Farage has done well, but Carswell should be made UKIP’s next leader

UPDATE –  http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/05/17/ukip-policy-chief-suzanne-evans-cried-after-backstabbing-farage/

The media rumpus being played out against Farage is a put up job.   There is no substance to the animus being worked up against him.   He’s had a fantastic run since retaking on the leadership of the Party, quadrupling support in the General Election, but he looks tired and by his own admission is ready for a break.


The Party needs the opportunity to look less of a one man band.  Four million votes in the General Election has placed the party well above the category of small.  It needs to show that it has more breadth for one thing, and to show that it is a party of principle first, and of personality second.

There is one obvious person who could deliver the kind of leadership UKIP needs coming out of the election, looking for consolidation before its next push.  That person to my mind is without doubt Douglas Carswell, the Party’s current sole MP.  No one would be better placed to work on defections than him, and it would boost his position at Westminster to boot.  The Party is nothing until it cracks Westminster, and Carswell knows the game there better than anyone.

Carswell supported Cameron when he believed his promises to quit the EPP in 2005, like many other Conservative MPs.  He’s since seen the real Cameron as an unprincipled breaker of all his promises on the EU and other issues.  He’s genuinely exercised by these issues and has shown himself willing to take risks, and run successful campaigns.

Above all he’s trusted.   I’d be happy to see him as UKIP leader.  While Farage has done a great job, it makes the party vulnerable not to show it has many other potential people with leadership potential.  Beyond Carswell, Suzanne Evans might start to look like leadership in the future, but she lacks experience at this stage, and would wilt under the pressure.

Farage’s threats against Carswell to back me as leader or quit the Party shows the wrong kind of leadership, and he should ignore them.  Carswell denies any interest in leading UKIP, but he should reconsider.  The Party needs him to lead at least for a while.  Farage could still make a comeback, but right now a period of consolidation would be healthy, after such a rapid and massive expansion.  Farage can regroup and make a bid for the leadership again nearer election time,  and if Carswell could filch a good number of defections meantime, his task would be that much the easier.

If UKIP had some wisdom in its ranks, they’d get going and appoint Carswell as soon as they can.






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  1. Aldous says:

    How much longer are we going to play this rigged roulette wheel called Western Democracy? “The Party [UKIP] is nothing until it cracks Westminster, and Carswell knows the game there better than anyone.”

    Jeez! Carswell, a Tory scumbag who has merely reinvented the letters of the alphabet for self interest (and on his puppet masters’ orders of course) along with the eternally gullible electorate, so that T becomes U and O becomes K and R becomes I and Y becomes P.

    As the near saying goes: “You can take the person out of the Tory Party [by appearing to change Westminster Lanes] but you can’t take the Tory Party out of the person.”

    Jesus H Christ! How long have the Liberals/SDP/Liberal Democrats been around – and look at them now. The LibLabCon were infamously the ‘one party with THREE names’ and we now have LibLabConUkip – the ‘one party with FOUR names’! Or FIVE if you include the Mellon Heads aka Greens – Green on the outside but all RED on the inside! All for unfettered immigration and the building of Tesco Towns on more of the UK’s diminishing Green Belt.

    So now it looks like UKIP are going to be ‘led’ by a former(sic) Tory – not that it matters that much as they are all in bed together anyway. It all stinks to high heaven and those who refused to take part in this 5 year charade are to be congratulated. TPTB are laughing at those who elected to vote, just like they are laughing at those who play the various rigged National Lotteries – because they’re the only games in Town.

    Proof that the Lottery is RIGGED

    “It’s crooked, but it’s the only game in town”
    “It’s immoral to let a sucker keep his money” [or freedom]
    “A Smith and Wesson beats four aces” [or four votes]
    “No, son, [or voter] you lose. ‘Cause this is a Smith & Wesson I’m holdin’ here.”


    • Tapestry says:

      It might well be the case, Aldous. But then what choice do we have but to try and work our way through the ‘democratic’ cesspit we’re in? Nihilism is the policy of the Centralisers of power. You shouldn’t be joining them, but looking for ways to apply belief in ourselves, and knowledge in ourselves which they have hidden from us and taken from us. Carswell might have a label on him, but not all wearers of the label are the same. By seeing people only as the label they wear, you play their game. Any opportunity has to be looked at, however remote the possibilities.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi Tap, it may well be that ‘some’ of the trashy gang that make up most of the degenerates with sick minds and filthy habits amongst the astonishing number of 650 MPs – for such a relatively tiny electorate – are honest and hard working but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

        They have to go through a rigorous selection process to filter such types out but like every such process, some slip through the net and Carswell may be one of them, though highly unlikely.

        Tory Carswell’s jumping ship late in the previous parliament to then be the only UKIP MP to be elected, while UKIP leader Farage appears to have been electorally defrauded from winning his seat, has all the hallmarks of a carefully stage-managed coup and determination to kill UKIP in its infancy, if not the womb itself.

        Correct me if I’m wrong but did not a similar internecine process take place with the BNP when they started to make inroads with the electorate? Both UKIP and BNP are Zionist controlled opposition in any event but that doesn’t mean that they (TPTB) actually want too many of the electorate voting for them!

        I think a threshold/line is drawn when the controlled opposition’s ‘usefulness’ has reached a maximum and now needs to be curtailed somewhat.

        This is what has probably happened with UKIP. The BNP could never be allowed a seat (or even presence in those corridors God forbid) in Westminster – I believe the rules were changed to prevent Griffin and A N Other MEP (Andrew Brons?) from entering the corridors/offices of Westminster – but appearing to give a few crumbs by way of ONE seat to UKIP was tolerable, providing the UKIP MP was actually a Tory.

