top sportsman of all time was not rewarded with victory.  He’s turned away from the Roman Catholic church was one opinion I heard.  If he’d have turned back to God, he’d have won.  If he hadn’t been fighting on foreign soil where conditions were controlled by his opposition he’d have brought the Philippines the victory they crave, was another opinion.

Maybe the result can be explained another way.  Next year are the Presidential elections in the Philippines and the Mayor of Davao,  Rodrigo Duterte (pictured), has declared that if he’s elected President, Manny Pacquaio will be his Vice President.   Pacquiao’s already a Congressman, by the way.  The Illuminati will have noticed these political developments and have taken note.

The Illuminati like the President of the Philippines to be nicely corrupt and willing to sign into anything that’s required, big debts, handing over natural resources to Wall St, linking the currency to the dollar, purchasing arms, providing military bases, warfare and so on.  The Aquinos have been complying for a generation now, as have various other Presidents eased into office by a corrupt/fixed voting system.  Not since Marcos has there been a President willing to send the World Government packing, and the last thing the Illuminati require is another one.

Duterte has done all the right things to win popular support in Davao.  He’s eased corruption out of the city, organised crime and petty criminals too.  Moslem separatists know there’ll be no change if they tried operating their  programme to weaken the Philippines when faced by the likes of Duterte.  This is exactly the kind of President the Illuminati dont want running the country, someone willing to think for himself and deliver what the people need and want, making the country strong once more and independent minded, not just sidekicks to the US and Wall Street lapdogs.  The destabilisation programme that’s in process would be reversed by a strong President which the country badly needs.

The only way to hit Duterte back a few paces at this moment is to stop Manny Pacquaio from becoming too popular.  As regards achieving that objective, engineering his loss today against Mayweather, will hardly be effective.  Even two years olds across the nation know who Pacquiao is and what he’s achieved for Filipino sport and pride.  Duterte is a shrewd politician who wants to bring that popularity to bear on his drive to win the Presidency.  He will find the Illuminati doing all in their power to stop him the only incorruptible politician available from winning the Presidency.  Rigging the occasional boxing match is unlikely to be the last bit of play they will be indulging in.  Duterte needs to watch his back.  Yet, like Pacquiao in the boxing ring, he’s the country’s best hope.

Others think the fight was lost in the ring, this going viral on facebook –


In the 12th and final round in the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight,  it’s obvious that Mayweather dictated the pace of the fight according to his defensive, disruptive, and counterpunching strategy. Pacquiao tried but couldn’t bring enough forward speed and lateral movement to bring himself within punching range of his target while Mayweather could always hit Pacquiao nearly at will and then evade out of range or just enough for Pacquiao to miss. It’s boring but Mayweather’s strategy won the fight while Pacquiao couldn’t force an elusive opponent to stay put to be hit. Also, Pacquiao rarely had the chance or couldn’t deal out the flurry of punches he was once famous for.

That said, there are just as many comments indicating the Filipino audience didn’t think Pacquiao had lost the fight.

This from Pham –

Mayweather may have won the fight, but Pacquiao won the battle.The match only showed that boxing is not a noble sport anymore but a money making machine.The match moreover showed Pacquiao’s superior skills and sportsmanship.The whole world now knows who is the best!





7 Responses to “Illuminati fix Pacquiao/Mayweather fight”

  1. Obama's Son says:

    There’s another reason for letting Mayweather win, they didn’t want Vegas turned in Baltimore, if he’d lost Obama’s Sons would have burnt the place to the ground.

    • Jennifer says:

      Interesting you should say that, Obama’s Son, because I was planning to post something later, on Baltimore and Al Sharpton.
      Well, I listened to a couple of rounds on BBC 5 Live – Manny seemed to land a few hurtful punches early on. But, Mayweather is always criticised for ‘boxing’. That is he dodges the punches and doesn’t allow the zio promoters and media the spectacle of black blood being splashed all over the ring.
      As to a sport’s ‘Fix’-ture – what does NNP think of the England-Poland 2-0 World Cup qualifier?

  2. Peter Aporo says:

    It’s only in America where a fighter who keeps on running and evading the fight is called strategy and intelligence fighting which cannot accept by Filipinos. Mayweather should prove his worth as a true champions not a track and fields athlete. This is no fight of the century rather “The flight of the century ” this is where boxing judges in America is good they never know what is real boxing no reason Boxing has lost it’s popularity UFC and MMA is worth watching and has become the latest trends. Come to Philippines will show you what is real boxing.

  3. Foulweather says:

    Someone please edit the entire fight showing just the part how mayweather is chickening running around and ended up with him declared winner out of the fight. Please title Flight of The Century!!!! Upload into Youtube, it will make you a billion instant hit!

    • Tapestry says:

      More and more stuff coming out. Manny told the organisers about an injured shoulder and asked for treatment. They refused it. Now he’s being sued for breaking rules with them saying he didn’t notify the injury which he did. This is looking more and more like political stitch up. They’re really bothered about the prospect of the joint ticket between Manny Pacquiao and Rodrigo Duterte. That’s what this all about. Pacquiao’s getting too big and starting to upset the Philippines political prison maintained by the World Government. Expect lots more attempts to belittle this Filipino hero, and to stop Duterte. For Filipinos this is where they should invest their hopes for a better incorruptible future.

  4. Jacky says:

    Everything is fixed and controlled in this world. Satanic worshipers will be dealt with once they meet their maker when they leave this earth. God always wins, so keep your head on straight and don’t worship Manny as an icon. He’s a hypocrite to the Philippines nation just like all other politicians.

    • Tapestry says:

      Manny would be a useful popularity boost for Duterte, who needs profile to run for President. With Duterte as President the threat to the country from Islamists would be properly negotiated and dealt with. The Chinese incursion grabbing the shoals was all agreed with Filipino Presidents who signed away Filipino natural resources in secret after Marcos. The Corporations have chosen to use China as their extracting agent. The real thieves are Wall St bankers who control the corporations.

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