General Election – Unofficial sources say Conservatives doing badly. Clever sods aren’t they…



UPDATE – Farage fails to break through.

Postal ballo6s have to be mixed in with others so no postal trend can be noticed by counters.

Strategy to mislead voters about threat from Labour behind pre-election polling and false early reports, as picked up earlier.

UKIP get 4 million votes and only one MP.  What’s behind such an amazing statistic?


Following the GE chat from across the globe in Manila is not so easy, but an hour tracking comments on throws up some interesting chatter.  One observer questioned the first 49 voters in his polling station and found 16 voted UKIP.  Dagenham apparently, which is not known for its UKIP history.  He’s now forecasting a 30% share for UKIP.

A more serious commenter with associations to Oxford University political department says that Conservatives are doing badly on the East Coast in favour of UKIP.

Greens are also surprising according to another unofficial exit pollster sending in a comment.

The main polls have been trying to bury the real news of this election that UKIP and Greens are both surging.

What anecdotal stories are you finding where you are?  Send us a comment!

As I keep saying, ifUKIP hadn’t backed fracking, they’d be 5% ahead and able to put serious numbers of MPs into Westminster.


21 Responses to “General Election – Unofficial sources say Conservatives doing badly. Clever sods aren’t they…”

  1. Tapestry says:

    @StephenDFisher says CON not doing as well against UKIP on E coast & against LD incumbents.

  2. Tapestry says:

    For some reason the tweet won’t post.

  3. Caratacus says:

    Because I am a suspicious old so-and-so, I rather suspect that the outcome has already been decided, the voting figures arranged, and explanations for the unexpectedly poor showing for UKIP being written as we speak.

  4. andy baz says:

    I wrote NO CONFIDENCE in bold red marker across my ballot paper.

  5. Tom says:

    Interesting. I have lived at my address since the Blair years and this morning was the first time there have been several other voters at the polling station first thing. Let’s hope the mainstream media’s blatant campaign to talk down Ukip support, coupled with the polling companies’ attempts at ‘self-fulfilling prophecies’ for the establishment get punctured tonight.

  6. Tapestry says:

    For today I agree, but rage at UKIP’s pro fracking idiocy/criminality will continue after that.

  7. NPP says:

    No excuse, no apology: Vote failure in Darlington?

    West Suffolk: there are UKIP posters on display. Matthew Hancock Con must surely be a shoe-in. I know people turning from Con, Lab, Lib Dem to UKIP, but I would be surprised if there were enough to oust Hancock. Hancock advert boards in farmer’s fields have been adorned with comedy ‘cock’ graffiti because people are talking about it. This is quite unusual and unruly behaviour for such a safe Tory seat.

    I’m with you TAP: get UKIP in and then hound them on fracking.

  8. NPP says:

    Richie Allen Show
    Natalie Rowe on George Osborne And Her New Book, “Whipping Up A Storm”:

  9. Jim says:

    I’m in Dagenham and Rainham. UKIP didn’t do well last time, but the BNP came third with about 11% (from memory). Wouldn’t be surprised if UKIP did well here and took those BNP votes (BNP are also standing this year) and some former Conservative votes. They’ve canvassed a lot here. Grim.

  10. NPP says:

    Interesting moment in ‘alternative media’. Richie Allen (Icke’s mate) interviews Ian R. Crane…
    Richie, you do talk more than listen, but great programmes! Keep going.

    Crane: “Is there still a person in the UK who believes Diana was killed by a car crash?… naming the new baby Diana interesting… probably a deep occult aspect to this… Diana knew she was going to be taken out…. increasing number around the world getting involved, taking action… small communities groups… getting involved… ”

    Ian R. Crane rocks! NPP

  11. NPP says:

    “A good sense of humour…. cos when you’re discovering the truth you might want to blow yer brains out, so you need a good sense of humour.”
    Maria Heller.
    Meria Heller: “Heavy Chemtrail Spraying In My Town Over Easter, Left Hundreds Of People Ill”.

    … it’s election day TAP. I voted. You know how. I suspect I will be disappointed so drinking red wine… Clive de Carle called today in response to a request about my father’s knee.
    I love these little actions of loveliness in a world of BBC vaccine fracking chemtrail Big Bang reductional particle physical nonsense theory war on terror naughty naughty non believers in official stories clap trap… happy voting day TAP.
    Long live Ian R. Crane.

  12. paul maleski says:

    I voted UKIP–I want out.

    • Aldous says:

      To anyone who voted UKIP – or any other candidate for that matter – especially the rest of the Zionist owned, bought and paid for LibLabCon trashy gang: “Here is a dime. Please call your mother and tell them that there is serious doubt about you becoming a credible Truthseeker.”

      Participating in these periodic 5 year ZOG charades is like playing at a roulette table you know to be rigged – ‘because it’s the only game in town’.

      Mad, Bad and Sad or what?

  13. NPP says:

    First result Sunderland: good second for UKIP
    it’s a Labour hold. Bridget Phillipson takes 21,218 votes, beating UKIP into second place….
    More on Houghton and Sunderland South. UKIP took 8,280 votes, the Conservatives 7,105, the Greens 1,095 and the Lib Dems 791. There was a 7% swing from Labour to UKIP.

    • Aldous says:

      “First result Sunderland: good second for UKIP – BBC”

      So it’s all going according to Zionist plan then? Seriously NPP and with the greatest respect, your comment depresses me. How on earth can 13,000 (approx) votes shy of the fptp ‘victor’ possibly be thought of as a ‘good second’? Is this how self-delusional would be Truthseekers have become?

      • andy baz says:

        A voice of reason. Our concerns ought to be concentrated on the jewdiciary. As we can’t get justice in the rigged courts and the constabulary favour a good cover up. No matter which politician we elect to the trough for a free feed off the taxpayer.

  14. Aldous says:

    UKIP is controlled opposition. The guys at UK Military Intelligence who brought you the BNP have also brought you UKIP – and Greens etc.
    It’s bordering on the infantile to think that Trillionaire Powers That Be would let absolute power and untold wealth slip from their grasp (stranglehold) by allowing some decrepit pensioner (like myself) to vote them out of orifice.
    Quite unbelievable that any serious Truthseeker would entertain such a notion.

  15. Aldous says:

    UK General Elections are a cancer upon the soul of the nation. Electing to vote is akin to agreeing to more of the same democratic(sic) chemotherapy that has all but destroyed the national identity once known as Great Britain – especially England.
    Jocks, Taffs and Micks now have more of a say on England than the English themselves. Unbelievable.

    • Steve says:

      Too damn right, with both this, and your previous post, Aldous!

    • andy baz says:

      I live in Lancashire. A county which was given palatine status. Due to the strategic location for protecting England from the Scots. In 2011 two bobbies were sent to my home seeking reassurances no harm would come to Scotsmen who were abusing women around here. Corruption everywhere.

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