        This is all for Joe Public’s perception and consumption of course. Griffin’s father was a high level Freemason and it may have been a case of like father like son. I’m certain that the stories of Griffin’s bankruptcy are utter BS.

        I believe we in the West play this fixed sham democracy game at our eternal peril but having said that, I have heard of those in influential and high enough places who are taking the fight to the elites by doing to them what they have done to the RIP likes of David Kelly, Princess Diana, to name but two. Fear is the key. The Hunter becomes the Hunted.

    • Tapestry says:

      Cars well is a rare creature – a trusted mP . He would know how to bring the right people forward.

      • Aldous says:

        It’s a beautiful Sunday where I am Tap and one of those ‘good to have been born and be alive days’. in spite of all the trials and tribulations life seems to constantly throw at us. On that note, we should all live our lives as if each day will be our last because one day it will be and ‘tomorrow is promised to no one’.

        I now firmly believe that if we continue to play the rigged Zionist Occupied Western Democracy game they have provided us with, we are doomed to lose – as is the intention. So-called ‘Western Democracy’ is nothing but a straight-jacket to contain us with while TPTB plot and plan our gradual demise and absolute slavery for those remaining. The dead will certainly be the lucky ones if we fail.

        If Carswell is genuine – a very big if – he will only be permitted to advance his cause so far before he meets with an accident or far more likely, some dirt is dug up on him – real or fabricated as it doesn’t matter. He is likely to have had meetings with the ‘Elders’ or grey men in even greyer suits who will have laid out their agenda to follow in no uncertain terms. I believe he is merely following that agenda.

        These shadowy figures do not fear the likes of Carswell in any way, shape or form. The only rule they know is ‘there are no rules’ for them but only rules for us. They are more than prepared to kill one’s entire family if an individual is unafraid and prepared to take them on and defy them, as we have seen time and time again.

        This is certainly not any ‘democracy’ and they will not be defeated by it in any case, seeing as they control every aspect of it from the controlled msm, to the dodgy ballot box and who counts the votes. We have also seen what Zionist Occupied Democracy does to the likes of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now Yemen – all sovereign nations turned into places of hell by ZOD. Why would we think that they would treat us any differently if we threatened them at their ballot box?

        I read a piece once about the French Maginot Line and its absurdity in believing that any defence can be permanently static in that way. As someone pointed out: “Those who attempt to defend from within only the confines of their fortifications are doomed to defeat” or words to that effect. I believe so-called Western Democracy is our very own Maginot Line and if we stay within it, the New World Order will get the goldmine and we will get the shaft. Thankfully, some are now (allegedly) taking on the NWO in the only way TPTB understand and operate under themselves – effectively, there are no rules of engagement any more and certainly not their sham democracy. .

        Kindest regards 🙂

  2. Innocent Bystander says:

    Carswell is the regime’s trojan horse. He’s already started to create division, no doubt the treacherous vermin in Whitehall would like to install one of their own as UKIP leader so they can control the opposition and lead the party to failure.

  3. Tapestry says:

    ‘We’ try to elect people to Westminster. ‘We’ succeed in getting one MP elected. Then he immediately becomes our enemy because he’s in Parlament. It’s a strange logic.

    His record of battling corruption and broken promises from Cameron is good. You have a horse in the race at last. Back it.

  4. Tapestry says:

    i agree with the view that politics is a fix, but see that ukip was also fixed.

  5. Aldous says:

    Flash by name… flash by nature!!

    I’ve never thought of Nigel Farage as a Lord Flashheart (Rik Mayall RIP) but Douglas Carswell certainly reminds me of Lord Percy played by Tim McInnerny.

    They say that life imitates art (or farce?) and Blackadder is to be taken far more seriously truth-wise than the sleazy politics of the Westminster Village People and their Young Men’s Grooming Association.

    In this never to be forgotten, historic, comedy landmark clip, Farage-Flashheart has his day in Parliament by showing usurper Carswell-Percy the door in no uncertain terms. Includes comments:

    Lord Flashheart’s Grand Entrance – Blackadder 2 ‘Bells’ Episode 3:03


  6. Tom says:

    Carswell is no doubt an intelligent and talented man but I think it is too early to consider making him leader of UKIP – he only left the Tories a matter of months ago, after all. I think the risks are that a) he would be too Tory for Labour-inclined voters and b) he would be too quick to seek a deal with the Tories, which I think would end up being a sell-out.
    Farage has done more than enough to stay leader should he wish to do so, in my view.

    • Aldous says:

      “Carswell is no doubt an intelligent and talented man…”

      If indeed Carswell is a man. Transgenders and cross-dressers are everywhere in Western Democracy. Whenever I hear one of them is in Town I tell family, friends and neighbours to “Lock up your sons and daughters – and even pets!” One can’t be too careful. Carswell looks sufficiently suspicious – follow one’s instinct.

      I don’t know about you but when I am discussing ‘Western Democracy’, be it the UK’s Houses of Commons/Lords or the US House of Representatives/Senate, I am always reminding myself that these guys are in Office and not in Power. It helps me keep my head on straight and not get carried away with pipe-dream notions that these guys are going to change anything. They are going to change diddly-squat.

      Western Democracy is a ‘Virtual Circus’ and should not be taken seriously by anyone with aspirations to change our present heading to virtual annihilation by the New World Order. It’s a trap and as long as we have seen and recognised the trap and avoid falling for it or into it, then that’s fine.

      These Western Democracy ZOG puppets at the behest of their equally and monsterly bastard masters have butchered half a million children (that we know of) in Iraq alone since their 9/11 fiction factory work of art, I mean ass.

      Voting in their sham elections is virtual consent to the evil they have perpetrated on a previously unsuspecting but rapidly awakening world imho.

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