Never mind the debates. Farage goes viral on Facebook

UPDATE – This EU speech has gone viral getting near to 1 million hits so far.  Good timing.  With the election just days away, he needs to grab the attention of the public and tell voters it’s time to make a stand.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage: “This morning I spoke in the European Parliament on the EU suggestion that the continent should have a common asylum and migration policy. I felt it was important that I attend to represent the view that this is not just another attack on British sovereignty but also inherently dangerous. Watch and share this video to find out why.”

I posted earlier –

I know the Tap Blog is a broad church, and that to many Tappers,  UKIP is anathema.  Following on from reading Ralph Ellis, immigration is a much bigger issue than many believe.  It’s not about race, Farage says, as does Ellis.  Farage focuses on the safe economic arguments where Ellis rightly goes in at the cultural religious level.  See previous post. (That was on BBC question time.  Farage is broadening the attack now as above video makes clear, to include the threat to European civilization)

Farage gets his message across well in this 30 minute session, facing hostile questioning from the audience.

Farage says he couldn’t believe Britain went along with bombing Libya.

He states that HIV sufferers can no longer get access to NHS treatment due to the numbers of immigrants/health tourists with HIV who face no barrier to entry.

Foreign Aid is hypocricy, he adds.  The EU puts up trade barriers so Africans etc cannot sell us agricultural produce, and then we offer as a fig leaf money which almost always ends up in the wrong hands.

Farage wants to leave an ailing, failing European Union.  He wants a Commonwealth trade deal.  We could be supplied by 2 billion people across the world with fresh produce.

UKRAINE – We stupidly made Ukraine a target of NATO and we have precipitated a crisis.  Putin is now a threat, as are Islamic Middle East groups.  We need to increase defence spending to 2%.

Looking after veterans is to be made a priority.  9000 ex-servicemen/women are living on the streets.

On fracking, he still defends the creation of a sovereign wealth fund (not linked to fracking in the UKIP manifesto), and says that environmental concerns are simply the norm with energy extraction proposals.  He equates The North Sea with fracking/land-based gas extraction.  Yet where are the people affected by North Sea extraction ?  Fracking leads to a rise in deaths and illness amongst those who live nearby.  Water resources are polluted permanently, and air pollution levels lead to a decline in the health of a large number of people.  It’s not all about money, Mr Farage.   And there too – why are all the shares of the fracking companies on the floor and the industry is in a state of collapse around the world?  Because it’s an economic con as well as a health catastrophe.  That’s why.

For all the insanity on fracking/unconventional gas extraction, which threatens our own village and businesses,  Britain must get out of the EU, and try to get back to a more democratic existence.  Once that’s in place,  things like fracking would be thrown out instantly, as long as people are at the same time given the correct information.

Meanwhile Farage searches for the key issues which kick with the electorate.  HIV treatment not being available as easily as once it was, due to health tourism is a good starter.  Despite wrong-headed policies on fracking, and possibly other areas, I still would prefer to see Farage and a few other elected on May 7th than not.  If we don’t win back political freedom, we are all finished in the long term anyway.  The EU’s Asylum Policy will ensure that.





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  1. Lynn says:

    Not a mention of Palestine so far then. Avoid that one Mr Farage because that is a real hot one.Your masters wont allow you to debate or mention that genocide.

  2. Tapestry says:

    OK Lynn, but also look at the far greater number of genocides and ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians by Moslems. Iraq. Turkey. Syria. Lebanon. The Moslem religion aims to wipe out all competition as the koran says over and over again throughout. The balance of the argument is not so easy.

  3. Tom says:

    Yes, absolutely. Farage is not right on everything but he is principled, brave, and the establishment are utterly terrified of him – and that’s good enough for me.
    Whatever you do, though, don’t vote for the Tories or Labour. The Tories are the PR front of the establishment, while Labour are the controlled opposition, who merely make left-wing noises when they need to con their supporters.

  4. freebornman says:

    Will give Farage benifit of doubt for now. Tried posting extensive comment but got white error screen of death. Tried commenting ‘test’ but that was too short.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Try emailing comment if it won’t go through the comment gate.

    • freebornman says:

      As a joiner, I have made garden gates, field gates, but what the hell is a ‘comment gate’?
      Have a look at this, and compare with what you were taught at school about WW2.
      Just reading ‘Thoth- architect of the universe’ at the moment. Amazing that pi and phi are embodied in the great pyramid at Giza, before they were ‘discovered’.
      Somewhere a glory awaits unseen, it is our job to uncover it!

  6. freebornman says:

    Tap, the muslims have never got anywhere near the 60,000,000 white christian russians that the malignant tribe murdered in the USSR. The Armenian 1,500,000 I hear you say. The ‘young turks’ were Donmeh, crypto-jews. Al-Wahhab was a crypto-jew. Wahhabism, promoted by the crypto-jewish house of saud, is responsible for the acts that lead to the demonisation of muslims. How many jews have IS\ISIL\ISIS killed? how many ancient synagogues have they destroyed?

  7. freebornman says:

    I forgot to add “ave Justinian”. He had the right idea.

  8. Freebornman,

    You are right about crypto Jews and Wahhabism and almost everything else you said.

    Here is something not to be missed:

  9. Harriet says:

    Mr Nigel Farage is the best leader we currently have in Britain.

    He has demonstrated some courage and he is a decent person but his connection to Zionist Israel and Zionist Jews will not help Britain in the long run because Zionists will not allow him to do much on behalf of people.

    Zionism is a poison. Friendship with the devil means having to give up everything on behalf of the devil.

    Anything less than 100% will not be acceptable for the devil.

  10. Harriet says:


    Anything less than 100% will not be acceptable “to” the devil.

