How the modern world came to be



Meet Jesus, Mary (Magdalene) and the kids

I just finished Ralph Ellis’ book Mary Magdalene, and can say it’s his best yet.  It’s the break-out when he starts interpreting all the detailed work he’s done to date on The Old Testament and New Testament histories, and takes the meaning of what he’s discovered and places it into a modern context.

Jesus’ sister and wife Mary Magdalene survived the catastrophe of defeat in Jerusalem in AD 70, made good her escape from Vespasian and settled in the South of France. Ellis can’t say precisely where she settled, but he finds much evidence of the influence she had and her Nazarene gnostic cult that she and Jesus were leading in Judaea prior to their defeat, and Jesus’ exile to Chester in England.

The first half of the book examines this evidence and tracks the names of the people involved through their Egyptian, Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English versions.  Somehow the small principality of Orange was able to stand up against the power of Rome for hundreds of years and finally enable freedom of thought to be permitted across Europe.  That would never have happened without Mary Magdalene’s influence being brought to bear.

The second half of the book shows how Jesus’s influence (not the biblical Jesus who was a creation of Josephus Flavius the Roman historian) survived, through Mary Magdalene, to underpin the Orange Order which enabled Europe to break free of the Roman Catholic Church and bring in the Reformation and the Enlightenment.  The modern world only came about due to these events.

The last part of the book examines what kind of threat the Moslem religion now poses to the freedom we enjoy in the West.  Immigration and the destruction of country after country can be traced back to the creation of ‘The Dark Lord’.  It makes a dire warning,  and exposes the real meaning of Islam.

The history of Israel is seen in a more positive light when it is realised that 500,000 Jews were thrown out of Iraq in 1945 by Moslem Arabs.  They were 50% of the population of Baghdad and owned 90% of its businesses at the end of WW2, until all was taken from them.  Baghdad was until that moment a Jewish City.  He gives the Palestinians less consideration than the media or the majority of the alternative media, when he sees they deliberately breed bigger numbers to try to overpower Israel from a democratic viewpoint.  The Palestinians are used by other Arab/Moslem nations to deliver stress against the West.  We are not told the full story in the western media, which favours massive Moslem immigration, which will ultimately destroy our way of life and the freedoms we now believe to be normal.  We have to start resisting and laughing at the nonsense contained within the Moslem cult.

Ellis doesn’t delve too far into the global agendas that might lie behind the events he describes.  It’s just as well.  His books are long enough for now, and he can deal with more global issues like ‘climate change’ which he expands on in a chapter, later on.  I’d love to hear his take on Sumeria one day.

His next work, however, is about King Arthur,  the myth created to cover up the real story of Jesus living in exile in England and spreading his cult wherever he was able from the temple where he was imprisoned in Chester.  Once you’re read Ellis’ books, your former ignorance as to where the modern world was created, passes away and can never return.  This is gnosticism or knowledge writ large.  I am very grateful for Ellis’ research over twenty five years and having the opportunity to read it.  I first saw him interviewed on Mark Windows’ Windows On The World.  So thanks also go to Mark.



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  1. Lynn says:

    The truth and the internet have really been their downfall. People are hungry for truth and this evil have hidden behind so many lies for far too long. Tap keep enlightening us and keep the path to truth open.

  2. Baron says:

    No such real person as Jesus.
    Just a warmed up myth from previous myths.

    Please get over it.

    • Aldous says:

      You are a misinformed person. Jesus is a Deity Who has always existed – no beginning, no end. Get over it… please.
      WE mere mortals on the other hand are NOT deities; we have a beginning but NO end. It’s really quite that simple. I learned this in my Mother’s womb.

  3. Harry J says:

    Lynn, you won’t get much in the way of truth from Ralph Ellis.

    Baron, the old ‘no such real person as Jesus [he’s] just a warmed up myth from previous myths’ con has been around for some time now. Icke peddles it, as does Zeitgeist and a whole host of other controlled opposition. ‘Tapestry’ included it seems.

    What is it about Jesus and Christianity that scares them so much I wonder.

  4. Lynn says:

    We are all seeking and we shall eventually find. Who is real and who is peddalling lies. This fascination of mankind will never stop. We have a chance to spread the truth now like never before. Will we die as ignorant as those before us. I keep an open mind and see with my own eyes how this has all come about. I dont proffess to know but I am willing to listen and read. If some are still giving out untruths then it is up to us to look everywhere. I trust no-one on word only it has to resonate with me.

  5. stuart says:

    I havent read much of ralph elliss books (only on tap !) but they sound interesting ! Im reading the secret doctrine by Helena Blavatsky who started the theosophist society whose motto is there is no religion higher than truth,which is sometimescalled esoteric buddhism! Also a great book on Gnosticism by John Harris’ I could go on and on and …..

  6. Tapestry says:

    Izas (izates) is in the historical record. He existed. The only problem is that his life was made into myth and the real history hidden away. The real history is not only remarkable and interesting to know. It has lessons for us now which he need to take in as soon as possible.

  7. Tapestry says:

    I didn’t know Icke was now following Ellis. He wasn’t in Icke’s repertoire when I went to Wembley two years ago. The people who criticise and announce Ellis mistaken have of course read his books. (Sarcasm)

    • RabbiT says:

      Obviously you think Ellis is right.

      Why would I wish to read something I know to be a myth?

      5000 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament in whole or in part in existence. No other account like it.

      That said it is not about belief but covenant relationship with the Creator which comes only through Jesus (Mat 11.27).

  8. Harriet says:

    Jesus Christ is my Lord and I believe in Him with all of my heart.

    God bless the memory of Jesus Christ and let His memory continue to inspire mankind for thousands and thousands of years to come.

    If not for Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha the physical world we live in would have been a dark dark place. They are the two most precious enlightened beings who ever walked this earth.

    I am grateful to God for sending them both to earth.

  9. Harriet says:

    Harry J,

    I agree!

    “What is it about Jesus and Christianity that scares them so much I wonder.”

    Why is this need to erase Jesus Christ from history?

    I love God and Jesus Christ my Lord and it is the greatest love anyone can experience. And I hope millions of people can experience this true love which is pure unlike any thing else which cannot measure up to this.

  10. Harriet says:

    Jesus was Truth and Truth cannot be defeated because Truth is eternal.

    He came to Teach it to mankind and only a handful had [have] the capability to learn and live it according to His Teaching.

    Man’s mind has to reach a certain level of consciousness to appreciate the Truth Jesus came to Teach.

    It benefits the man who learns it and Jesus has nothing to gain or lose.

  11. Mark says:

    How come I wasn’t on this? (An important post I welcome and encourage).

    “Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spammity Spam, Wonderful Spam.” On this:

    Had thought I wouldn’t contribute this time on the latest astounding and engrossing Ellis in ‘Meet Jesus, Mary (Magdalene) and the kids’. Not wanting to be an-always-piper-upper, show some decorum. I may return in time/post. I must face and understand the genuine reasons why – believe this?

    And talk about doing Jesus a favour and a half… Your directions and writing in the ‘Jesus isn’t and beyond posts’ are rare bolts of opportunity and strong debate. One of how many posts, on how many sites? Such a decent platform to ask, what doesn’t get hit on enough – in this whole confounded web – and where most matters, our narrow yet intellectually broad neck of the woods. The only place I tend to wonder. Thanks Tap, Mark

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