  11. UN, EU, WHO are all rogue entities founded and controlled by Zionist Jews for Zionist Jewish propaganda and to subvert countries, topple democratically elected leaders and replace them with puppet regimes and enslave people. These have failed to serve masses instead violate human rights!

    “Sri Lanka struck by American-Indian political tsunami” By Shenali D Waduge

    In the late 1970s when President J R Jayawardena took a pro-US stand Sri Lanka became saddled with a made-in-India Tamil-militant terrorism drawing upon India’s influence over Tamils from both sides of the Palk Strait that continues to last despite its head and major part of its ground force now militarily eliminated. The new Indo-US marriage of convenience (only with relation to Sri Lanka) has managed to virtually divorce Sri Lanka of its growing links with China and it is basically this factor that contributed to the intricately well-orchestrated plot to depose Mahinda Rajapakse as President in probably one of the best coordinated coups of the recent past. The war crimes charges, the Tamil Diaspora lobbying, economic & investor issues, the UN/UNHRC charges, human rights charges were all pawns used to bring the full force of world pressure and media indignation upon a leader for his single guilt of swaying relations and policies towards China and had nothing to do with defeating LTTE (a mere US-India geopolitical pawn).

    “…Rajapakse’s biggest error was his inability to distinguish friends from enemies (including the Church though not all followers) in particular those whom he kept inside his inner circle many of whom would have been secretly involved (knowingly or unknowingly) in his ultimate ouster.

    International campaign against former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse

    Let us not be naïve to acknowledge that the UN is basically functioning as a puppet for Western interests. Thus, statements that ensued from the UNSG, UNHRC inclusive of the back-to-back Resolutions, Human Rights reports, bloated media abuse allegations, consecutive harangues by locally stationed envoys were all timed and coordinated to ruffle Rajapakse and his administration to divert their attention while foreign intelligence operators working on ground would steadfastly work towards building an anti-MR lobby at ground level sufficient enough to over-power the war-effort and development drives happening islandwide in particular in the war-ravaged North, none of which secured any meaningful appreciation from Tamils who were well-controlled by dictates from India, Tamil politicos and Tamil Diaspora…..”

    Read more:

  12. Very important radio program with professor James Fetzer:

    Jade Helm?

    Veterans Truth Radio (4-23-15) Stew Webb, Jim Fetzer et al

  13. Lynn says:

    The Zionists are in charge now. They want the Muslims blamed and targeted. So come on Tap, dont fall for the sheer propaganda they have institutionalised us with. We are awake and we see what they have done and how and why.

  14. freebornman says:

    We could react in kind. But that would make savages of us, and they would have won. I say that a massive outreach campaign, and a Christian\Muslim alliance makes most sense. I have known enough Muslims to know that they want the same things as me. And I have seen the destruction of my family and my nation at the hands of the legal\political class comprising a minority of chosen ones. And I see in Muslim culture, that family, and not the state, comes first. I see that the Muslim refuses to submit to usury, whereas the previously Christian English have come to measure their success by the level of indebtedness they can sustain. Did they forget that Jesus overturned the moneylenders tables for them? I despair for my countrymen, non can save them but themselves. But hey, x-factor is on later, soma all round.

  15. Lynn and Freebornman seem to know exactly what’s going on and they are spot on about what the “chosen” have done to the world and if we continue to stay asleep – we will risk everything – and placing blame on the wrong party will cost us heavily.

    And please take a look at what these people have done:

    Techno-Financial Capital and Genocide of the Poorest of the Poor

    Read more at:

  16. freebornman says:

    The Christian\Muslim alliance idea comes from this article
    From the excellent ‘Vinyard of the saker’ blog/news site. I read it with ever-expanding grin, and the core political idea of ‘left on labour, right on values’ chimed in my heart. If you have not read this article, and the others on this subject, I heartily commend them.
    I also found these articles on the same site to be very illuminating re Russia’s historic relationship with Islam.
    One of the key moments in my awakening, was a lucky chance meeting with a customer who understood babylonian money-magic, and who took great pains to penetrate my ignorance of the matter. One of the most shiny of the many gems and pearls he showed me was this essay by Albert Jay Nock, titled ‘Isaiah’s Job’. First published in 1936, still well worth the few pages to read. In fact, I’m going to read it again now. Night all 🙂

  17. “The War on Terror is a Fraud”

    A decade of war started, and both fueled & fought by the same corporate-financier interests.

  18. What is John Cohen Kerry’s business in Sri Lanka?

    Isn’t it enough that he aided and abetted in installing the puppet regime in Sri Lanka?

    “John Kerry – Fleeting thoughts on the way to Sri Lanka!”

    While coming to Sri Lanka he would have flown over the middle east. It would have brought him a smile thinking of Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, countries where democracy and human rights are now in full sway and people rejoicing their newfound freedom devoid of dictators. All success stories of American foreign policy! Different parties are all vying for power. What more democracy could there be, than a proper representation of all parties concerned whether warring or not. Now that we have removed the dictators, democracy will manifest! We can plunder at will, the age old adage – Divide and Rule still works wonders! Brits knew it well – we are still clumsy at it! It is better than Might is Right but our might is Our Way! We are the indispensable nation in the world!

    Things are all going as per our agenda – unfettered access to their wealth – Oil first! His mind would have wandered a little further North to Bosnia and Ukraine too as successes for American foreign policy. Yes that bungling Putin if not for him we could have easily Balkanized Russia too after that drunkard Yeltsin! He would have thought of Syria as “work in progress”. Our allies the Saudis have just entered Yemen – soon there will be democracy there too! A few chopping of heads here and there will add color to the democracy and human rights tapestry.

    Read more:

  19. Very informative radio programs can be found here:

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